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Hair Event Heaven! Best Hair Events for 2019

Get Ready For Some Hair Events!

I remember the first time I went to a hair event. I was astounded by how many cool hairstyles I saw. At the time, I was very young, so natural hair was not a trend. The hair-show that I attended was full of permed or relaxed hairstyles. Some of them hairstyles meant for runways or showcases, such as big, outstanding hairstyles that can’t be worn on a daily basis. Other hairstyles were everyday hairstyles for regular people to wear. There were plenty of hair care vendors there as well. I went home with tons of free product! I met tons of hair and beauty vendors and bloggers involved in the hair world. Overall, the experience was one that I’ll never forget.

Why Attend A Hair Event?

2019 is set to be a great year for hair events! I’m sure that many of you have attended a hair event or two and had a unique experience. Hair events are curated moments that discuss, and deal with everything hair-related. Sometimes, these events include beauty related things as well. So, if you’re wondering why you might want to attend a hair event, here three reasons to consider.

1. Networking Heaven

Attending a hair event is a great idea for anyone looking to network with hair companies, influencers or manufacturers. If you’re the owner of a hair company, attending a hair event should be a top priority! Why? Well, first, you want to know your market well. Attending a hair event helps you see what people respond to. What hair products do people flock to most? What hairstyles or colors do people enjoy most? Even if you’re not the owner of a hair company, attending a hair event might inspire you to start a new business venture!

2. See New Products

As an attendee of a hair event, you get first dibs on all the new hair products. Most companies looking to market their new company vend at hair events in their local area. They want to have more access to customers, especially customers interested in buying hair, or haircare products. Attending one these hair events means that you get access too everything companies want to hand out!

3. Learn More About The Hair Industry

When you attend a hair event, you have the opportunity to learn more about the hair industry. Learning about the hair industry is great for anyone looking to know more information about what products they’re using. Knowing which products to use for your hair type is essential to the perfect hair care regimen.


Best Hair Events For 2019

I’m sure many of you have experienced the hair events of 2018. Some of the best hair events have become annual events. Every year, people gather around to attend these events and see what’s new in the hair industry. Some of the most noted hair events have become world-renowned. Here are five of my favorites that are sure to happen in 2019!


They haven’t announced the dates yet, but curl fest has been around since 2015. They’ve grown exponentially every year since then. If you’re not familiar with curl fest, 2019 is the year to get familiar. Curl Fest is a festival that focuses on bringing women of color with all kinds of hairstyles and brands that cater to that community together. Basically, they are the middle connection between people that love natural hair and brands that love to cater to natural hair. Make sure you check it out next year! General admission is free!

WORLD Natural Hair & Healthy Lifestyle Event

This event occurs in Atlanta, Georgia and it’s been happening for 22 years! The brand Talia Wajid has been at the forefront of the natural hair movement since the beginning. They have created tons of products dedicated to those with all hair types, but especially those with natural hair. This event will be happening on April 27th, 2019 to April 28th, 2019. Tickets start at $10 for access to one day.

Las Vegas Natural Hair and Wellness Expo

This event will be happening on June 8th, 2019. This is an expo that celebrates natural hair and educates the community on how to cater to natural hair. It’s a family event that is open to any and everyone. At this event, expect there to be plenty of hair care vendors and hair educators there to ensure that you have a great experience. This event is exclusively in Las Vegas. Whether you live there or are just visiting, it’s a great event to attend!

Hair Nation Expo 2019: LIVE HAIR & BEAUTY EVENT

This is apparently the biggest hair event in the northeast region. Being held in Atlantic City, the Hair Nation Expo is planned for the dates of May 4th to May 6th of 2019. This event is set to have over 200 vendors available to those in attendance. Tickets start at $30 plus tax for early bird admission and reach $100 plus tax for three-day admission. If you live in the area, try to check it out and see how you like it. This event is for anyone looking to see and learn more about the natural hair community.

Natural Hair, Beauty & Wellness Expo HARTFORD

This event is in Hartford, Connecticut and it’s open to the public. The entrance fee ranges from $5 for early admission to $20 for VIP admission. This event is family friendly. The VIP ticket comes with gift bags from all the featured sponsors. This event will take place on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 from 11-5pm. There will be all kinds of hair care vendors, hair company owners, and natural hair experts at this event.


Get Ready For It All

Hair events are great for anyone wanting to experience all thing hair related. If you’re looking for some hair events, check out the ones listed. Most events, especially those in the summer, have not been listed yet. So, keep your eye out for whats’s announced! Have fun, network, and live your best hair life.

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