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How Hair is Another Extension of Beauty

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How Hair is Another Extension of Beauty

How do we define beauty?

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? Well, while that is true, it also means that beauty is subjective and entirely open to interpretation! A question one may also pose is, how is hair another extension of beauty? This can answer that question in multiple ways but to sum it up, hair is just way too unique to confine.

Hair is another extension of beauty not solely because of the various ways that modern media has made it even more appealing, but because of how you can incorporate it into your personal style. In short, hair has become more than just a thing on your head, but it has become the ultimate accessory for people everywhere.

Overall, defining beauty is not the same construct that it used to be when it comes to hair. Gone are the days where you receive shame for choosing a weave over the dominant style and finally, here are the days where you are free to express yourself as you wish! Get into this personality people!


A woman who changes her hair decides to change her life.

So, maybe you were the girl who was not as confident or the girl who succumbed to a few confidence issues that your emotions back internally. Trust us, we have all been there, and we have all gradually come out of it. Did you ever try to change your style to make yourself feel better? Personally, I know that when I would go through emotional toils, I would always look at my hair and decide that I needed a change.

We have all heard the saying that, “a woman who is about to cut her hair is about to change her life.” Well, the same goes for the woman who is deciding to change her hair overall! I have been through my phase of blondes, fire reds, dark purples, soothing blues, and even muted shades of pink and while it was a ride of its own, it was something I needed to understand how beautiful I actually was.

In all of those changes, I was searching for a way to change myself when I realized that the girl in the mirror was already as beautiful as she needed to be. Yes, that is cliche, but when your hair grows out of that color or cut, you will still be there, changed or unchanged.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you to look past what is on your head! Maybe that starts with some soul searching or deciding to quit resting yourself within your hair identities. So before you reach for that color or those scissors, have a little pep talk, you may surprise yourself.


Hair doesn’t make the woman.

With all of the influences in the beauty culture today, we find ourselves overly impressionable and continuously attempting to adapt to things that we feel are suited for us. Every day, there is a new fad hitting our timelines or a new technique that we have to get our hands-on.

There is nothing wrong with trying something new, and I am one of the people who embrace change but, at what cost are we expressing ourselves through hair? At the end of the day, the hair does not make the woman, but instead, the woman makes the hair!

No matter what you decide to try next, do it with confidence and with intent.

In every transformation we put ourselves through, we find something new about ourselves and in many cases that comes out through the way that we decide to express our hair. When we choose how to wear our hair a particular way we are giving weight to the idea that hair is another extension of beauty.

Some people prefer weaves, some prefer frontals, some prefer braids, and some prefer to go completely natural. What are you saying when you wear your hair a certain way? No matter what that answer is, we know that style is ever-changing when it comes to keeping up with the times.


Beauty is a universal tool when it comes to hair.

No matter where you live or what you think, beauty is seen differently everywhere! Seeing the beauty in a new light does not mean that what you think is wrong, it just means that it is different. As a universal tool, we know that beauty is entirely subjective and hard to pinpoint when describing it.

Concerning the realm of hair, this form of beauty is nothing short of unique. You can wear your hair with extensions for extra length and volume, picked out to get a full fro, bone straight for a sleek look, with color to see a new you or even with braids to give your hair even more depth.

In many words, the world of beauty and hair is unlimited and not easily definable. Beauty is so diverse when it comes to hair that if you tried to put it in a box it would not fit and ultimately would burst every constraint you attempt to put on it.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to hair is that it is what you make it and there are no right or wrong answers when you do what makes you feel amazing. At the end of the day, hair is something always change when you are ready to make a change.


The beauty of hair is also a business.

Some of us may not be business savvy, but every time you engage in any transaction when it comes to your hair, you are contributing to a multi-billion dollar business. The products you buy, the companies that you shop with, and who you support all play a significant role in how the beauty industry functions when we talk about hair.

So many times these same companies aim their marketing at us to influence our shopping experience when we are on the search for the next best hair product or line. We aid in influencing their promotional strategies by not only buying these products but by making sure that they are sustainable over time.

So what does that have to do with hair and how it is an extension of beauty?

It has everything to do with its extension into how hair has transformed into a modern staple of beauty! We would not see ourselves in ads or partnerships if we did not express ourselves inside and outside of the store.

Over time, the influencing markets have made it known that if you are going to promote us for the sake of coins, then you will have us at the table making the decisions. In so many words, that method worked because we now see a diverse group of people in different brand markets.


Don't overthink the concept of beauty.

Overall, beauty is a subjective concept no matter what arena you are in. Whether that is hair, skin, nails, or self-care, they are all extensions of self, and the idea is not to overthink beauty. There is no right or wrong way to define beauty when it comes to hair, especially when you are creating the narrative for yourself.

Hair is meant to help tell a story whether you realize it or not. Hair helps you accentuate your best features while helping us become comfortable in what we consider our worse. Thankfully, there is not a playbook on how to define this conversation of beauty centered around hair! Instead, here we are, writing the story and telling it for moments to come.