20 reasons why the hair industry will never go out of business

20 Reasons Why The Hair Industry Will Never Go Out of Business

The Break Down

I’m not big on math, but the average American woman spends $55,000 on hair or hair care products in their lifetime. In other words, the hair industry is booming. In today’s society, the average lifespan for a woman is 81 years of age. The population of women in America is 157 million. If you take the average woman’s expenses on hair and divide it by her average lifespan, you will see ordinary expenses come to around $680 per year. Now, take the average $680 expense and multiply it by the women’s population in America of 157 million and you will find a figure of 1.06 billion which is far from average. Just in America alone we are spending 1.06 billion on hair. Can you imagine the world? Hair will never go out of business because it is what some may consider a necessity. I know I believe it to be. The money made from the hair industry every year alone would easily give the proper reason for employees of hair not the quit their day job. The hair industry is limitless when it comes to satisfying customers for all their basic needs but what about their not so basic needs. We have to be honest with ourselves, some of the things we want to do with our hair aren’t always necessary, but hey, we can’t pamper ourselves? In this article, we are going to take a look at why the hair business will never fail and will continue to flourish for years to come.

Money, Money, Moneyyyyyyyyyyy, Money!

#1 Money

It is the number one reason why hair will NEVER go out of business. The hair industry is thriving, and well all over not just in the U.S. According to analysts at Goldman Sachs, they estimate that the global beauty industry is making 95 billion a year. $15 billion on perfumes, $18 billion on makeup, $24 billion on skin care products, and $38 billion on hair care products. As you can see, the hair industry takes the lead out of all of them.

Hair Hygiene & Necessities

#2 Shampoo

Just like we wash our body and face, we care for our hair too. We need shampoo just as much as we need any other type of soap we use for our hygiene. While regular shampoo works well for kinky coarser hair, People with finer hair use dry shampoo. Coarse hair can be washed every one to two weeks. Constant greasing is good for moister. People with finer hair can’t carry as much oil in their hair, and they tend to wash it every one to two days stripping its natural oils causing breakage. Dry shampoo helps remove the dirt and grease while locking in the natural hair oils. It also eliminates heat preventing you from having to blow your hair out. Dry shampoo is also convenient for people who travel often.

#3 Conditioner

Where would we be without conditioner? It is like washing your clothes and not using dryer sheets. The same concept comes into play because just how we wash our hair, we wash our clothes and after we wash our hair, we condition for softer hair and use dryer sheets for more delicate garments. Conditioner formulas have been explicitly provided for people who suffer from breakage and frizz. Ultimately it is essential to condition your hair healthy hair growth which brings me to my next topic.

#4 Hair Growth Serum

Although hair growth is different for everybody, some people suffer from hair loss disease such as alopecia. In fact, 6.8 million in the United States alone suffer from it. Some products in the hair industry are built around hair growth serum to cater to hair restoration for hair loss. When I was younger, I suffered from extreme hair loss for a short period. My mother took me to the doctor, and he prescribed me pills and a particular shampoo that had my hair growing back and flourishing no less than a week later. Even in the medical field hair resonates in some shape form or fashion.

#5 Scalp Dandruff Treatments

We can’t forget our shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatments all formed and made for people who suffer from dandruff. Dandruff is a common scalp condition that usually comes from dead skin flakes in the hair. It is not considered to be severe or contagious, but some people find it very embarrassing especially for people with hair on a darker scale. The good news is that the hair industry has a list of treatments for dandruff to help control it.

#6 Natural Hair Care

For the coarse curly, kinky curly, and curly cues, the natural hair care business will never stop expanding any time soon. Maintaining natural hair calls for many products and no heat. Women and men depend on coconut oils, and argan oils and whatever nature has in store for their natural hair. I know my natural hair needs moisture and curl activation products to maintain soft and curly. So many women are transitioning to natural from relaxed hair it crazy. I guess once we found out what a blowout was, there was no need for relaxers. For some this transition has helped for healthier thicker growing hair.

Like Oprah, “You get a job, you get a job, you get a job!”

