have you heard about the hair glossing treatment

Have You Heard About The Hair Glossing Treatment?

Got The Dull Dry Hair Blues?

Does your hair appear dull, or dry looking regardless of how many times you deep condition or apply oil?

Hair naturally loses its natural luster due to everyday wear, sun exposure, harsh products, and more. There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding hair glossing treatments: like what do they do, why do people get them, and is it hair dye.

Today I'm going to debunk all the misconceptions surrounding hair glossing treatments, so you can determine whether it is an excellent choice for you.


What Is A Glossing Treatment?

There’s so much buzz around hair glossing treatments, but what are they?

A hair glossing treatment is a clear gloss that coats the hair strands. Glossing treatments have multiple benefits to the hair. Glossing treatments add a natural shine and luster to the hair. They can aid in the retention of moisture and keep the cuticle closed.


Benefits of A Glossing Treatment

There are many benefits to receiving a glossing treatment!

Most women get a glossing treatment to add natural shine or a tint of color to their hair. Because a glossing treatment is clear, it adds a beautiful luster to your hair. Small amounts of pigment can also be added to make your hair appear darker, or add a hue of color.

Aside from appearance, a glossing treatment can benefit the overall health of your hair. A glossing treatment seals the cuticle of your hair, locking in moisture long-term. The cuticle is the outermost layer of the hair strand. It protects the cortex, which is the innermost layer, to maintain its needed moisture. When the hair holds moisture, it will increase elasticity, which keeps the hair from breaking. Less breakage means more length- retention. Who doesn’t want longer hair?

If you have blonde hair, glossing treatments can eliminate that brassy looks that overtake your hair after a few weeks. Your hair colorist should add a few tones into the precise remedy that will freshen your beautiful blonde hair.

Toning is a great, quick way to keep up with your hair in-between color services.


Things You Should Know Before Getting A Glossing Treatment

1. Demi-Permanent or Permanent Color

Although this treatment is precise and has lots of health benefits, it is still a color treatment.

Your hair stylist may perform the procedure in the form of semi-permanent or permanent color treatment. If you have chemically treated hair, this may affect the results of the product.

If you have had a relaxer or perm performed on your hair, you may not want to compromise your hair with a glossing treatment further. Always complete a consultation with your hair stylist before any chemical service. And provide them with a full history of your hair, so they know what is best for you.

2. Glossing Treatments Are Not Deep Conditioning Treatments

Although glossing treatments can have many botanical benefits to your hair strands, it is not a deep conditioning treatment.

As stated before, a glossing treatment is a color service that improves the appearance of your hair and happens to have a few health benefits for your hair. Because this is a hair coloring service, the cost will differ from your stylist’s deep conditioning treatments.

Glossing treatments can cost anywhere from $20-$50 per treatment.

3. Glossing Treatments Will Not Repair Severe Damage

If you are looking for a solution to severe heat or chemical damage, a glossing treatment is not a good option for you.

A glossing treatment may cause further damage due to the low amounts of peroxide included in the process. If you are suffering from heat or chemical damage, the best way to repair your hair is by keeping up trims, receiving consistent deep conditioning treatments, and allow your hair to heal over time.

Do not continue to damage your hair by over processing with heat or color treatments.

4. Glossing Treatments Will Tint, Not Change The Color Of Your Hair

Hair glossing treatments with color added can provide a tint of color to your strands.

The glossing treatment will not lighten your hair, so if you have naturally very dark hair, the likelihood of light color showing on your hair is rare. Tints will show the most if you already have hair dye in your hair.

For example, if your hair colorist performed a red hair dye treatment before, a red glossing treatment should enhance the red that’s already in your hair.

5. Glossing Treatment vs. Glaze

A lot of people interchange the terms glossing treatment and glaze. 

Although they are very similar, these two treatments are not the same! A glossing treatment is a demi or permanent hair color treatment that seals the cuticle shut and helps the hair retain moisture. A glossing treatment can and shine and can add a boost of color. A glossing treatment can last up to 3-4 weeks, and you can get one 1-2x a month.

A glaze also adds shine and a boost of color, but unlike a glossing treatment, a glaze does not include peroxide or ammonia. A glaze is even more temporary than a glossing therapy because it merely sits on top of the hair, and is incapable of lifting or depositing any color into the cuticle.

A hair glaze lasts 1-2 weeks, and you should receive one during ever color service. A hair glaze will help your color last longer while adding shine to your tresses.


Glossing Treatments For Extensions

After a few months of constant wear, hair extensions can become frizzy and dry.

A glossing treatment is a great way to revive your hair extensions, seal the cuticle, and add beautiful natural shine. I have done this many times to my extensions, and it is an excellent way to extend the life of your bundles before you need to replace them. You can find bright, demi-permanent color at any beauty supply store.

Merely follow the manufacturer's instructions and follow up with a deep conditioner for fabulous extensions!

Time To Gloss It Up!

Now you are equipped with all the info you need to get a useful glossing treatment service. Have you ever received a glossing treatment? Comment below and let us know about your experience.
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