10 hair tools and accessories that should never come back

10 Hair Tools & Accessories That Should Never Come Back!

Reminiscing About the Good Ole’ Days

Okay, can we have a nostalgic moment just for a second, please?

Do you remember when you were a child and there were so many hair accessories and hair tools that we just couldn’t keep up? Going to the hair store back then with your mother was like a candy shop! Remember the butterfly clips?

Most of the time those things broke as soon as you opened them but they were so cute when they lasted! I also remember hair beads too!

Kids wore beads on every braid and twist back in the back. They were also very messy as well. Beads were always all over the house!

Memories like these make me miss the days I was young. Now, going to the hair store consist of purchases of shea butter and hairnets. If I could be honest, a lot of the hair tools and accessories from back in the day need to stay there. Some of those items wouldn’t last six days in this generation.

Just so we’re clear, I’m going to run down a list of 10 hair tools and accessories that should forever be banned, in case you thought to remake them!



Crimpers! To this day, I still don’t know what type of curl pattern a crimper makes or even if it’s a curl type. This hair tool puts your hair in crimps! If you took a piece and paper folded it long ways, five times, and unfolded it, that was your hair back in the day!

I would love to know what the purpose of crimpers was. Back in the day when I used a crimper; I would even separate them hoping they it would look better but it didn’t.

One of the things I didn’t like about the crimpers was how bulky it was. Although all of the hair tools back then were bulky. I can’t even imagine holding something that big in today’s time. Now, we’re all about convenience and little things that have power.

Dear Crimpers, please, remain where you are.



Thick Fabric Headbands

I don’t care what school you went to or where you grew up; everyone had the thick fabric headbands! They came in every color, and most people still wore their hair in ponytails while rocking them.

The thing about the headbands was how thick they were. Why were we okay with that? It wasn’t as if they were cute to where you could still wear your hair out. No.

These headbands wouldn’t last nowadays! Back then, folks didn’t care about their edges. Therefore, edge control also wasn’t created yet. Edges are so important in this generation that if you have anything covering them up, you’re in trouble. Those headbands were cool for the moment, and I’m glad they come a lot thinner now.

Dear fabric headbands, thank you for, whatever you did.



Hot Combs

Oh, my! As I type this article, I’m having flashbacks of the torture my mother put me through as a child. Hot combs had to be the scariest, hottest, best tool out decades ago. Why did I say best? Oh well, I can’t act like my hair didn't come out amazing each time!

For all that I did go through, I expected it to come out right. My ear had several burns marks on them, and whenever it was close around my perimeter, I was always fearful.

If hot combs were still as popular now, they wouldn’t last long. Shout out to the fact that we now have heat-controlled flat irons! Hot combs were way too hot for my liking anyway. Of course, you had to cover it inside a towel before you applied to the hair, but it was way too hot in general.

Dear hot combs, you caused great pain, and for that, I’ll never forget you.



Hairagami was just about the silliest hair accessory that was out years ago. It allowed you to create unique buns and twist your hair in different directions and shapes. The thing about hairagami is that you only saw great results if your hair was long, straight and silky. Any hair textures outside of those three were a complete mess.

The hairagami just never bent right, and I never understood why, but now I do. For the product to blend without any issue, the hair needed to be a certain way. So needless to say, I wasn’t quite able to experiment with this one. Hairagami is still hanging in the retail world though. Although they are lowkey, they are still around.

Dear Hairagami, we see you.



Back in the day, if you wanted to add some volume to your hair, you bought yourself a pack of bumpits! Bumpits added volume to your hair, wherever you needed it to; typically in your crown area. However, bumpits had a good concept, but it wasn’t natural looking. It looked as if something was growing from your scalp.

Honestly, hair shouldn’t need that much volume. I mean, where are you going? But women loved them back in the day. Whenever they wanted an up-do style or more volume, this was their product. It was also a fairly simple product to apply.

Thankfully, we transitioned into teasing for volume until hairspray took over, now we’re good.

Dear Bumpits, please continue bumping, over there!


Wet 2 Straight Flat Irons

Thankfully, I was a little wise when I was in my teenage life. You couldn’t pay me to use anything hot on my hair while it was wet. It didn’t sound, safe! The wet two straight flat irons were supposed to replace the use of a blow dryer. You had to wash your hair and go straight to this hot tool so it could straighten your hair.

