Is The Hair Industry Really Saturated?

Is There Too Many of Y'all or Nah?

The hair industry has been around since, well, a very long time ago! It was evolved in more ways then I think anyone imagined, and it's still changing to this day. We all remember hot combs and hair crack to hair apps and vendors! There is a lane for everyone! But many people wonder, is the hair industry saturated? Well, I guess that depends on whether that can be defined as a positive or negative because I think both sides have points. Having too much of something can either hurt or help, of course. I believe the hair industry is full of many great things and there isn’t anything terrible about that. I think people forget how massive this world is, which means there are endless possibilities. There will always be room at the hair table for anyone to join. So if I had to give my stance, I would say it’s a positive outlook that the hair industry is saturated. Continue reading below to find out some reasons why!

Saturated With New Ideas

Let us not forget when Nicki Minaj stepped on the scene back in December 2017 with those floor-length braids! That style alone made an impact. Hair gurus all over were instantly able to notice that her braids were, without a doubt a lace front wig. Now, so many people are having a full style created on a wig piece so that they can throw it on in six minutes and their hair is complete! Is the hair industry saturated? Well, yes, with new ideas and that is a good thing. As I mentioned earlier, there are endless possibilities in the hair industry. If the market is overflowing with new skills, the world can only grow from that. The people, who were born to have an eye for creativity in the hair industry, will never slow down. There will always be some type of need or opportunity that someone will think of and create. For each new graduating cosmetology class are another set of students that have a chance to make an impact on the hair industry. The people who started this game 30 years ago don’t have the same mindset as the newcomers, and that’s a great thing. The hair industry will always need change and ideas. I remember the first time I heard someone had a hair salon that’s only for children! How fabulous was that idea? Someone saw a need and fulfilled it. Sure, little girls and boys can get their hair braided at the regular hair salons but why expose kids to adult conversations and foolery? Allowing all children to gather around each other to get beautified is good!

Saturated With New Techniques

Can we all take a moment to thank the school of ‘Youtube’ for all they have taught us? Please and thank you! The hair industry is for sure saturated with new techniques! If you have been living under a rock for the last few years, then you have no clue the power behind Youtube. With every new skill that someone creates are 15 other videos to get that same need fulfilled. I mean, not everything works for everyone so out of all the different ways of doing something, people can find which method works best. So apparently being saturated with technique, is a win! How many different ways are there for doing a twist out? What about all the ways hair extensions are installed? There are at least five different techniques for both. There are no two people the same on Earth, yes including twins. So many people have different hair textures, issues and ways of thinking. That’s why it’s a great thing to have options that accommodate different types of people.

Saturated With New Marketing Plans

Back in the day, when you wanted to make a hair appointment, you had to call a salon and speak with the receptionist! Do you remember that? I do! But you can be sure those days are far-gone. The hair industry is saturated with different ways to reach their clientele, which is impressive. With the help of social media, people have to send a direct message (DM) to make appointments. The stylist’s full portfolio is on display while offering buttons such as ‘call’ or ‘text’ which goes straight to that stylist. Everything that happens now is pretty much instant. There’s also a great app called “style seat” which allows you to make appointments after viewing their person’s calendar. So there’s no more “are you available next Tuesday, at 6 pm?” On that app, you’re also able to write a review for your service and cancel appointments! How amazing is that? An app that lets you do many things within a few minutes; you can't beat that! The hair industry is positively saturated with different marketing plans, and that is something a lot of people get excited over. In this day and age, so many people are riding their wave, so hairstylist must be able to reach people in different ways. There are also stylists who only market themselves on YouTube. They figured if you see them doing hair, you will book an appointment and people do. Many people are also paying for ads to advertise their work as well. Stylists are finding as many different ways to get their name on the scene as possible, and it’s working!

Saturated With Hair Vendors

At this point in the game, hair vendors will be the next Mary Kay! There is no denying that there are at least a trillion hair vendors all over the web, grocery stores and anywhere else you can think. But don’t get it twisted that is a great thing! People need options to pick from when it comes to purchasing hair. There are so many types of hair brands, texture, prices, etc. that people forget a little completion never hurt any business. I predict in the future that hair vendors will become MaryKay of hair! One day we’ll be able to go to one website, key our zip code in, and boom, ten local hair vendors within a five-mile radius. How awesome would that be? Another great thing about the hair industry being saturated with hair vendors is that they are open to informing their clients with knowledge about the hair they are purchasing. We as a people should never get tired of information! A lot of people buy hair and have no idea where it came from, how to care for it or even if they should be wearing extensions. Most vendors do a great job of informing their clients about their product, and that’s a good thing. The more people understand all parts of the hair industry, the better off they will be.

Saturated With Hair Writers

Now, I’ll be the first to say there are many, fantastic hair writers in the game and that is nothing wrong about that. Many people don’t understand that all writers do not write alike! Sure, there are several different articles on ‘quick weave,’ but there’s also a reason why a Private Label Hair Extension article makes a list at number one. When you write, its all about your angle, purpose and how well you gain and keep your readers attention. There are also funny writers, serious writers, and writers who inform, which means they are all reaching a different type of audience. There are also writers who may only writer 500 words on what a quick weave is which may great for one reader, but someone needed to read whereas others writers may want to read the 2,000-word articles. Different strokes, for different folks that’s all. The more hair writers we have, the better!

Yes, It Is Saturated!

So, we have come to an end, and I think it's apparent that the hair industry is indeed saturated, but in a significant way! You see, so many people saturation is a bad thing, but that isn’t always the case. When you have more of a positive something, then of course only greatness can be produced. With all the different options there are, it gives a chance to everyone involved. For example, there’s hair salon shops, mobile salons, and pop-up shops. The woman who wants to get her hair styled in peace now doesn’t have to be exposed to loud music or terrible conversation at the salons. She can schedule an appointment for a mobile salon that will come directly to her. Customers are taken care of from every angle now, and there is nothing negative about that. I believe the only way the hair industry can be saturated and viewed in a bad light as if everyone was doing the same thing. But that’s not the case. There are so many talented people whom all have great ideas and techniques in this industry that it can only help grow it more! Do you think the hair industry is saturated? Let me know below in the comment section what you think!

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