best hair tools to keep in your purse at all times

Best Hair Tools to Keep in Your Purse At All Times

Being Prepared is Always the Best Move

To be honest with you, nobody has time to be unprepared. It’s almost a thing of the past! When it comes to hair, we all know how crazy it is when a hair strand is out of place, and you can’t do anything about it! Have you ever been hanging out somewhere and went to the bathroom and noticed your hair is out of place? Well, I don’t know about you, but I have, and it’s completely frustrating! This issue is why we all should have certain hair tools that are staples in our purses! Being prepared at all times is crucial; not just for yourself but others as well. You never know when you may have to help someone. Keeping your hair lit should also be a priority. No one should be caught slipping even on a bad hair day! Continue reading below as I go through the top hair tools to keep in your purse at all times!

Bobby Pins

If you don’t agree with anything on this list, I know for sure you’ll agree with bobby pins! Bobby pins are one of those hair tools that are so needed, so small and never around when you need it! You could purchase a pack of 100, and I guarantee by 30 days, you will only have about 15 of them. For the longest time, I would tell myself each time I purchase bobby pins; I would spread them out between home, the car, etc. But, I still haven’t done that. A bobby pin is an essential key item that should always remain in your purse. Not only are they a great hair accessory for spare of the moment styling but they also secure hairstyles in place. They’re also super small so that they won’t take up a lot of space in your purse. Also, there are many times where I’ve been out, and someone else has needed a bobby pin, but I didn’t have one. So as I mentioned earlier, even if you may not need a bobby pin at the moment, someone else might! So the next time you switch up your purse for the week, be sure to throw a few bobby pins inside! You won’t ever regret the feeling of being prepared.

Mini Edge Control

One of the top hair tools to keep handy is mini edge control. If you aren’t someone who has naturally smooth edges than you’re aware summer 18’ is approaching fast and the last thing anyone needs are puffy edges! In the colder months, most people can apply their edge control in the morning, and it lasts for a good while. But when those temperatures are in the high 80s your edges can blow up without a care in the world. The great thing about mini edge control is that it now comes in a traveling size. Travel size tubes mean nothing more than an opportunity to buy a couple at a time to keep one in a purse! Who needs mini edge control? Well, I do for sure. But the sad thing is not all brands come in a travel size. So you will have to find your favorite brand and hope they have different sizes. If not, humble yourself and apply some in a small Ziploc bag. No one is ever going to know you have a Ziploc bag with edge control until you tell them of course. We all know that laid edges complete the hair look, so it’s a necessity at this point! This summer, don’t get caught without having this hair tool in your purse! I promise you that sun won’t care!

Hair Tie

Hair ties are hair tools great to keep in your purse at all times. Many of us start our day with straighten hair but maybe later decide to go running after work or maybe end up getting hot and realize we have no hair tie! It’s a very simple accessory that can come in handy when needed. But if you pay attention, most people will keep them on their wrist throughout the day. But it also doesn’t hurt to keep a few tucked on the side of your purse. Our hair can get in our way at times, and it’s just best to stay prepared. Plus switching up your hairstyle throughout the day never hurt anyone.

Palm Brush

Your hair tools arsenal is lacking with a palm brush. This hair tool is mainly for the folks who rock long straight hair all day long! Keeping a palm brush in your purse is a great idea! It’s called a palm brush because it’s small and fits in the palm of your hands. Everyone knows when you wear long hair; you’re prone to having static hair and tangles throughout the day. People with long hair are seen fixing their hair more than other anyone else. Keeping a palm brush in your purse will give you more ease in knowing your hair will always look it’s best. Plus it only takes a few seconds to brush your hair!

Edge Control Brush

Earlier I mentioned edge control was a good hair tool to keep in your purse, but you need something to apply it with too! Get yourself the official “edge control brush.” That’s right; there’s a specific brush designed for laying your edges down. It’s super skinny and double sided and cheap. If you ever need to lay your edges down in the middle of the day, you will thank yourself that you had this durable brush on hand.

Blot Pads

Well, of course, most people sweat during the summer months, but sweat isn’t the only thing that will drip down your face! If you’re someone who is heavy handed with hair products, it’s a high chance your hair product will drip down if you’re hot. If you wear hair oil, then it’s an even higher chance it can drip down. Nobody wants to be out at dinner or talking to someone and product is dripping. The best remedy for this would be a blotting pad! They are small, flexible and will fit perfectly inside your purse. All you would have to do is do a quick bathroom run and blot your face. Typically some people carry napkins with them, but they can make your purse look messy. Blot pads will fit right in your purse with no issue. Don’t be seen with a sweaty forehead this summer. Stay prepared and discreet.

