how to build your hair e-commerce business

Hair Tech Savvy: How To Build Your Hair E-Commerce Business

Your Business' Online Presence

Business is booming in the hair and beauty industry! Many gurus are taking advantage of the opportunity to own and operate their own business of selling quality hair extensions. This ongoing movement implies that you can too! If you have the drive to create a company the way you want it to be, all while working within your interests about all things hair, then why not get in on this? Owning your own business gives opportunities for personal growth, self-branding, and the chance of making a vast amount of money in the long run!

Your Target Audience

It’s important to take note of what desired audience you are targeting. Make it specific so you can cater your branding techniques towards that respective group. Examples could be local college girls who can’t afford expensive bundles, working moms who don’t have a lot of time to search through tons of hair options, or even ladies who are adventurous and like to experiment with their bundles. Factors like these determine what audience you’ll be branding. When starting out, it’s best to make your target smaller than you anticipated. This way you can focus on one area of the population and perfect it before you branch off into other audiences. You’ll also want to focus more on the hair extensions that are more popular when it comes to inventory stock. When doing this, it will enable you to sell more hair that’s on demand and get used to the traffic you’ll receive from orders. Later on, when you can focus on ways to increase your current revenue, you can start branching off into other types of colors, curl patterns and styles of hair.

Your Brand Name

Branding is the way you present yourself to your target audience and how you communicate with them. Your brand follows you even after you are making moves to change it from one brand to the next. People will always remember the way you start out in business. The name of the company implies everything your audience will ever know about your brand, which is why it’s important to pick an original and appropriate company name that stands out and turns heads. The name also determines the domain name for the website you will have. That’s right! Did you think about a domain name yet? Whenever prospective customers search for your company, the first result that should pop up should be a functional and eye-catching website. Let’s get into that.

What Can We Offer You?

The first thing you need to think about when branding is your website. Your website is the cornerstone of everything that represents you and your company. Keeping this in mind, you have to take note of how you want your site to operate. Think about its functionality, color scheme, navigation, and much more for your customers to get the full experience out of your website. I know this sounds like, a lot of work, but the load is about to weigh a ton less. Private Label Extensions works with over 200 stylists to aid in the process of selling hair online and is much more than just the distributor of wholesale hair. Our sister company, Dropship Bundles, specializes in creating website formats for clients to choose. All in a week’s time, our development team will take all the information you have for your company, including your logo, contact information, “about” section and even more to create a working and functional website, that will be 100% yours once it’s finished. The best part is, the site is fully customizable. If you want to change it later, it’s entirely up to you! Not only is this cost-effective, but we take care of everything you could need, including shipment details, product information, and you’ll also have access to our product videos and images! You aren’t required to use our drop shipping services, but it comes with the monthly hosting fee and our products are to die for, so why not? If you’re having trouble developing anything at all, especially if you’re having a hard time coming up with the logo for your company, we can offer you that as well. WordPress will be used to create the website, but make sure that before you start advertising your new site to do a test order and to call or email if you have any questions or concerns!

Branding Your Website

We tend to bring the topic of being successful in the hair business, quite often. So if you need a little more help understanding certain things, then I suggest you check out these other blogs posts that focus on selling hair online, launching your hair brand, selling extensions with the help of blogging and more. Now that you know everything you need to know, now we can discuss branding! The key to branding is to start on the right platform is to form a strategic plan and stay consistent. You may not make sells right away, but your customers need to believe that what you’re selling is legit. You must use tactics, such as social media, search engine optimization, email subscriptions, and online advertisements to send clients directly to your website.

Social Communication is Key

Social media is one of the fastest ways to grow any business nowadays. Without a social media presence, it’s hard to convince consumers that your company sells quality extensions. This matter is especially true when it comes to the social interactions between customers. Customers are more likely to buy if there are people on social media who can attest to the excellent quality of the hair you’ll be selling. It’s almost another form of word of mouth, which is also essential. You may not have full control over the platforms you have on social media, but you can use as much of the features as you can to direct people towards your website. People tend to trust what they see on social media, therefore, take advantage of it.

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

As stated, before, social media is prominent if you want to start selling hair the quickest way possible. You could start by creating separate social media accounts on all the popular platforms, which include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. This way, you can build your following from the ground up. This tactic is essential to build trust with your consumers, get traction towards your website, and interact with the public. This way they'll know that real people are working to make sure everyone gets the best bundles possible. From this point, start showcasing your fantastic hair extensions. You can use photos from our selection of product images, or you can showcase your own. But make sure they are quality pictures if you choose to do it this way. Interact with your customers and show their selfies in your hair extensions on your social media feed and website. Maybe, even form some contest or game out of it with your followers! Follow your customers’ accounts and let them know how much you love their photos in your extensions and would love to display them. If anything, they would share your platforms for you, since they can tell people they’ve Find some ambassadors to market your products! There are plenty of women who would love to receive bundles in the mail in return for good reviews and free advertising! If you’re able to spend little extra cash, maybe reach out to some real social media influencers for promotional purposes. The cost differs depending on the person and situation. But the reward could be phenomenal if the effort gets you some more traction on your website.

The Power of Blogging

One of the great features of the Dropship Bundles websites is that they are SEO optimized. This means you have the opportunity to give your site more traffic and make it visible through a search engine’s results. One way to do this is through the discussion previously spoken on before with social media. But, another and highly efficient way to do this is through blogging. When someone is curious about a company and the products, the first thing they do is perform a quick Google search. When people start doing this for your website, you’ll want content that will rank, preferably first, in the search engines. The process can take time, so it’s important to remain consistent and patient throughout the journey. Start blogging about the daily life of your business and put up videos and images to support your writing. Give your customers a taste of what products they can expect in the upcoming weeks. You can even give details about any promotions and product updates you may have. Get personal with your customers. Tell them stories of how the business came to be and how much it has grown. It's important to keep your customers in the loop of what you have going on. Keep the material authentic and compelling. The idea is to provide them with a sense of belonging, where they feel as if there are real people behind the scenes who care about their feelings.

Some Icing on The Cake

It’s already a disadvantage when customers can’t look or feel the hair in person. Start to consider sending them samples of your most favorite bundles for a fair price. This tactic builds trust between you and your audience and creates a loyal customer for a long time. Private Label Extensions always has samples ready to send out to anyone curious about our products and the display at our local Atlanta location is beautiful! When customers come in, they automatically feel like they made the right decision. If you have some money in your budget, maybe you could find some ways to advertise online. This approach is another way to earn a quick route to faster sales! Research methods and get the best out of your buck. You don’t want to waste your time or your money on horrible advertising that never gets seen!

Invest in Your Website

It’s clear that creating a business and forming a website will take endless hours, days, and months of effort if you truly want to become a quality vendor for hair. But, the effort won’t go unnoticed if you merely learn all you can about the business, marketing tactics and other things that can help move your business along. Private Label Extensions will be here for whatever you need, so never hesitate to contact us! Have you thought about creating your website yet? Do you have any more questions on how to thrive in this industry? Leave a comment!
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