all about the hair rebonding treatment

All About The Hair Rebonding Treatment

Change Up Your Hair

Ever want to switch up your wavy and curly hair and get a straight, sleek, and shiny look? You can do that with a Hair Rebonding Treatment.

The Hair Rebonding Treatment is very popular in Asia and the Middle East. This hair rebonding process came from Japan other Asian communities, and countries slowly began to use it.


What Is A Hair Rebonding Treatment?

A Hair Rebonding Treatment is a chemical treatment that makes your hair straight sleek and shiny. Depending on the products used and the hair type, the procedure’s costs may vary.

The chemicals used during the Hair Rebonding Treatment such as the cream softener or the relaxer breaks down the natural hair structure. The treatment chemicals alter the hair, and ultimately, the neutralizer used during this procedure bonds the hair structure again to allow the hair to become straightened.

Popularity in the East

Hair Rebonding is popular in the eastern hemisphere of the world, especially in the country of India. If you search on Youtube about this treatment, you’ll see many videos of people from the East or the Middle East doing the hair process in their salons and homes.

Hair Rebonding Treatment Compared to Hair Relaxing

There are different ways to straighten hair. Hair relaxing is a cheaper and quicker method.

People with curls, and perhaps tighter curls use a hair relaxer treatment to make their hair straight. If you purchase a home relaxer treatment, this method is usually mixing an activator with a relaxer cream, or applying the already made relaxer to the hair, generally starting at the roots.

Most likely, this hair straightening method does not get hair completely straight, but it softens the hair to create a straightened appearance.


Pros and Cons with Relaxing

Pros for using a hair relaxer is that it is inexpensive and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

The cons for using a hair relaxer is that the hairs are not entirely straight. You may need to use styling methods such as a flat iron or other heating methods to make sure your hair is completely straight if you want that look.

Also, hair relaxers can cause scalp irritation and burning. A potential result of getting your hair relaxed is that your hair becomes brittle and unhealthy.

The hair rebonding treatment compared to hair relaxing is slightly different. Rebonding uses somewhat different chemicals as well as heat in its hair process. The hair rebonding treatment is done by the application of a solution, usually a perming solution with powerful chemicals. This process breaks the hair bonds. Then a flat iron or a pressing machine is used to reset the hair bonds and make the hair straight.

Before a hair stylist should give you this hair treatment, they need to know the history of your hair such as "if your hair has ever been damaged?" and "if you have colored your hair previously?" Additionally, stylists need to know if you have done this process before.

This will help the stylist understand if you should go ahead with the process, or if adjustments need to be made ensuring your hair is not damaged after the treatment.


Pros and Cons of the Hair Rebonding Treatment

Pros for using the hair rebonding treatment is that this procedure lasts for at least five months.

The cons for using the Hair Rebonding Treatment is that the method is costly and time-consuming and it could take up to seven hours. Also, it’ll be hard for you to curl your hair. You’ll only be able to have a straight look for a long time.

Another con is that, if you have kinky or coily hair, it is not recommended using this hair treatment. It is harsher than hair relaxing.


Once your hair is straight, you have to touch up the new growth depending on your growth. Your stylist should give you instructions on how to maintain your hair.


The Process of Rebonding

Products Needed:
  • Straightening Cream
  • Neutralizer
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Styling Comb
  • Hair Brush
  • Hair Dryer
  • Bowl
  • Applicator Brush

The process of the Hair Rebonding Treatment is not as difficult as you may think, but it is essential to have a professional stylist that knows the process in and out.

Step 1.

Shampoo your hair before the treatment process. (Do not use conditioner). This is a difference between hair relaxing. Usually, when getting a hair relaxer, it is recommended that you don’t wash your hair.

Step 2.

Dry the hair with a dryer to soften the hair. During this method, use a comb to help straighten the hair while drying with heat. Do this in sections. In the end, the hair should be straighter.

Step 3.

Pour the straightening cream into a bowl. A brand that is popular is Schwarzkopf’s Glatt Hair Straightener Set No. 0 for Very Curly Frizzy Hair. There are other set numbers such as 1 and 2 for different hair types.

Step 4.

Apply the straightening cream on the hair with an applicator brush. Apply half an inch from roots and work your way down the hair. You should apply the cream within fifteen minutes. Cover the entire hair in the cream.

Step 5.

Check the hair after the fifteen minutes of applying the cream. If the hairs do not rebond after fifteen minutes, then leave the cream for another ten minutes and check periodically. A way you can check if the hair is straight is to wrap a hair straight around a rat-tailed comb and see if the hair gets curled. If not, then the hair is straight.

Step 6.

Once straightened, rinse the hair with water.

Step 7.

Use conditioner for the hair, but do not use shampoo.

Step 8.

Dry the hair with a hairdryer. During this method, use a brush to help straighten the hair while drying. Do this in sections. In the end, the hair should be straighter.

Step 9.

Apply the neutralizer in a bowl. Schwarzkopf’s Glatt Neutralizer is a popular product.

Step 10.

Using an applicator brush, apply the Neutralizer. Leave it on hair for ten minutes. The neutralizer seals the broken bonds of the hair.

Enjoy A New Permanent Hair Style

The Hair Rebonding Treatment is such as a great process for those that want straighter hair.

It is an irreversible procedure. Remember that this method can also lead to hair damage if not performed correctly. Putting chemicals into your hair is always cautious, and you should still be careful and let the best stylist that can achieve this treatment. Enjoy sleeker, shinier, straighter hair.

Have you done the Hair Rebonding Treatment or have you ever relaxed or permed your hair?

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