should you use hair sunscreen on your hair extensions this summer

Should You Use Hair Sunscreen on your Hair Extensions This Summer?

Hair Sunscreen, Have You Heard About It?

We are just a few weeks away from June, people! That means Summer 2018 is approaching and the time is now to start getting ready. Typically people begin planning trips, packing bags, and purchasing their favorite summer items. We all know, for most people, sunscreen lotion is one of the top sellers in the summertime. I mean, you have to protect your skin right? So much damage can occur to our bodies if we’re not safe in the sun but that’s not the only thing that can get damaged. Have you ever thought about protecting your hair? You’re laying in the sun at your favorite beach in California, and your body is greased up, but the sun is still beaming on your hair; that’s not good! There’s a whole world of information on hair sunscreen, and I’m here to unlock it for you. Also, if you’re someone who wears hair extensions in the summertime, this article is for you and how you can protect your precious bundles from the sun. Continue reading below as we discuss why you should use hair sunscreen this summer!

Potential Sun Damage

When most of us think about the sun, we think of tan lines and the perfect light for selfies. But the sun is much more than that. When it comes to hair extensions, the sun can tear them down. The moisture, texture and even color of the extensions can all get damaged without protection. UVA and UVB are two ultraviolet radiations that can affect our hair from the sun. The UVA rays mainly attack hair color. Have you ever noticed more people have lighter hair in the summer? That’s because the sun has potential to draw out hair color when nothing is protecting it. And let's face it, hair sunscreen is not as popular as regular body sunscreen so many people may not know better. UVB rays can attack the hair protein, so the strength of the hair can weaken. These radiation factors can strip through the hair follicles, which causes the damage. You may be thinking how can your hair extensions get damaged? Well if you have human hair, it’s just like natural hair. The risk factor for damage is still there. Please understand that sun protection is crucial! Whenever you step outside without it, you’re putting your extensions at risk. Even if you have colored hair extensions, you want to make sure to use hair screen protection especially. Think of hair color as a topcoat layer on your extensions; if unprotected the sun can shift the color and texture causing dryness. Now, let's not forget how much those extensions cost. Think about that coin you spent and remember to protect them this summer!

What is Hair Sunscreen?

Hair sunscreen is nothing more than a protective barrier between your hair follicles and the sun. It keeps the sun from damaging your hair, whether natural hair or extensions. Also, hair sunscreen will protect your scalp as well, for those who love parts! The same way people can get sunburn on their body is the same thing that can happen to an exposed scalp. Many people don’t wear lace fronts either so for those who have leave-outs, definitely need to be protected.

Best Hair Sunscreen to Purchase

Of course, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t come with a list of the best hair sunscreen to purchase for this summer. Below, I‘ll list the best hair sunscreen products and some their benefits!

Phytoplage Protective Sun Oil

This hair sunscreen is fantastic because you can use it on wet and dry hair. If you’re someone who loves getting in and out of the pool, this product is for you! It protects your hair from harmful rays while keeping your extensions shiny at the same time.

TRESemme Climate Control Spray

We all know TRESemme always comes through with their budget-friendly products that have great protection! You will have no worries about this product; everything from sun rays to humidity coverage is in this bottle.

BareMinerals SPF30 Natural Sunscreen

Are you someone who loves having parted hairstyles? Are your edges thin? Well, if you answered ‘yes’ to those above questions, this product will be perfect for you! Their target customers are those who have their scalps exposed so they too can get full protection from the sun. We all know scalp burns are no joke!

Banana Boat Quick Dri Sport Sunscreen

We’re all aware that the Banana Boat brand is most famous for sunscreen but did you know it also has products for your hair and scalp? That’s right, and now you can purchase one bottle that you can use on your hair and body! Also, the banana boat brand is waterproof so you can move freely in and out of the water.

Hair Sunscreen Tip

Although, we don’t hear about hair sunscreen as much as sunscreen lotion, understand that it’s still important to use. Many people believe just because they are wearing hair extensions, and they are exempt from damage. But in reality, someone wearing extensions will probably lose more since they paid a pretty penny to get the extensions installed. Hair sunscreen will give you that extra protection that you couldn’t get on your own. You won’t have to worry about dryness, color lost or any other potential damages that may not be visible.

Hair Sunscreen For the Win

So, have you decided if you’re going to wear hair sunscreen this summer to protect your hair extensions? I hope after reading this article, you choose to! Hair sunscreen has many significant benefits, and it’s also pretty affordable. This summer, make it your duty to find out the importance of taking care of yourself in the sun, from head to toe. I’m sure we all have sunscreen lotion benefits down packed though. I’m sure within the coming months, more people will be familiar with hair sunscreen. Now, you may be thinking what if you don’t want to wear hair sunscreen? You may not want any extra hair products in your extensions and are thinking of other alternatives. Well, have no fear, there are a couple of things you can do to protect yourself from the sun. You can always wear a wide brim hat, limit your sun exposure altogether or use umbrellas while you’re outside. Whatever you decide on doing this summer, remember the importance of protecting your hair extensions from the harsh UV rays! Are you ready for summer 18’? Will you be wearing hair sunscreen to protect your extensions? Let me know in the comment section below.

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