hair sayings every girl should know get your hair terminology on point

Hair Sayings Every Girl Should Know! Get Your Hair Terminology on Point!

Girl, what did you say?

Over time you probably realized how often the topic of hair comes up, between girls. Some of the most common hair topics involve things that we tend to say all the time but don’t notice too much. The saying ranges from matters we consider to be mostly positive, to things we believe to be negative. You know what I’m talking about when I say this! Has someone’s question about your hair or hair, in general, caught you off guard? They may not have meant it negatively, but we took it this way because they did not know any better. Today, I’ll be revealing some of the most common hair sayings we hear every day. If you haven’t listened to all of these, you have at least heard one or two. To understand hair, we have to follow the new and old terminology. Most girls, women, men, and stylists use these terms on the daily to define specific hair techniques, tools, and other things. These are things we should have an understanding of when doing our hair. Knowing terminology is especially helpful when defining what we want for our hair. After all, for your hair to reach its optimum glow, you have to understand how it works!

Common Hair Terms:


Bob is a short, chin-length hairstyle that becomes popular in the early 1920s. The best part about bobs is that they have so many variations. You can do a rough look, or you can try a straight, A-line cut look, depending on your preference.


Similar to a hair scarf, most women of African American descent tend to place bonnets on their heads at night for added protection and style preservation. This way, it takes less time to style it in the morning, and you can avoid the frustration.


Bumping your hair is something you use a curling iron for when you need a quick refresher before hitting up the city. For example, if you wake up in the morning and your hair is looking lifeless and limp, merely use your straightener and add a few curls in it for added texture and flair.


The balayage technique involves using hand painting highlights onto the hair, for a natural look. This technique is a relatively new concept, which many women are always raving about in the hair salons. That is because more traditional highlighting methods, such as foil and the cap can look too noticeable when the hair grows out.


This washing technique gained popularity in recent years, mainly due to the natural hair movement. It is a process where you wash your hair using conditioner. Many companies now have products on the market that mimic the ingredients you would find in a conditioner, but it is used as shampoo and called a co-wash. This method is gentler on your scalp, and it helps to keep the natural oils in your hair without stripping it.

Curl Pattern

We all have one, no matter how curly or straight our hair is. Your curl pattern is the shape of your hair’s cuticle spiral. To find your hair’s natural curl pattern, you can do this by washing it and letting it dry without any product. From that point, determine if your hair has more of an “s” curl, zig-zag pattern or if it is more on the straight or kinky side. Knowing your curl pattern helps tremendously with knowing what products to put in your hair and how you can take care of it.


No, we are not talking about the skins on your nails! Although you should be taking care of your nails as well, we are talking about the cuticles of your hair. If you did not know that your hair had cuticles, allow me to drop some quick knowledge on you. The hairs’ cuticles are the outside layer of the hair shaft that protects the hair from damage. If you damage the cuticle, your hair will be more susceptible to damaging the hair strand altogether. The key is to not put your hair through too much manipulation, such as heat or constant pulling.


You know those attachments that came with the blow dryer that you casually placed in the back of your bathroom cabinet drawer never to see again? One of them was most likely a diffuser attachment and if you have curly hair, you can more than likely benefit from it! Diffusers eliminate the frizz that can come from constant blow drying of the hair. It can also aid in defining your curls and elongating them.


Dusting is a term most naturals use when they mean “trimming.” Dusting off the ends means you are trimming the hair when it is time to be cut. Simple! The only difference is that trimming usually refers to your hair being straight while doing so. When you are dusting, your hair can be in any state, while you trim it.


Similar to what you would hear for hair cuticles, except the placement is different. Hair follicles are at the base of your scalp where the hair grows from, that appear mostly everywhere on your body. It is essential to keep your hair follicles healthy and virtually damage free. Otherwise, you could risk the chance of your hair not growing back in specific areas. That can lead to other problems such as male patterned baldness, female pattern baldness or alopecia. You do not want to take that risk, so try to make sure your hair follicles are always fully intact.

Hair Extensions/Weave

If you ever wanted to change up your look, hair extensions are the way to go. Most of us wish for styles that require us to have longer hair, but we do not have the patience to wait for them to grow. Hair weaves or extensions give you instant length and luster. The type of hair you use can range from human hair to synthetic. It is also important to note that you must also take care of extensions as if it is your real hair. Otherwise, it can break and damage the way your real hair can.

