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Hair Health Talks: What Is Your Hair Telling You?

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I know you've heard the expression that 'money talks' well, hair talks too! The condition of your hair can say a lot about what your hair needs as well as your health. Before a professional or a doctor, your hair can give you hints about what is necessary.

What Your Hair Needs Based on What It's Doing

First, at Private Label Extensions we are all about hair care and hair health. Your hair needs a combination of foods, water, sound styling options and products.

Your Hair Is Shedding

If your hair is shedding, it means your hair needs less manipulation, less heat, and trim or cut. Hair drops due to being pulled and styled too often. Shedding can be caused by prior breakages such as split ends or thinning spots.

Why is My Hair So Oily?

Extremely oily hair may mean that your hair has too much product or is producing too much excess natural oil. Thus, use a clarifying shampoo to strip away those unwanted oils. If you are experiencing oily hair, you may also be making common hair mistakes like over-conditioning, using the wrong shampoo, and touching your hair too much. The first two mistakes can cause your scalp to become clogged, trapping extra oil and dirt within your hair. Brushing or touching your hair too much can transfer the natural oil from your fingers into your hair.

I Have Yellow and White Dandruff

White dandruff is usually harmless. Yellow dandruff can be a sign of a more severe hair or scalp condition or an allergic reaction. Be diligent so that you do not worsen your situation; if you notice thick scabs or an abundance of yellowish dandruff falling from your scalp see a doctor for the proper diagnosis and treatment. For home remedies, wash your hair with a gentler, sulfate free shampoo and comb hair gently. Use a lubricant like mild coconut oil to loosen scabs and moisturize the scalp.

What your Hair is Telling you About your Body and Hair Habits

Your Hair Feels Dry

There are a couple of things that can contribute to dry, brittle hair. Dry, brittle hair is screaming at you to change your health and hair habits. As far as your health, increasing your water intake and regularly deep conditioning, your hair can shift the route of your hair. Furthermore, hormonal changes during pregnancy, stress or your period can have adverse effects on hair. Hair habits that are causing or contributing to brittle hair include using the wrong shampoo, adding too much heat, and skipping hair treatments.

Your Hair is Coming Out in Clumps

If your hair is coming out in clumps, this can also be a tell-tale sign of a poor diet. If your body is lacking omega 3's and fatty acids that help strengthen hair, then it is more susceptible to breakage. Conditions like Alopecia and Diabetes can also cause hair loss or the body to attack hair follicles. These two conditions can also stunt hair growth and accompanied by small bumps on the scalp. If your hair loss happens at a rapid speed or falls out continuously in the same places contact a primary care doctor and see a trusted stylist.

My Hair is Dull and Limp!

When your hair feels dull or has lost its volume and bounce, it's most likely due to over styling or filling your hair with too much product. Additionally, limp hair can mean that you lack nutrients you need to give your hair a healthy bounce and curl. Although hair is dead, when hair is underfed and over-styled it tends to take on a lifeless effect. Try to lay off the styling creams and lay into your diet. Eat foods packed with nutrients that will directly increase your health and look of your hair and scalp. Lastly, get on a regimen of taking vitamins and exercising. Both can work wonders for your body and hair health. Eating right provides your body and follicles with the necessary vitamins it needs to grow and resist breakage. Exercising is also good for your hair because it helps to get oxygen and blood to your scalp.

Tips That Are Great For Both

Consider taking vitamins. Before you start supplements or a new diet regimen be sure to consult with a doctor and take your time to read ingredients. Don't go into allergic shock and blame PLE Blog. Alright, now that this disclaimer is out of the way, a great way to boost your hair health and physical health is to take vitamins. My favorite vitamins for my hair health are:

1. Hair Infinity ($20)

While this option can get a little pricey having to refill every month, I like Hair Infinity because after using it I saw growth. Vitamins are taken twice a day by mouth, with plenty of water. Hair Infinity has protein and biotin to promote hair growth and strength.

2. Plain Biotin Vitamins ($4-$20)

Biotin is good for the hair because it is one of the leading components in hair growth. It is also great for your skin and nails.

3. Any Approved Multi-Vitamins

Vitamin/ Mineral Supplements are great for your hair because your hair health depends on your overall health. You cannot have healthy hair without first putting great things into your body.

4. Lysine Tablets

Lysine does fantastic things for your hair, skin, and body. Lysine contributes to the collagen.

Listen To Your Hair

If you aren't keen on taking pills in any form or for any reason, managing the foods you take in can also increase your overall health. Foods like fish, vegetables, and beans have the main vitamins and minerals that one will need for optimal health such as proteins, lysine, amino acids, Vitamins A, B, and C. Your hair is an extension of your body, what goes in or doesn't, will reflect in the look and feel of your hair. Take care of both!
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