While the hair business is continually growing, so is the job market. The hair industry provides many jobs. In fact, Toni & guy hairdressing academy did a research study that showed 1 out of 516 people in the U.S. is a hairdresser and that figure was just in 2012, imagine the rate of employment now. Hair stylists don’t always specialize in the same things. Some cater to a specific want in the hair industry.

#7 Hair-stylist

Your primary stylist caters to all the wants and needs of their client. The primary stylist can do anything, but hair maintenance and healthy hair growth are vital. Stylists like this aren’t hard to find nowadays, so if you’re looking for one, I’m pretty sure you can find someone in your area. The essential stylist can do it all and is very necessary for the continually growing market.

#8 Colorist

Your colorist is the person that turns your wildest hair dreams into reality. Whether you go to a personal stylist that specializes in color or you know someone who can color a bob wig. Either way, the colorist is so crucial to the industry. They are especially beneficial for older women suffering from gray hair. It’s not something to efficiently cope with so older women reach out to a stylist who specializes in color and can make them feel young again.

#9 Naturalist

With the constant high demand for natural hair care products, there is, of course, high demand for natural stylists. These people dedicate their lives to natural hair and always finding new routes of easy maintenance for the native women. Some people specialize in natural hair because of the struggle some women have wanting natural hair but not knowing how to maintain it. Some women seek a natural stylist because they are transitioning from processed hair. For whatever reason, we need somebody to teach us how to tame these curly cues and kinky curls.

Sales Will Continue to Prevail

We continue to discuss how much women spend on their hair but let us talk about who they buy it from. Hair will never go out of business because just like our vendors, beauty supplies and self-owned hair distribution companies need us. We need them to stay beautiful!

#10 Vendors

Luckily, I work for the largest hair vendor out of Atlanta. Private Label Extensions. Vendors like Private Label continue to thrive in the hair industry. The reason being so that vendors keep the hair industry on a role. Vendors provide self-employed women their products such as hair, lashes edge control and so forth to sell to their clients. The great thing is, they have their hair brand, but their hair vendor provides them with the products. A good partnership with a vendor such as Private Label Extensions will move mountains, your wallet and most importantly help elevate your hair brand.

#11 Self-owned Hair Companies

Just like vendors are essential to self-owned hair businesses, self-owned hair businesses are critical to their clients. Selling hair and creating your own hair company can be very significant for you if you already do hair. Think about it. You already have clients coming to you to get their hair done, and you are charging. Imagine if they bought the hair from you and got their hair done. If a great way to go into business for yourself and as your client’s stylist, they will already trust your opinion. A girl’s stylist is like her therapist, doctor and mentor all in one and advising she get her hair from you in the future will be no different. The excellent way for you to receive a chunk of change out of the hair industry your already so invested in.

#12 Beauty Supplies

If you are anything like me, the beauty supply store gets most of my money almost weekly. Our upkeep as females are imperative, and some beauty supplies have everything a girl could ever want. Beauty supply stores remain industry famous because they are the only stores that specialize in overall beauty of hair makeup skin and so forth. It’s the only store you can go to with all the products you will need in one location without having to travel to multiple places to get items. Beauty Supply stores have always been relevant and will remain relevant just so long as the hair industry exists.

Extension Inventions

Modern day hair extension inventions are so important. They are always thinking of a way to direct and shape the hair industry and day by day the industry is growing and expanding. We have to shed light on inventions created to help women with convenience in their chosen hairstyles.

#13 Clip-Ins

When we think of clip in extensions, often we think of adding volume to our hair. Do you ever think about the fact that there are women out there suffering from hair loss or hair thinning who use these clip ins to add fullness and think of them more as a necessity rather than a want? I wanted to talk about clip in bangs as well. We don’t always want to chop our real hair for specific looks and clip in bangs are very cute and convenient. Even if you are thinking about cutting your real hair into bangs, clip-ins are the great way to make your final decision.

#14 Ponytails

Ponytail extensions may not seem like a big deal. But if your ever in need of a significant convenient sexy style, a long ponytail will do just the trick. You can quickly grab one at your local beauty supply. It contributes to length if that’s something you may be interested in. Ponytails add to healthy hair as they do not require constant heat every day.

