10 Heartbreaking Reasons Why Hair Salons Get No Love

Hair Salon Heartbreak

One reason why salons get no love is that sometimes they just don’t give! That’s right, I said it! The Saturday morning routines of being at the salon all day long are gone! And I’m here to talk about it.

There has been a major shift in the beauty world, from almost every level; evolution of extensions, grey hair is a thing, and selling bundles are on the rise. But with all that change, hair salons are slowly fading in the background, for various reasons.

I’m not shaming salons in any way but just know there’s a gap somewhere and hopefully I can bring some light to it. Continue reading below on my why hair salons get no love.

Customer Service Sucks

Customer service in many industries has decreased over time. I can almost guarantee it’s because of the lack of human interaction, so many of us are having. Cell phones have taken over, and sometimes we just don’t know how to act.

However, customer service is one of the biggest aspects of a hair salon that should always be a top priority. How you treat your clientele determines if your business sinks or not. Because of course, without them, there would be no business.

One of the biggest complaints people have with hair salons is that their time isn’t valued. Whenever customers make an appointment to get their hair done, they are expecting the stylist to start at that time, but more times than not, it doesn’t happen.

Customer Service

Double Booking

It’s never a good thing when a stylist has to apologize to you because they overbooked, and of course you’re the one that has to wait.

That type of behavior also shows lack of organizational skills. Plus the customer ends up unhappy before they even get in the chair. It tells the customer that their time isn’t valued or important.

Yes, sometimes overbooking happens, but it shouldn’t happen as often as it does. And I’m sure some stylists even do it on purpose just to have more clients. They know once a customer comes in, regardless of the issue, they aren’t going anywhere.

Late Hair Stylist

Correct, the customer isn’t the only one who is late.

We understand that life happens to us all but whenever you’re providing a service to someone and you’re late, it’s important to call ahead. A hair stylist may not have the customer’s number on hand to call, but that would be an awesome procedure to put in place.

Communication is crucial for any relationship, and if it’s reciprocated, then the situation usually has a better outcome.


Nickel and Dime

Okay, I get it! To pay bills and live you must make money.

I understand that being a hair stylist is an entrepreneur in a sense because if no one is in your chair, you can’t make money. However, too many of them are trying to rob their customers.

I remember a time when I was paying a stylist after they just did my hair. My bill was a lot higher than I thought it should have been. I found out that I got “add-ons” unknowingly.

Then I’m standing there stuck because I know my hair came out nice, but also mad that I didn't have a warning about anything extra. And because I don’t ever want to cause a scene, I paid but kept in mind that I’ll never go back.

Lying For the Coins

One infamous tale that some hairstylists say is that their customer’s hair isn’t healthy knowing that it is. Plus one main reason people go to the hair salons is that they truly don’t know anything about hair. They rely solely on whatever their hairstylist says. Sadly, some hairstylist takes advantage of that.

If a hairstylist tells someone their hair is damaged when it’s not, they can offer products and do certain procedures that will help the issue. Most times if you tell someone they have a problem when they don’t, they usually will believe you, because of course, you’re the expert. But it’s just not right.


I believe a big reason why salons don’t get any love is that of their prices.

This generation is catching on to the fact that certain services shouldn’t cost certain dollar amounts. Sometimes you have to wonder why the lady down the street charges $10 to trim ends when another person charges $30.

However, I agree that people should charge what they think they are worth but one should also be mindful of the value of that service. Most people are always going to go to the person who is cheaper but also really good.

Also, many people understand now that just because someone is expensive doesn’t mean they're good.



Location is key!

Where you decide to have a hair salon will determine many things. There have been many times when someone speaks about a good establishment, but because of its location, it’s turned down.

When creating a business, it’s best to know that just because you like it or think it’s a great idea doesn’t mean others will view it that way.

Also, it’s nothing worse than going to a hair salon in an area where you may have to pay for parking because their parking lot is small or always filled. Or even if the salon is in a bad area, a lot of people may not want to deal with that.

Some hair salons get no love because they do things without the customer's consideration.


