6 Hair Tools You Can Use To Help You Get Ready Faster

Getting Ready Just Got Quicker and Easier

The thought of getting ready gives us much anxiety. We could spend so much time and energy on things that we just don’t have the time for. We spend a lot of time on our hair and makeup. Of course, hair is an essential part of any girl’s outfit for the day or night. According to The Today Show, statistics show that women spend approximately 55 minutes per day on hair and makeup, and that’s just the average! Spending time on our appearance is worth it at the end, but is the time taking away from other things you have to do? Luckily, some hair tools can help make your hair styling routine a little faster. Some are new to some and probably a reminder for others. Either way, these are hair tools that could help you with getting ready to go anywhere and still look fabulous with less pain in your pockets.

Six Tools To Get Ready With

These six hair tools can help you get ready faster. For some of the tools, I asked a few women about which hair tools they enjoy using, and that also help them style their hair much faster than without these tools.

Curling Irons

It’s a no-brainer that curling irons are the first thing we think about when it comes to hair tools that will help us get ready in a short amount of time. It has become an essential tool in our hair cabinet. Women always mention there curling irons and wands and how amazing it is. Hairstylist, Miss Olaa (@miss_olaa) uses a special curling iron that gets clients looking great in a less amount of time. She stated, “Of course, I use the Remington Curling Iron 2” Barrel. I can do Kim K.'s curls in 10 minutes with that tool.” Remington curling irons are not a pocket breaker. You can find it at a local department store or your neighborhood Walmart. Another hairstylist, Chelsea (@kibobetts) stated, “for extensions, the hair tool that helps me get ready quickly is my curling wand. If I have 5-10 mins to spare I can refresh my curls and give it the “messy curls” look and have my curls last all day.”

Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Mirrors may not be a consideration among hair tools but trust me, this helps so much with the hair process. Many Mirrors, maybe 3-4, really help with making sure your hair's on point. “One mirror can slow me down, and I like to see all angles of my hair so I can feel confident and not overdo my hair” stated a woman that styles her hair every day. Try getting a tri-fold mirrored vanity for starters. Being able to see the back of your hair allows you to know what you need to work on instead of wasting time being worried about your hair and spending more time on what you cannot see. For a cheaper option, grab a hand mirror and use to help look at the back of your hair.

Cordless Hair Irons

Style on the go! We get it. It takes time to unroll the cord and find an outlet that’s comfortable for you to use your hair iron. Luckily, there are cordless hair irons that speed up the process of untangling and plugging in the cord. Hairstyling will feel comfortable when you have the freedom to style your hair anywhere and the process of getting ready becomes much faster. Cordless hair irons are great for travel and last minute touch ups, allowing you to leave the house on time and doing your hair on the go which could be your office, or in the back of an Uber.

Make Sectioning Easier with Hair Clips

These could be the most underrated tools, but trust me, I have a point on this. Because people are used to the hair products and curling irons, they usually forget hair clips that help with the process. They assume a comb and brush is all they need to do the trick. Hair clips are tools that can help save so much time with styling your hair and helping you focus on sections you need to focus on. Hair clips are used to help pin your hair down during your styling your hair. You will most likely want to section off some of your hair so you can focus on another section. It makes the process easier. Without these clips, other parts of the hair may get in the way of what your working on and can be annoying during your hair routine. Here are a few different types of clips that help with the process of getting ready faster:

Duckbill clips

They are extended slim clips that are for holding sections of hair when you are styling your hair. They can grip large sections of hair.

Hair Claw Clips

These clips are a bit larger but can hold a large chunk of hair, especially the natural afro hair.

Butterfly Hair Clamps

These clips are like the claw clips, but they don’t grip down to the scalp like most clips. They can also section off large pieces of hair.

Hair Straightening Brush

Going back to hair irons because they are crowd favorites-this innovative hair tool can help you get ready faster. It’s the hair straightening brush. This brush is heaven-sent. It’s faster than a regular straightening iron that would take much longer than a straightening iron. It’s a brush that is popular. This brush is known for saving significant time, and that equals getting out the house faster.

3 Steps for Best Results

  • Use it only on dry pre-brushed Hair.
  • Use the brush slowly in a pulling motion
  • Make sure your hair gets deep into the inner area of the brush.

Toothbrush For Edges

We love to show off and style our edges, and the best creative way to do that is using a soft toothbrush. It’s an efficient way to create designs with your edges. An alternative brush is a mascara brush that can also design and tame your edges or hair that normally flies out of place. Much faster than using your fingers. Dab the toothbrush in edge control, then style as desired.

Get Ready in Five, Four, Three, Two, One

These are some hair tools that can help you get ready faster. Whether electronic or manual they help with the hair process. Which tools do you like using?
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