how to take your hair salon to the next level

How to Take Your Hair Salon to the Next Level

Don't Settle On Your Hair Salon

Every day, women and men visit a hair salon to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence.

You can drive down the busiest street in your city and realize that hair salons are a dime a dozen. Throughout the years' hair salons have established a reputation that can make a typical salon visit feel mundane. Ask a dozen women to describe an average visit to the salon, and you are likely to hear similar descriptions.

As the generations have passed, trends have come and gone (and come back again) but our salon experiences haven't evolved much. Now, ask yourself, "What makes my salon different?"

As a business owner, your challenge is to create a salon experience that sets you apart from the other salons down the street. The last thing that you want is to blend into the sea of stylists in your area. Your hair salon might be great.

But a few small (and affordable) changes can take your hair salon to the next level of greatness!


You Had Me At Hello

First impressions are everything. You have probably invested much of your time and money into making sure that your salon is clean, attractive, and inviting.

However, you can make a great first impression before your client even steps foot through your doors. Enhance your customers' experience by getting to know them before they arrive for their appointment. Once your client has booked their appointment, consider sending them a brief survey to assess their hair needs and desires.

You can create a free survey with online tools like Survey Monkey or Google Forms. These forms can be sent to your client by email or text and submitted electronically. Better for you, once your client completes the form you can use it to make notes about your clients' service and goals to keep track of and review before their next appointment.

Another benefit of offering a pre-consultation survey is that it serves as an ice-breaker for new clients and gives you the opportunity to think about the best products and services to provide. The best part about an automated survey is it not only saves you from completing paperwork.

But you can also automate it so that you don't have to take the time to send each survey yourself.

Time is of the Essence

Most women know that when they visit a hair salon, they will be there most of the day.

Whether you rent a suite or own a multi-chair studio, exceptional customer service is paramount. You might be the best hair stylist in your State, but if you have poor customer service, your bookings will suffer. If you are managing a team of salon professionals, it's time to call a meeting and get everyone on the same page of efficiency.

Taking your clients time into consideration is a great way to show that you take your craft seriously. From the check-in process to the farewell, every step should be brief and streamlined. Sure, a hair salon is an excellent place for women to unwind but don't be so lax that your clients feel neglected.

If you are the only stylist at your salon, challenge yourself to find a balance between engaging and quick without compromising styling quality.


Remove the Guess Work

When I book a weave style with my hairstylist, I'm always a little stressed with the task of picking out my hair extensions.

I want to make sure that my hair comes out exactly as I imagined it would without breaking my budget. I've spent more time than I'd like to admit browsing beauty supply stores and second guessing if I had purchased the right type of hair.

That was just a glimpse of what some of your clients go through when they have to buy their hair extensions. Have you ever considered selling your line of hair extensions a your hair salon? It's easier (and cheaper) than you imagine when you start your line with Private Label Extensions.

Take the guesswork out of your salon experience and sell your line of extensions to your clients. It's so much easier for clients to arrive at their appointment without the stress of picking out their hair extensions. It also gives you the peace of mind knowing that you will use quality hair for their style.

Private Label Extensions offers top quality human hair extensions at budget-friendly prices. In addition to your bundles, PLE can assist you with labeling, packaging, and even a website to take your business to the world wide web!

The best part is that PLE offers a wide variety of extension lengths, textures, and colors. PLE is your one-stop shop for clip-ins, long and straight styles, kinky hair, and even tape-in extensions!

Once your client books their appointment and submits their survey, you can have their extensions ordered and ready by the time of their appointment!


Throw it in the Bag with Products

Let's face the facts when your clients arrive at your salon; they are already expecting to spend money.

While they sit in your chair, you have a captive audience. While your client is in your chair is a great time to upsell your service and have your clients leave with a few more goodies from your hair salon.

Upselling the right products enhance your client experience and extend their style. Consider selling a few additional products and accessories at the end of your service. You can also expand your client base by selling your add-on products online!

Edge Control

Nothing makes a hairstyle look as fresh like snatched edges.

Keep your client's salon-fresh by offering them edge control to purchase. You can quickly start your edge control line with PLE edge control. This five-star rated product is flake free and comes in clear or black. It's a fan favorite among PLE buyers and a great add-on product for your salon.

You can purchase edge control in regular or mini sizes in quantities as small as 10 and as large as 100.


3D Mink Eyelashes

Most clients book a hair appointment around a special occasion so that their hair is fresh.

Why not send them out the door with a great set of mink eyelashes? You can start your mink eyelash line with Private Label Extensions mink eyelashes. PLE offers affordable wholesale eyelash extensions in a variety of styles such has 3D Thinline and 3D Volume Lashes.

You can purchase each set of mink lashes in quantities of 5, 10, or even buy a single set if you're interested in trying them out on yourself first.


Silk Bonnet

The number one thing we all need to maintain our hair is a silk bonnet.

Don't let your clients leave your hair salon without one. You can order silk bonnets from PLE to offer to each client at the end of their service. PLE bonnets come in regular and long sizes (for your clients that are rocking those inches).

You can also opt for your bonnets to be personalized for a small fee of $4.79 each when ordering 50 bonnets.


Continue the Conversation

The scary part about cosmetology is that once your client leaves your chair, there is no guarantee that they will return to your hair salon.

You need to provide them with more than great hair to secure their loyalty. Take your customer service to the next level by continuing the conversation. It's up to you to create and maintain a relationship that invites your clients to keep booking with you. Turn "goodbye" into "see you later" by following up with your clients on a regular basis.

Always book their next appointment before they leave your salon. Pre-booking shows that you have an interested in working with them again and it ensures that you have a future appointment booked.

Sometimes, these conversations can be uncomfortable to approach. A great way to lead-in is to suggest a treatment schedule. As your style appointment is coming to an end, discuss that you prefer to keep your clients on a style schedule to ensure the health of their hair. Then propose your suggested visitation schedule such as bi-weekly or monthly appointments.

About three to five days following their appointment, send your clients a brief follow-up survey so that you can get some feedback on their experience and how their style is holding up. Feedback surveys are also an excellent way for you to assess any common issues that may occur with multiple clients or even open up for dialogue that might be uncomfortable for your clients to discuss in person.

Keeping the lines of communication open with your clients is an excellent way to show them that you care and value their business.


Believe it and Achieve it

Your goal is not only to create a beautiful hairstyle, but your goal is also to create an exceptional salon experience.

The best way to achieve this is to put yourself in your client's shoes. Think about what type of communication and service would you like if you were to visit your salon? Also, it's vital that you are open to feedback. Customers, friends, and even employees all have great ideas that are beneficial if you are open to implementing them.

Don't forget about the upsell! Upselling is not a sleazy business tactic if you're providing products and services that will benefit your client. Starting your hair extension line and offering accessories are a great way to add a few more dollars to your bottom line.

While also adding the value of convenience to your clients' overall experience. Have you ever considered starting your line of hair extensions or hair products? Leave a comment below and share a few ways that you can take your business to the next level!

Visit to learn more about how you can start your line. Make sure that you are following PLE on Facebook and check back on our blog regularly for more hair styling, trend, and business tips and tricks.

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“Mink eyelashes are the embodiment of extravagance and polish. Their delicate quality and regular look pursue them a top decision for adding a hint of charm to any eye cosmetics.”


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