But whenever I saw someone using this product, I never saw it work. Supposedly, you had to keep running it through your hair because you saw little action. Well, I could only guess why that was.

Dear Wet 2 Straight Flat Irons, we’re just going to continue playing it safe over here thanks.


Stretch Comb Headbands

I’m not going to even play with you guys on this one! This product was my absolute favorite growing up! It was the cutest invention, and it also gave the illusion you had thin flat twist styled in your hair!

The stretch comb headbands came and still come in many different colors, and they were all around fun! This product was great to use if you exercised a lot. You could slide it on and instantly your hair was out of your face.

They say, every good thing also has a dark side, right? Well although stretch comb headbands were easy to put on, you still had to be a little careful. I always noticed that when they started to get old and stretch out, the points on them became dull. They would almost begin to scrap your scalp as you slid it around the perimeter of your head.

Many people have said they noticed baldness in certain spots. Now, I never experienced baldness, thankfully, but whenever they started to stretch and loosen up, I would toss them.

So, I’m not upset with this product, but I also don’t see anyone rocking it either.

Dear Stretch Comb Headbands, we have stretched you out enough, and we thank you for your service.


Quick Braid

To this day, I am still trying to figure out who created this product! Now, don’t get me wrong here, I think the concept of this is great. What isn’t great is how fast your hair can get tangled inside of it! You could start off wanting to braid your hair and then end up having to cut pieces out.

This handheld product allows you to snap the ends of your hair to it, and by the push of a button, it will twirl your hair into a braid. I don’t know about you, but now, I cant picture my hair going through a little motor handheld device.

But back in the day people loved this item. You had to be extra careful though. Before using it, your hair had to be brushed smooth or if could get stuff, easily.

Also, when you purchased the quick braid years ago, they would say its braids when it only would twist your hair. There’s a big difference between a twist and a braid though.

Dear Quick Braid, I braid and twist better on my own, thanks!


Hot Rollers

Do you remember hot rollers? They were the little rollers that needed to be heated before you could use them. This product was yet again, another weird invention. I did, however, understand the purpose behind it.

If you wanted some nice bouncy curls, this was the product you were supposed to have. The only problem hot rollers had been that they didn’t work! It curled your hair a little bit but not a lot.

Dear Hot Rollers, thank you for really becoming cool rollers.


Pillow Soft Rollers

I always thought pillow soft rollers were a fun idea. They were these little white fabric rollers that you were allowed to sleep in them. I remember my grandmother used them a lot at night. However, I thought they were extremely small! Maybe it depended on what type of hair you had, but mines didn’t work at all.

In my opinion, they would be good rollers if you wanted to add a little bounce, just to the ends of your hair. Whenever I did try this product, I always wore a scarf before bed because my hair just couldn’t touch a pillow!

Dear Pillow Soft Rollers, my pillow could never just accept you as you were.



Butterfly Clips

As I mentioned earlier, butterfly clips was a classic hair accessory back in the day. I remember the clips came in many different kinds. They had the plastic clips and the long mental slide in clips that had butterflies on top of them. This product added character to any hairstyle you wore. But we all knew that butterfly clips didn’t last but two seconds; the plastic clips anyway.

As soon as you popped them out the packaging, they broke! You had to be careful if you wanted to wear them. As for the longer clips, they weren’t bad either, but you still had to be careful. If you weren’t paying attention, your hair could get tangled in it.

The worse things about butterfly clips were that people always wanted to play with them! No matter where you were, people would just come up and touch the butterfly as if it was real.

But the way this world is currently set up, I highly doubt people would get away with that now. It's important not to touch random people. Butterfly clips might start a flight in today's world!

Dear Butterfly Clips, we had a lot of fun, but that was then.



A New Beginning

Can we have a moment of silence for all these hair tools and accessories, please?

Okay, so do you feel as if you just took a trip down memory lane? Are you missing any of these products; because I’m not! Over 20 years ago, all of these products were a big deal. Everyone bought them, and also everyone used them as well.

The hair industry back then kept coming out with brand new products and tools that we truly couldn’t help but try out. Many of them were simple, and fun will help others didn’t make a lot of sense.

All and all, I feel like the late 80’s and early 90’s were a period in the hair industry that should never be forgotten. Should they ever make a comeback? No. We appreciate them, exactly where they are!

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