how hair steam treatments help your hair prevail

How Hair Steam Treatments Help Your Hair Prevail

The Key to Reviving Damaged Hair

The least favorite part of the whole hair salon process is sitting under the dryer. However, I love a proper steam treatment and so should you! Unlike the hair dryer, your hair benefits from sitting under a hair steamer. Check out how beneficial steam treatments are and how they help your hair beat damage.

What Is A hair Steam Treatment

Hair steam treatments are the process of using moist, non-damaging heat to open your scalp and follicles to absorb moisture. With us experimenting with many different products, hairstyles, hair dyes our hair often becomes susceptible to breakage. Steam treatments help repair hair from just about anything, paired with a thorough trim or cut. The primary purpose of a hair steaming treatment is to penetrate your hair with nothing but moisture. Some stylist like to add tea tree oil to the water, that helps clean hair and clarify.

Say Bye to Dry Hair

So many things can happen to your hair because of dryness. Your scalp can be dry which will stunt the growth of your hair follicles. Along with stunting growth, dry hair can lead to dandruff and your hair always flaking up. The biggest thing about dry hair is that it can cause your hair to fall out or shed too much. Steam treatments are especially essential for us natural women out there. Because of our coils, curls, and kinks, we can be prone to dry and sometimes even brittle hair. I know for me, my scalp is a sponge and it seemed like nothing helped moisturize my hair better than a steam treatment. Not only does it help retain moisture but because it helps to moisturize it also helps eliminate frizz. When there is no longer or not as much frizz, then your curls, coils or kinks become more defined. No more frizzy puffball ladies! So next time you think about picking up that oil or grease to add moisture, don't do it; get a hair steam treatment.

Other Benefits

While moisture is the number one benefit, there are more that wouldn't be possible if you didn't have that added moisture. The moisture from the steam helps to boost your curls and bring them to their fullest potential.
  • Makes your hair stronger
Having a hair steam treatment frequently done helps your hair strands to become stronger and more resilient. After the steam treatment when you comb or fingered, your coils snap back into shape: your hair is stronger and healthier. The more shrinkage, the more robust the hair; remember that.
  • Opens hair cuticles
Hair steam treatments are typically done when you are getting your hair deep conditioned. Having your cuticles open is great for your hair because it allows your scalp to accept more nutrients that it may not usually receive on a daily basis.
  • Better manageability
Moisture doesn't equal dry, it equals healthy hair. When you can manage your hair better, it saves you less time, money on products and even frustration. As a person with extremely thick and super tight coils, I have noticed that each time I get a steam treatment my hair is so much easier to detangle and so forth.
  • Promotes fast hair growth
This is the most vital benefit of all, we all want our hair to grow and be healthy. Hair growth happens when the steam allows the flow of the natural oil which caused the lasting moisture. The process of encouraging blood circulation which results in hair growth. Steaming treatments also help stop hair breakage which is always good.

The Do’s and Do Not’s


  • No such thing as too much hair steaming
  • Steam your hair no less than ten - twenty minutes
  • Make sure your ends are getting in on the action - helps with split ends
  • Rinse your hair off but with caution after a steam


  • Do not steam every day, once a week will be perfect
  • Try using herbs or essential oils - do not use too many oils
  • Go to a hair stylist before trying at home

DIY Hair Steaming

First thing first, there more than one way to steam your hair? The answer is yes, there is hood steams and handhelds. Which one is the best for you depends on your hair type and texture? Go with whatever is better for you financially, whether it’s a home method or investing in a hair steaming machine. The most popular DIY anyone can do is the hot towel method. See the steps below:

Step #1

Soak a towel in water

Step #2

Wring out the towel and place in microwave for 2-3 minutes or until warm

Step #3

Wrap the towel over your head

Step #4

Cover your head with a shower cap or plastic bag; whichever will be tighter to keep the steam in place

Step #5

Then sit under a dry or use your blow dryer for 1-20 minutes

Step #6

Rinse and wallah, magic! As far as textures go, when you have thicker hair, it is best to invest in a hooded steamer. Handheld blow dryers would best suit people with thinner hair. Hooded hair steamers are for thicker hair textures because the cover your entire head so all-around should be dry and steamed. When you are using the handheld steamers, thinner hair is best because thinner hair dries quicker.

Hair Steam Treatments Are The Way To Go

Hair steam treatments serve for multiple purposes, moisture and manageability being the top two purposes. Hair steaming works so well because while you are getting your deep conditioner, the headed moisture helps the scalp soak up the product. Hair steam treatments are one of the many things your hair needs to stay healthy. Hair steam treatments work by the misty steam replenishing your hair follicles to give them what they were waiting on: moisture. I know our everyday routines or lack thereof can take a toll on your hair and hair steam treatments help get it back to perfect. If you have issues with keeping a moisturized scalp, hair steam treatments are perfect. Whether you are natural, wear weave, wear braids or always dying for hair; getting a hair steam treatment is the best thing you can do for your hair. Remember sharing is caring!
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