Also, because the natural hair wave is at its peak, many hair salons haven’t caught on. They are so used to the extensions, hot combs and doing relaxers that they don’t know anything else. Some hairstylists haven’t even furthered their education on natural hair.

You can even call around to hair salons and ask if they have someone who specializes in natural hair and most of them say no. As time is moving along, more salons are evolving for sure.

However, not many folks want to spend the day calling around to find one though, so they figure it out on their own.

People Have Evolved

I think we can just be honest here, for a second. At the rate that YouTube is going with all of its DIY (do it yourself) videos, folks don’t need to pay a hairstylist to give them something that they can now do on their own.

It’s almost as if the beauty industry as a whole is becoming independent. People are creating their styles and trends, they are becoming teachers without being certified and simply figuring things out on their own.

Also, many people have realized just how simple it is to do certain hairstyles. Why pay someone $100 to get extensions put in when you can spend $25 on a mannequin head and watch a 30-minute tutorial and become an expert in installations within a week? It’s nothing, but facts and people are taking advantage of it.

Natural Community is Expanding

Another reason why salons are getting no love is that more people are turning back to their natural roots. They are becoming more aware of what it means to have healthy hair.

More people are taking the time to learn about their natural hair, and the best way to do that is without the aid of hairstylists. We won’t even discuss how many Youtube videos focus on helping women to do their natural hair either.


Lack of Care

Have you ever had to tell a hairstylist that it’s not okay to detangle your hair with a rattail comb? Well, I sure have, and it was at that moment where I realized the stylist didn’t care about my hair.

Many stylists focus on getting the customer out of their chair instead of caring for their tresses. There are even some hairstylists who won’t voluntarily spray a heat protectant on customer’s hair before they add heat.

As I mentioned earlier, some people don’t know the importance of healthy hair, so they rely on the hairstylist. Some would think it should be automatic to add a heat protectant, but it’s not.

I believe if you’re in the hair industry, it should always be your top priority to handle your customer’s hair with complete care. If you ask people their reasons why they stop going hair salons, most will tell you that's the same place where their hair became damage.

They feel that some stylists aren’t taking the proper time to invest in their client’s hair and also treat it like their own. Some hairstylists don’t focus on the condition of the customer’s hair.

They want you in their chair to do two things; style your hair and collect the coins that are due. They want nothing more and nothing less.


Don’t Listen

I get it when hairstylists have a customer, that’s their time to shine.

That’s their moment to make the customer believe nobody else will do their hair better than them. However, the reality of it is that the customer wants their hair done how “they” want it done.

Too many times hairstylist decide they will do what they want and they can’t do that. We have all heard the horror stories of customers looking in the mirror and saying they love their hair but deep down their screaming. Shoot, I even did it last week!

It’s a terrible feeling to have. Hair salons get no love the moment they don’t listen to the customer’s request.

Trim Vs. Haircut

A longtime rumor has been that some hair stylists just don’t know the difference between a trim and a haircut.

Well, they know what a haircut is, but don’t know what trims are. There is nothing worse than telling a stylist you need your ends trimmed and then boom, you have a bob cut that you didn’t ask for. It happens way too much.

I have even heard women say they will not get their ends clipped because they don’t trust anyone, including hairstylist. To satisfy the customer, hair stylist must listen and honor their wishes is crucial.


Hair Dryer Chronicles

Now we all have been told to sit under the hair dryer until our hair is finished drying. Then, after what feels like 16 hours, the stylist comes over and says those infamous words “not yet.”

But we all know that means they are buying time to complete the current customer's hair. But in this day and age, we the people are tired of that! As mentioned earlier, too many hairstylists are double-booking. The result of that is only to have all other clients wait longer than expected.

But I mean, how many hair magazines can one read? Hair salons get no love because too many people are tired of waiting around.

No Value

Too many hairstylists are doing just that; they are only styling hair.

They are doing hair for the money and nothing else. I believe that when you are providing a service to someone you should also be educating him or her. The customer should be able to walk away with some knowledge of what they just bought.

Now, that doesn’t mean the hairstylist has to give away all their secrets. But a lot of people wish they knew how to maintain their hair in-between going to the salons. Also, some people don’t want to go out their way and have to ask for tips either.

