tips and tricks for finding the perfect hair part for you

Tips and Tricks for Finding the Perfect Hair Part, For You!

The Art of the Hair Part

You’d be amazed to see how a simple hair part can transform one look into a series of different styles. When it comes to styling your hair, there are a few questions to ask yourself. Whether it is figuring out if you want your hair natural or not, straight or curly, up or down, finding out how you should part your hair is essential for finishing up your entire look. How you style your hair is dependent on your mode. There are many things to be mindful of, such as the hair texture/style, your face shape, and even the outfit and the vibe you want to give off. You want to be sure they all go hand in hand so you can stay consistent and look your best. Hair and beauty experts encourage us to change up our look every now and then because parting your hair the same way can ultimately cause breakage and tension in that area. To ensure we have healthy, strong hair all around our head we need to know how to take care and be aware of the little things we do that actually do more harm than good. Sometimes when we style our hair, we part according to whatever we feel like at the moment. Nothing wrong with that or having a go-to, however, this time around we will consider all our options and how to go about choosing the best one for ourselves.


First and foremost, it all depends on what you are working with: whatever hair texture you have, you want to tend to it and see how a simple hair part can compliment and enhance your features.

Fine/Thin Hair

Create the illusion of fuller hair with a deep side hair part. You can play around with how far you want it to go, and by doing it diagonally, you can add balance to both sides. To bring more life and volume to your crown, you want to go against the way your hair naturally falls. You can also maximize the degree with a fun hair flip style.

Thick Hair

Long or short, if you have a head full of hair, you can easily show it off with the classic middle hair part. A slightly off-center hair part can keep from a too symmetric look. For straight hair, layers help add bounce and frame the face nicely. Wavy hair can hang loose as it gives off free, Bohemian vibes.

Loose Curls

Those natural girls with curls so wild and spontaneous get to enjoy no hair part. It's quite tricky to keep your hair contained when it has a mind of its own, but it's not a problem when the intention is to be windswept. By letting the hair fall wherever it wants, you are ultimately creating a free hair part that can be switched up with no touch-up.

Afro-Textured/Kinky Hair

Since this hair texture grows differently from the others, the hair part is meant not to frame the face a certain way, but to create a shape for the crown. With a versatile part, you can put it anywhere along your hairline to design a form that can accentuate any area of your face.

Face Shape

The reason we get up early in the morning to spend time fixing ourselves up is that when it’s time to face the world. We want to look presentable and put our best foot forward. With our hairstyles, our part can make or break our entire look because we want to choose styles that flatter our face shape and draw attention to where it's necessary.


Broader and fuller than most face shapes, round faces are even all around with prominent cheekbones. Deep side parts elongate the face and highlight your good side. You can also opt for a middle part that can also lengthen the face as well as add symmetry.


The squared forehead and angled jawline define square faces. Similar to round faces, they are wide, and the best way to go about parting your hair is to aim to soften your profile. A deep part elongates the face and adds balance; too deep of a part will begin to exaggerate the features you are trying to diminish, so play around and see how to best style your part. Side bangs and texture will help ease the look.


The oval face is long with a jaw more narrow than the forehead and cheekbones. The universal face shape for all parts, oval faces can be styled anyhow. So, in this case, you can choose your part depending on what you want to emphasize. Eyes? Lean towards side bangs to focus attention closer to them. Lips? A middle part is perfect to open and frame your face. Forehead? With a hair toss either to the side or back, you can bring more attention to the top of your head than anywhere else. So have fun and play around with any part you can think of!


Diamond-shaped faces are narrower on the forehead and chin, but the cheekbones protrude out, making them very noticeable. In comparison to other face shapes, diamonds have smaller foreheads, and so shorter hairstyles favor this shape the best. Longer hair tends to overshadow the bone structure. Side bangs are perfect to keep hair away from the face to show off the cheekbones.


With a heart-shaped face, you can go one of two ways: a middle part for long hair or a side part for short hair. The reason for the two is because a narrow chin compared to a wide forehead and cheeks needs balance according to hair length. The key is to draw less attention to the jaw, so full hairstyles will help highlight your other features.

