hair extension stands put together in 4 easy steps

Hair Extension Stands: Put Together in 4 Easy Steps!

How is Your Hair Display Looking?

If you are selling hair extensions in a retail location then you have to make sure they are properly displayed to your customer. Private Label Extensions offers much more than just wholesale hair! We are also the #1 seller of Hair Extension Stands in the USA. The hair stands are perfect to create a professional display that will draw your customers to your hair for sale.

We ship the hair extension stands unassembled. Don't worry, they are really easy to put together!

Putting the Hair Stands Together

Doesn't that look easy? You now don't have an excuse to not have the hair extension stands at your retail location. We have seen a few customers spray paint these gold and the results have been excellent! We have not yet tried it but you could also spray paint them black or white which might make a great look to match your locations colors. We are huge fans of exactly how they come, a polished stainless look.

Our hair extension stands are not made of cheap material. They are truly heavy duty and are made to last for years.


The hair extension stands can be purchased individually for $24.99, a 5-pack for $99.99 and a 10-pack for $189.99. We use the hair extension stands every day in our Atlanta showroom. Customers flock to our hair display! More customers have taken photos of our display than you could ever imagine. It happens all day every day!

The Perfect Hair Stands

Private Label Extensions is very picky about every product we sell. These are by far the best quality hair extension stands. Our customers have given us nothing but positive feedback about our hair extension stands and know you will really love them as well. Our goal is to make you look great in the hair business!
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