It’s nothing better than someone giving you more than what you intended to get. Some hair salons get no love because they don’t value their craft as a whole.

Consultations Cost

A part of valuing customers is having thorough consultations about their hair and what their concerns are.

If you check the list of services that salons offer, most of them charge for consultations. Most stylists take about two hours to complete a style anyway, so spending about 10 minutes on questions beforehand shouldn’t be an issue.

A lot of people feel that hair salons have lost their customer service touch. Hair salons can’t lose focus on the importance of customer service because essentially that’s what keeps their business running. Some people just don’t want to pay to have a conversation right before they get their hair done.


Multi-tasker Chronicles

We all have had that stylist who is doing everything but your hair.

They are ordering their lunch because they have been doing hair all day, checking their phone and even stopping to talk to the customer who is right in front of them. Many stylists just don’t know how to multi-task. The only thing a customer wants to do is have their appointment start on time and have a stylist who is highly efficient.

Multi-tasking while dong hair isn’t only rude, but it can be perceived as the customer not feeling important. The customer isn’t paying to have a stylist perform a bunch of other tasks and make their day -longer.

Now, I do understand that certain things happen and the stylist may need to step away, but it shouldn’t happen a lot. The clientele should be the stylist only focus.

Apps Have Taken Over

Back in the day, when you needed to make a hair appointment, you called the salon and spoke with the receptionist.

They would schedule the appointment for you and answer any questions you may have had. And for salons that didn’t have one, they set their appointments. But now there’s no receptionist, and you can only schedule appointments through a scheduling hair app.

Although, I agree its super simple, however, the value is gone. The value of putting the customer first has diminished. I believe technology is great when used the correct way, but we lose the importance of human connection when it's not.


Takes too long

One major reason salons get no love is because time means so much more now than it ever has.

With all that’s going on in the world, more people realize they must do more with their time. Spending all day in a hair salon is just not a part of people’s schedules anymore. They are more focused on how they can complete a task in half the time; from themselves and especially people who are getting their money.

Too many times hair stylist take entirely too long to complete a style. Now, I’m certain some hairstyles can take a long time to complete but not all of them. I believe that as hairstylists evolve in their skill, they should also become faster.

Being considerate of the person’s time is crucial. I believe some stylist wants to overachieve and by doing so, the customer has endured unnecessary steps before they pay.

Also, now that social media has become a catalog for the hairstylist, the stylist has to snap a bunch of pictures from every angle when the style is complete.

When in reality the hairstylist could just ask the customer for a picture later. Or the stylist could just be a little faster with the impromptu photo shoot. I believe that no matter what you’re doing, you can always find a way to shorten the time.


No Love Lost

Well, someone had to be the one to speak on the reasons why salons get no love.All in all, we want salons to be back on top. Most importantly we want salons to go back to putting customers first. Like I mentioned earlier, customer service is very important. How companies treat the ones that make up their business is important.

Hair salons have come a long way though, but they still have a ways to go in my opinion. As technology and information continue to evolve, hair salons must move with the wave or else; they get no love.

Are you a hairstylist or salon owner? If so, tell me in the comment section below some of the skills you want to improve on to better your craft and service.

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As a fellow hairstylist that is a license cosmetologist from New York City, Sadly I have to agree. I have been in hair salons that literally over book to get the clientele. It becomes so frustrating for somebody like me, because now I have to deal with the unhappy client and try to reverse the situation best as I know how. I have seen hairstylist not show clients hair any type of TLC, and do styles they are not familiar with. That result of not knowing how to do a style that the client is asking for will lead up to somebody being unsatisfied. I personally started feeling like hair salon’s started to become more like factories. It became more about the money and how much you can make in a day, verse simply helping out a situation that a client needs help with. I know I can only do my part as a hairstylist that takes her career seriously. I try my best to give my clients 100% of what I know and leave it to God (literally)…. As a professional hairstylist I actually have enjoyed freelancing versus being in side a salon. Not only do I make good money freelancing, but I don’t deal with a headache that some may face on a day-to-day basis. I hope that the hair industry can get it together and realize that something has to change for success to go back to where it was!

Nádia F.

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