Dress Code

Some people know the rules of necklines in regards to jewelry, but I've noticed that many people aren't hip to the rules of necklines in regards to how to part their hair. There's an etiquette to a lot of things in this world, so learn how to match your hair with your dress to prepare you for your next affair. First things first, what you want to avoid is overdoing or not reaching your standard look. If you have a dress that is busy or detailed, you want to opt for a simple hairstyle, whereas bold hairdos can help accessorize simple dresses. The idea is to compliment the entire ensemble.


For dresses that wrap around your neck like a halter or turtleneck, the best option is to opt for an updo since you don't want to cover too much of the style of the dress. Because an updo can go however you like, so can the parting for your style. Now, if your hair is too short for an updo but long enough to part, go for a side part to eliminate too much symmetry.


V-Neck dresses show more skin and cleavage, so the hair must abide and pull back to bring more attention to the dress. Whether long or short hair, you can style a slicked back or half up, half down style to keep the hair out of the way and still look sexy. However, you have the option to draw less attention to your plunge with a middle part that hangs down, almost like a cover. You have the choice of how much you want to emphasize.


Shapely necklines usually have a nice, straightforward touch so for parting the hair, consider a deep side part that falls right over your shoulders or even a low ponytail or bun. The softness of this look requires a natural-looking style that is flirty and girly.


For strapless dresses, you can be daring with an updo to show even more skin, or a little more conservative by having your hair down. The idea for strapless however is to focus all attention on you, so a middle part is ideal for wearing the hair up or down. It will create a symmetry that goes hand in hand with your dress and gives a classic, polished look.


Although you have individual styles that favor you most, sometimes we want to give off a feel that is different from the norm. Depending on the exact vibe you want to produce, you need to know how best to go about your style. I can't list every mood there is, but use this list as a guide to figure out which direction to go towards for the look.


To give off this vibe, try a long hairstyle with either straight or soft curls. By wearing a side part or braiding the sides, you can spotlight your best side throughout the day.


No need to add any heat to this hairstyle. Enjoy your natural hair as it is, the only thing to hold it back is your hand when the wind is blowing. Let the curls be as free as the girls!


A sexy low ponytail or bun is great for a day to work at the office as well as a night on the town. A middle or side hair part is up to you. If you're the girl who does both, do yourself a favor and spare your extra time for other things rather than restyling your hair.


If you don't like too much attention, go for a straight middle part. It can't get any simpler, and it's easy to keep the hair in place by tucking it behind ears or adding pins or clips. Any other detail could come from hair color or length of your choice.


Best for short styles and cuts, bold styles speak of the independent, fierce woman. To rock a shortcut is bold on its own but adding parts to your head adds design and edge to your look.


The slick ponytail that is faultless is excellent for the girl who wants to ensure her hair is in place all day. With low maintenance, it can often be styled and parted anyhow for various looks in one.

Emotional/Laid Back

Braided styles are among the looks that remain untouched after styling. Even if it does become a little messy after a while, the natural looking messiness of the hair is what allows it to be appropriate and stylish.


Any bangs or busy hairstyles fit into this category because it requires much time to style right. These styles have the most volume, as it is parted according to your face shape and features to show them off. People who enjoy trying different looks often enjoy challenging hairdos to experiment with.


To show that you are in control and that you have more important things to worry about, consider a pixie cut or any shortcut that frames your face perfectly. You can either try it with straight or side bangs to bring attention directly to your eyes.


Messy styles are in, and so are styles that don't require any work at all. Similar to the carefree style, however with less definition. The freeing form is meant to be wild while the lazy is more so just to be looked over. "It's just hair" mentality. Do not confuse this look with neglected locks because it is still essential to keep up with your hair's health.

Find Your Part

As the possibilities are endless for your hairstyles, make sure to remember that it is not your hair that defines you, it is yourself. Your hair can reflect you correctly, but as multifaceted people, it is best to be able to try out newer ways to describe yourself. So next time you are doing your hair, try parting your hair a different way. Notice how others will acknowledge your switch up! We never want to get too comfortable with just one look so don't be afraid to experiment. There's an art to all of this, so the best thing you can do for yourself is to tend to it and be open to new ideas.
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