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Hair Inspiration Lacking? Find What You Need Here!

All The Best Places To Find It

Whenever I ’m feeling dull, I know that it’s time to switch up my look. Before social media was a famous avenue for information, I would never have enough inspiration to try versatile looks that excite me. For a long time, I stayed within my same cycle of hairstyles. I was lacking hair inspiration. My favorite hairstyles would be braids, long or short, and a short weave style. This was before there was such a thing as “hair art.” Well, I believe that hair art has always been around, but I didn’t discover it until after I was introduced to social media. Social media has opened doors for so many of us and has inspired us for new ideas. The more we’re connected, the easier it becomes to find the hair inspiration we all need to keep our looks alive. Over the past few years, I’ve found some of the best ways to find hair inspiration. Some include social media, and some don’t, but all of them give me the boost I need to spruce up my look. If you’re looking for hair inspiration, look no further. I’m about to provide you with a guide on how to find the best hair inspiration there is!

What Is Hair Inspiration?

Defining hair inspiration is pretty explanatory. Hair inspiration is anything hair related, particularly a hairstyle that causes someone to be inspired to try the same style or a different variation. Hair inspiration benefits anyone that is interested in hairstyles, hair trends, or art of any sort. I have some artistic friends that use painting as their medium that have found inspiration in hair. For me, I write about hair, so having some hair inspiration close to me always helps me do my job better. There are plenty of different ways to find hair inspiration, but I have some favorite outlets that always help me. Platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest are amazing when it comes to finding hair inspirations alongside some quick tutorials. Tumblr is also a great one, but it has become a bit outdated. Sometimes, if I’m looking for something extravagant, I’ll go to a hair show. Hair shows and displays are always great places to find hair inspiration. If I’m feeling old fashioned, I’ll go through a hair magazine. Remember those magazines that would have all kinds of hairstyles in them? Yeah, those are still my favorite way to find hair inspiration. It all depends on what you’re looking for, and how you want to achieve it. Let’s get into these different ways to find hair inspiration.

Social Media Is Key

As many of us know, social media is a great way to discover new things. Whenever I want to find a new hairstyle to try, I go straight to social media. Before Instagram became such a big platform, Youtube was my go-to source for hair inspiration. The great thing about Youtube is that the videos are filled with how to tutorials. So, not only are you finding inspiration, but you also see exactly how to achieve the look you desire. Instagram is my second favorite platform when it comes to finding ideas. Instagram is filled with aesthetically pleasing photos, as well as quick tutorials that showcase how to do each look. Instagram is a great way to connect directly with the person who inspired you. Instagram is full of hairstylist that know how to snatch a wig and create excellent pieces. I always suggest using Instagram if you need a representation of what you want the final look to be. Pinterest is also a great platform to use. It’s like the mood board for hair inspiration. If you’re looking for some photos to create a mood board with, you can depend on Pinterest to give you everything you need. All in all, social media is a phenomenal place to take advantage of when it comes to hair inspiration. Also, online platforms such as Private Label Extensions, and Allure Magazine are significant resources for all your hair needs. Hair inspiration is available everywhere when social media is a viable tool and easily accessible tool.

What About Hair Shows?

Hair showcases or hair shows are another fantastic places to get hair inspiration. Of course, this all depends on the kind of inspiration you’re looking for. Hair shows are for those that are looking for extravagant looks to try. Most times, you won’t find natural everyday looks to wear at a hair show. If you’re a hairstylist, you’ll be able to see tons of inspiration in this space. Hair shows are a fantastic way to network and get some creative ideas for your next hair project. Also, they are an excellent place to showcase the work that you’ve been creating. Sometimes, the best hair inspiration is the inspiration you can give others. Think of inspiration as a cycle of giving and take. When you give, you’ll usually receive all the inspiration you need to keep creating. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. All in all, hair shows are a great place for multiple reasons. Making use of one of those reasons will give you the hair inspiration that you need. Just remember that most hair shows will showcase big, dramatic, and complicated hairstyles that require a lot of time and effort. However, the final product always looks super fun and outstanding!

Hair Inspiration For Everyone!

Whether you’re getting your hair inspiration from everyday people on the street, or at a fantastic hair show, you’ll always have something available to you. When I’m searching for a new look, I always look to social media for hair inspiration. Sometimes, I find something on Youtube that gives me all the tools, and steps needed. Sometimes, IG is the most comfortable and quickest way to see what style to do next. Other times, Pinterest holds my interest. For those that are hairstylists, hair shows may be an even better option to use when looking for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and do what you feel is best for you!
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