how to revive your hair using the mayonnaise treatment

How to Revive Your Hair Using The Mayonnaise Treatment

Everything You Need To Know About A Mayonnaise Treatment

For a long time, I assumed that you could only revive your hair using products from the store. I had always thought that the only way to bring your hair to life was to visit a professional, whether a dermatologist or hairstylist and follow the regimens that they give you. Luckily, after research and numerous testimonials, we’ve moved from the idea of needing a professional to help us with our hair. Of course, it’s always good to talk to someone with more knowledge about hair than you, but nowadays, it’s just not necessary. There are plenty of different ways to get information about hair and what can help you with your specific issue. When I first realized that I had a problem with dryness and breakage, I immediate went to my hairstylist. My stylist was able to help, but eventually, I just went to Youtube and saw so many natural remedies for damaged hair. One of the funniest and most shocking natural resources was the mayonnaise treatment, which is a treatment created with a base of mayonnaise and other natural ingredients. The mayonnaise treatment is used to rejuvenate hair and bring your damaged hair back to life.

When To Start Looking At Natural Remedies

Most times, people don’t consider natural remedies as their first option because there are so many other products that can be more efficient, less messy, and more potent. However, there are some significant reasons to use natural remedies. First, natural resources such as the mayonnaise treatment are considered cost-efficient. If your hair is in need of a reboot, but you lack the funds, then there’s no need to worry because you’ll be able to use a cost-effective natural remedy. When I was busy using all of my money for school, I had to get creative. What’s more creative than using the ingredients right in your home? I also consider using organic products when I’m trying to take a break from chemically based products. When I was wearing my natural hair, I found that I had to clean my hair about once a week or every two weeks to keep it moisturized. I wanted to lessen the number of chemicals I was using to keep my hair moisturized and decided to switch over to natural ingredients. The mayonnaise treatment was a fun one to try, and it gave me excellent results. After using it for the first time, I realized that sometimes organic mixtures are the way to go.

What Is A Mayonnaise Treatment?

A mayonnaise treatment is a hair mask created from various ingredient with mayonnaise being the base of it all. The most common components are mayonnaise, eggs, and an essential oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or argon oil. To make the mayonnaise treatment, you can follow these simple instructions.
  • Pour 4-5 tablespoons of mayonnaise into a bowl.
  • Add two raw eggs and then use a whisk to mix them until thoroughly blended.
  • Don’t use an electric mixer because then the treatment will turn into a liquid and won’t adhere to your hair at all.
  • Mix it until the texture is thick enough to be applied to your hair.
  • After whipping the mayonnaise and the eggs, add some drops of your oil into the mixture and whisk it a bit more.
The recipe is easy and can be created within minutes. It’s overall a simple task with a little bit of mess. It won’t smell great, mainly if you don’t eat mayonnaise, like me, but the results will have your hair glowing.

The Application Process

You can do the mayonnaise treatment about once a week. When you make the treatment, it can last about one to two weeks, if you store it in a refrigerator. If you wash your hair about once a week, then this is a great mask to use right before shampooing. If you want to use the mask alone, you can as well. To use the mask, you’re going to dampen your hair. Take a cup or handful of the mayonnaise treatment and apply it from your scalp to your ends. Massage the treatment into your hair, especially into your scalp if you suffer from a dry scalp. Let it sit for about 20 to 25 minutes and then either rinse it out or use a gentle shampoo afterward. This treatment will significantly improve the texture and health of your hair.

The Benefits of The Mayonnaise Treatment

There are so many different benefits of the mayonnaise treatment. The mayonnaise treatment is excellent for hydrating a dry scalp, and mending split ends. However, there are also other advantages. When I first realized the benefits of mayonnaise, I was shocked, but many of these benefits are amazing for your hair.

Hair Growth

For example, mayonnaise is excellent for hair growth. Mayonnaise already contains vinegar, oils and egg yolks that work to moisturize hair. The more moisturized you are, the quicker your hair will grow.

Ease The Frizz

Mayonnaise can also smoothen frizzy hair. It’s not as potent as a bonding treatment, but if you use it regularly, it can mimic the same result. Don’t do the treatment and expect your hair to be straight because it won’t be. It’ll take time, but the other benefits will make up for it.

Defines Curls

Managing curls is difficult, notably when your hair is lacking moisture. While mayonnaise does ease frizz, it also defines curls. The presence of L-cysteine, which is an amino acid, in mayonnaise is what makes it so nourishing to your curls. By diminishing frizz, while also providing moisture, you’ll have bouncy and healthy curls.

Helps With Lice

This one is rather simple but hugely beneficial. If you’ve ever had lice, you KNOW how difficult it can be to get rid of it. Lice are incredibly contagious and immediate treatment is needed to eradicate it. By putting copious amounts of mayonnaise onto your hair, you can suffocate and kill lice. Of course, this isn’t the only remedy that you should use, but this is a quick way to help your situation.

Seals In Color

Colored hair usually has damaged cuticles and cuticles that are damaged bleed out the color a lot quicker than healthy cuticles. Since mayonnaise is excellent for smoothing out frizz and hair cuticles, it works great for colored hair. By doing a mayonnaise treatment, you’ll be able to keep your color for longer.

No More Dandruff

One of the critical ingredients in mayonnaise is vinegar, which is an excellent ingredient for balancing the scalp’s PH levels and oil productions. Outside of dryness, excessive oil production is a leading cause of dandruff. Mayonnaise is a great way to balance PH levels which his the cause of dandruff.

Other Mayonnaise Treatments

Even though eggs and mayonnaise is the most common treatment, it’s not the only beneficial one. As we know, mayonnaise has many of the same properties that in-store products have, except that it’s natural. It moisturizes hair and protects it from heat styling. The protein in mayonnaise also replenishes weak follicles to prevent future breakage and damage. Since mayonnaise is such a beneficial ingredient, it can be combined with just about any other natural ingredient and still be extremely helpful to hair. Here are some different ways to make a mayonnaise treatment with other elements.

Mayonnaise, Honey, and Apple Cider Vinegar

Honey is a great ingredient that helps seal moisture into your hair shafts. The apple cider vinegar helps balance PH levels and unclog pores. This mask makes your hair soft, and manageable by removing product buildup. It has a funky smell, but your hair will thank you. To make it, combine all the ingredients in a bowl until you get a good texture. Apply from roots to ends, and leave for 30-45 minutes. If you have an air dryer, then the mask will be even more efficient. After, wash out the mask with a sulfate-free shampoo. You can do this mask about once every week or two weeks.

Why Do A Mayonnaise Treatment?

The mayonnaise treatment is different from regular treatment. It’s easy to make and cheap so you won’t be spending hundreds of dollars. A mayonnaise treatment works wonders for the hair. The benefits are so excellent that you should at least try it once. It’s gentle on the hair, and versatile. You can mix mayonnaise with eggs, oils, avocado and other natural ingredients to give you an exceptional hair mask that revives your hair. In my opinion, you have nothing to lose by using this mask, and can quickly try it one to see if it works for you!
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