Keratin Treatment

This technique can be expensive and time-consuming, but the results of it are uncanny! A keratin treatment is a protein-based treatment that is used to smooth out the hair cuticles. Many naturals use this technique as a way of making their hair a little more manageable. This process can straighten out your cuticle to a point where a natural girl’s hair can be wet and completely straight. There are other methods where it won’t straighten out your hair all the way, as well.


The kitchen is something most black women use when describing the hair in the nape of their heads. The nape is the bottom and middle part of your head. We have been using the term since the early 1940s when black women were starting to straighten their hair more and more. If you have ever heard from your mom any comment about the kitchen, make sure you clarify which one she means.


Much like a bob, the lob is more extended and almost shoulder length. Sometimes the lob can go slightly past the collarbone as well. The lob has many variations and styling options to it as well.


Ombre hair will always be in style! The ombre’d style when your hair’s color transitions or fades from one color to another. The color can be subtle, daring or as natural as you want to depend on the color you desire. It can make you look fresh, youthful and bold. Try the ombre look if you do not want to color your whole head! You may find that you like the color more than you think.


A perm can mean different things for many different people. The primary function of a perm is to take your hair from one texture to another texture, using a specific combination of chemicals. The chemicals make this change in your hair surface permanent unless you decide to cut your hair off where the substances altered it. Most women with straighter hair, tend to go for perms that will make their hair permanently curly. Women with curlier or kinkier hair tend to go for perms that permanently straighten it, although the natural hair movement is steering most women away from this.

Rough Dry

Most people blow dry out their hair until the hair is dry with a smooth finish. Rough only gets just enough of the water out of your hair. At that point, you style your hair with your hands instead of using brushes or combs. This technique can protect your hair from damaging the hair cuticle, and it can also be a great tool in styling. Sometimes, styling your hair while it is still damp can give you a longer lasting style. Your hair will have a better time setting the form.


Similar to the function of a bonnet, you wrap scarves around your hair at night to set and protect your hairstyle overnight. Satin scarves work best to protect your hair from your cotton pillow sucking the moisture and natural oils out of your hair. Your scarf needs to be long and wide enough to cover your entire head.

Scrunch Dry

If you do not feel like learning how to use a diffuser, try to scrunch dry your hair. Doing so is just as valid as diffusing your curls. Cleanse your air and remove the excess water. From that point, flip your head over and gather your hair in sections. Once you section out your hair, use your hands to scrunch up your curls continuously. You get the best results when your hair is about halfway dry. You will start to see more and more curls form and become defined.


Sectioning your hair sounds simple, but can be time-consuming depending on hair type and who’s doing it. If you have ever separated your hair and placed the hair into clips as you blow dry it out, then you just sectioned your hair. It allows you to style every single strand without missing a beat.

Things we say to other girls or ourselves

“My hair is so hard to manage.” “What products do you use?” “What do you do to your hair every day?” “Sometimes I just want to cut it all off.” “What color is that in your hair?”

Sayings we prefer to hear

“I swear you are the only one who can pull off this hair!” “I’m so jealous of your hair, right now.” “How did you do that? I’ve been trying to do that with my hair.” “Your hair looks gorgeous!”

Saying we prefer NOT to hear

“Is That Yours?” “I think you’d look better with your hair like this, instead.” “Don’t do that to your hair!” “Why is your hair like that?” “What happened to your hair?” “I have this great hair product that you can use. I’m sure it will fix it.”

Potential Instagram Captions about hair

“Snip, snip!” “Nobody is going to tell me how to wear my hair.” “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” “I’m a queen, and my hair is my crown.” “Don’t touch my hair.” “Hair is a woman’s glory.” “New hair, who dis?” “I whip my hair back and forth!”

Do You See What I’m Saying Now?

If you haven’t heard it before, there may come a time when you will. Remember, that no matter what anyone says about you or your hair, it is still your hair. Style your hair the way you think looks the most fabulous on you and pay no attention to the naysayers. If people like what you have going on, then that is great! If not, it is their loss. You are in charge of your happiness and your hair. Have you said some of these things to your friends before? What terms did you not know before? What saying are you tired of hearing? Did I miss any? Leave a comment!
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