#15 Braiding Hair

Braiding hair is the bomb extension invention because coming from an ethnic background, braids have been a prominent part of my culture. I have to be honest with you though; I couldn’t stand braiding at a young age in my hair. In the 90s braids came back with a vengeance and every girl around me wanted long box braids like poetic justice. Another great thing about braiding hair is most if not all braiding hairstyles are considered protective style. When women with natural hair would like to give their real hair some rest, they depend on braiding up to do the trick. I have seen some miracles transpire from women continually keeping their ends trimmed and always keeping braids in. The healthy hair maintenance is through the roof, and braiding hair has undoubtedly created another convenience for women in the hair industry.

#16 Hair Color

I know we addressed a colorist earlier but the color itself was the invention they gave them their job title. Hair color industry is a multi-billion dollar industry nowadays. I can certainly understand why. Older women rely on hair color from their colorist to rid them of gray hair. Other women like to experiment and always change their hair color. Then you have women that do neither and instead dye their extensions than their hair to still achieve the same look without the damaging effects of color. Whatever the case, the color will remain a desire as women are very indecisive.

#17 Closures

Good thing someone came out with the lace closures! I mean affordability, no leave out, and I don’t have to worry about my hair sweating out at the gym or heading out on a hot day? The great thing about the closure is that it gives you a realistic look without unnecessary heat damage. It keeps all your hair protect underneath. Closures have also advanced over the years. They started out as lace closures wear only the actual part is lace. Then the closures went on to provide customers more parting options by coming ours with 4x4 and 5x5 closures where the entire complete closure is lace. Honestly, since I have tried one, I haven’t gone back to leave out. They are so convenient and reusable! What can get better than that you ask? Nothing at the time, but then they came out with frontals. They are God’s gift to earth, but closures are very affordable when you don’t have enough to invest in a frontal.

#18 Frontals

A frontal installed the correct way; this protective style will have this hair looking like its sprouting straight from your scalp. Another great thing about a frontal is being able to part it however you desire. I don’t know about you all, but I am always indecisive about what part I want to get for my sew ins. There are two types of frontals: one that covers your forehead down to your ears and a 360 frontal that wraps around your whole head which you can achieve any virtual hairstyle you want! Again, Private Label Extensions provide all of this if your ever curious and want to try a 360 frontal. The 360-frontal allowing you to be able to put your hair in a ponytail maybe braid up in style, your options are pretty much endless, and inventions like this have revolutionized hair overtime. You don’t know what to believe anymore because these inventions have you second guessing your self for a second being that the hair is so realistic.

#19 Wigs

This invention has been around for centuries, but just like closures and frontal, wigs have advanced over time as well. Wigs are convenient, realistic, protective and so much more, but I want to reflect on a different aspect of how they contribute to the hair industry. In life, there are strange things that may happen to us that we have no clue why it’s happening to us and how we can stop up. We lose faith, we lose hope, and sometimes we feel as if we are not beautiful. Cancer patients going through chemo suffer their hair. Wigs, for years now, have been a guiding light in helping cancer patients gain their self-esteem back and remembering their beauty before their sickness. They go to show that not every case of women just buying hair and makeup means we are arrogant or stuck up, most women enjoy feeling beautiful. Wigs help people suffering from chemo treatment feel beautiful again and helps them restore their image. Some hair inventions will always be prevalent.

#20 Hair Extensions

If you are interested in purchasing extensions, try Private Label Extensions. They have everything you could ever imagine with good quality hair to show for it. Extensions remain one of the most significant demands in the hair industry. Extensions are how we make all of these hair inventions, to begin with. Of course, I had to include the hair being one of the primary reasons the hair industry will continue to strive!

All The Hair Industry Has Is You

Last but not least, you are the ultimate factor in the hair industry and why it continues to strive and never go out of business. Nine times out of 10 if you are reading this article you are in the market of hair in one way, shape, or form. Everything discussed in this article plays either a major or minor role in the industry but none the less it’s a role period. Money again is the number one reason why the hair industry will never fail. 38 billion on hair care products worldwide, women are making a bold statement letting the industry know we are loyal and here to stay for years to come. I am a part of the 157 million American women who love to invest in hair, and according to the average 81-year-old lifespan, I still have 56 years to continue funding!
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