gemlights the new crystal inspired hair trend

The New Crystal-Inspired Hair Trend: Gemlights

Fall Hair Trends are Taking Storm

There have been a plethora of fall hair trends taking over the scene lately.

We see trends that are brand new and trends that are a slight twist of the old ones. A few of my favorite hair trends involve a lot of colorful patterns and highlights. But there are hair trends out there who do not feel like they need to be in the spotlight all the time and they are still just as cute! There are shadow lights, cold brew hair, and even oil spill tones.

These are only but a few of the many hair trends that we will eventually all get into depth about (you better stay tuned).


Crystals and Gems for Your Hair!

Now that I have admitted my obsession with colorful highlights let’s get into this next trend that I may even have to try out myself one of these days.

Have you noticed the crystal craze lately? A crystal or a gem is a valuable stone. It is something that people admire for its beauty and brilliance, and they are also worth a pretty penny in most jewelry stores. But, who wouldn’t want some beautiful crystal jewelry?

Anyway, we are not here to talk about clothes and jewelry. The conversation will always be about hair. So for starters, from rose quartz to amethyst, it's fair to say that we've become pretty obsessed with gemstones and crystals lately. Some experts in that area claim that they can help you find purpose, move past bad relationships and habits, and even attract love.

But it looks like they're also making their way into the beauty business. No, people are not putting real gems into their heads at least, I think I don’t. But crystals are inspiring a new hair trend to take hold in the industry. And we are all pretty excited about seeing these all over.

What do you know about the gem lights?


What Are Gemlights?

Gemlights are the new mystically appealing hair trend.

And it looks like it is going to be taking over the entire fall season if more people decided to be a little more daring. Gemlights are the brand-new hair coloring technique that involves dying hair with shades inspired by gemstones and crystals. Colors like rose quartz (subtle pink), amethyst (lavender), Angelite (sky blue), and green aventurine.

Another trend on Instagram similar to gem lights is its opposite yet still beautiful, gem roots. This trend concentrates the color on the roots of your hair. When achieving the color for gem lights, remember that bleached hair will need a little more attention.

It is worth opting for a hair treatment to repair any broken strands and to also give your hair a healthy gloss effect.


Who Can Achieve Them?

They are perfect for blondes and dirty blondes who want something other than their usual balayage.

Those with blonde or lighter colored hair should go for the soft pastel color of amethyst or go bigger and choose a shade of emerald green or a fiery pink and purple.

Whatever you’re after, be sure to take inspiration images to your stylist so they know what you have in mind. And they can advise as to whether it will look how you imagine. Instagram and Pinterest are great tools for this sort of thing!

Although this trend is relatively new, stylists all over have been working with using different techniques to make it fit for more than one general hair type. Some stylists are creating less of an all-over finish with their gem lights. While adding the color to the front sections of the hair to frame the face beautifully. This technique works particularly well with feathered or shaped hair.

Some other color specialists are using a reverse balayage technique on polished platinum or silver-effect hair. And adding the jewel tones to the roots with a beautiful fade out into the lengths of the strands. This technique works best when starting with a much lighter natural hair color. Which they lift to the ideal shade and the deeper gem lights added to the roots.

Do not worry, to my brown-haired sisters! If you’re brunette and wondering if this trend has a variation to suit you, don’t panic. There is almost always a way to achieve your version of the fad.

There is a technique where stylist creates the look using richer and deeper gem tones that better compliment the darker hair color. They lift the color of the dark brown hair with bleach and then color the hair using deep shades of sapphire, ruby and rose quartz to achieve an original, cool colored and multi-tonal finish.

With a similar softer approach, this light brown look is highlighted incredibly softly with several gem tones to create a subtler version of the trend on darker hair.


What Is the Technique to Achieve Them?

The trick stylists use when getting it right is to die just a pinch of hair strands at a time.

This technique will create a more seamless effect to avoid any chunks of color. If you want this color technique to come out flawlessly, we suggest visiting a professional colorist. This is so you do not end up damaging your hair or messing up the color application. But, if you are not willing to commit to the colors, then try out some temporary colors, like L'Oréal's Colorista Hair Makeup.

They have many bright and vibrant colors, such as cobalt blue, subtle pink, and lilac, to name but a few hues.

How Do You Wear It?

A quick scroll through Instagram shows that colorful hair looks beautiful woven into a bun, boho twist, or a loose braid as the colors intertwine. Lending hair a multidimensional effect, but it's just as picture-perfect worn straight or fashioned into a beachy wave.


Let the Gemlights Shine!

Gemlights are those beautiful multicolored highlighted hair strands that resemble the color of favorite crystals and gems.

They are not easy to achieve, so I would suggest hitting up your favorite colorist and telling them you have a big project for them. I'm sure they will be more than pleased to help you out.

If you're not sure if this look is for you, then visit your stylist. They should be able to tell you what your best route would be for achieving this color. If you are as bold as you say you are, why not try this look for a while? If you are worried about work, try it out on a removable wig and wear it for special occasions or when you decide to step out for the night. You will be turning head everywhere you go, so be prepared!

Which trend is your favorite? What do you think of gel lights? Would you try out gem roots instead? Have you seen these trends on Instagram lately? I would love to hear your thoughts on this one! Let me know what you think by leaving a question or a comment below?

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