Makeup Concealer

Are you currently rocking a lace frontal with a natural part? If so, there’s a high chance you applied makeup concealer down the middle of your part. Making sure you keep concealer in your purse at all times is going to come in handy. Not only will you need it for makeup purposes but you will most likely need it for your lace front wigs. Let’s say you’re outside walking, and it begins to rain, and you don’t have an umbrella on hand; the rain is going to affect your natural part directly. So if you want to solve that issue, carrying a concealer in your purse will help. Also, you may have been swimming one day and forgot about your part getting messed up. Having the concealer in your purse will for sure come in a clutch! The great thing about it is how small of a package it comes in. It won’t take up a lot of space. It’s also not going to take a long time to apply. Some people apply concealer with a makeup brush but know that you can also apply it with your finger. You won’t ever have to worry if your part suddenly disappeared.

Pocket Mirror

Because who doesn’t need a pocket mirror to make sure their hair is still in shape throughout the day? I know you do! A pocket mirror is one of the best things you can carry in your purse. It’s small and discreet and is always needed. In the times we’re currently living in, more people are obsessed with their looks. They go the extra mile to appear perfect. Many want to be flawless and will do anything to make it happen. Those types of people especially could benefit from using a pocket mirror. Folks have to make sure the edges remain sleep and curls aren’t out of place. A pocket mirror is an old classic tool that will always have relevance to the hair world!

Mini Dry Shampoo

We’re living in a fast period right now where people don’t have time to do a lot of things. If what they’re about to do isn’t something quick, they want no parts. Dry shampoo is one of the best hair tools you could have in your purse. When it comes to people who wear hair extensions, the main thing they’re after is their time! Most of them are rocking hair extensions for the sole purpose of not doing their hair. They don’t want to spend hours in the mirror styling. So dry shampoo becomes one of their go-to hair tools. And lucky for them, it comes in a travel size which means it will go perfect inside of a purse. Keeping a mini bottle of dry shampoo in your purse if you wear hair extensions will save you tons of time. Even if you don’t wear hair extensions, it will still come in handy if you’re ever in need. For instance, if you were running late for work one day and wished you could have co-washed your hair, the dry shampoo would replace that need. Dry shampoo is a quick and effective tool that would be a great hair tool to keep in your purse at all times.

Hair Pick

There is nothing worse than laying down for a good nap and waking up to one side of your hair all messed up! Carrying a hair pick in your purse would allow you to maintain your style all day without worrying. Many of us drive every day and don’t always notice how much some of our hair gets messed up from the headrest. There are even times when someone may stop to ask to touch your hair. When things like that happen, having a hair pick onboard with you could correct your hair. Hair picks are another tool that’s not heavy or big. It serves as a comb that’s able to lift hair from the root on up. Hair picks are great for big curly styles that sometimes lose its shape. So depending on your hairstyle, get yourself a hair pick for your purse.

Mini Flat Iron

Do you remember back in the day when flat irons were big and bulky? They looked completely different from how they look today. The hair industry even has mini flat irons! Some are so small it’s just a little longer than the average hand. Since they are mini, it makes for a good hair tool to pack in your purse. I know growing up, especially in the summertime, there have been times I wished I had a flat iron around. It always seemed that my hair would become frizzy at the worst time. Now if that happened, it would be so simple to run to a bathroom, plug up the iron and straighten away! So if you’re like me, make sure you grab yourself a mini flat iron this summer and leave it in your purse at all times!


Honestly, are you going to purchase every item on this list and pack in into your purse? It’s a high chance you aren’t, but I’m sure you can relate to at least one item. You never know how prepared you are until you have something you thought you didn’t! There have been many times I went to look for something knowing I didn’t have it but hoping I did and was surprised I had it! That’s what this list is about; realizing how to make your life better by purchasing hair tools that will make life a little easier. Whether it's keeping some bobby pins handy or making sure you have your edge control brush will go a long way. Those items may be small, but I promise they have a much greater impact. There’s an old saying that says if you stay ready you don’t ever have to great ready. If you take your favorites off this list and put them in your purse, I can assure you-you'll be happy you did! Are you someone who keeps hair tools in their purse? If so, let me know which tools you have and why it’s important. I would love to hear from you in the comment section!
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