Healthy Hair Life: Are Hair Vitamins Worth Investing In?

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Magic Pills for Healthy Hair

It’s safe to say we all want healthy hair; some may wish to have long hair fast or thicker hair now, but no one wants unhealthy hair.

The hair industry is already booming with a product for every style you want to achieve for any and all hair types. Over the last few years, companies have also capitalized on hair vitamins which are only right.

Being healthy from the inside out is precisely how hair growth and health should be understood. I always get asked what my view on hair vitamins are, and I instead explain them as a whole rather than give my opinion.

This article will provide you with the information needed to decide if you want to add hair vitamins to your daily regimen.


A few things that could interfere with your hair growth:

  • Stress
  • Pregnancy (Post Pregnancy)
  • Disorders & Diseases
  • Over the counter and Prescription Drugs
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Thyroid Problems
  • Many skin conditions
  • Anemia
  • Changes in Hormones
  • Any drastic changes like dramatic weight loss
  • Hereditary Problems

What’s a Hair Vitamin

Hair vitamins are several supplements in one capsule or gummy, that contain what is needed to boost hair growth and health.

Some are a combination of vitamins and minerals and others will only provide vitamins. Many of the supplements may already be in your daily foods or multivitamin if you take one.

The overall health of your body plays a huge role in the way your hair grows, which is why some may swear by hair vitamins.
Depending on the brand some companies may contain more or less of the same ingredient.

Supplements supply the body with what the body is deficient in or needs on a daily basis. After the right amount of daily vitamins, your body will dump the rest.

It is just that simple, the body uses what it needs and gets rid of the rest.


Different Hair Vitamins That Feed Hair Growth

Vitamin B

Any of the eight B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12) Aka vitamin B complex. The body can’t store B vitamins, so it’s important to take or eat foods rich in it daily.

B vitamins affect your energy, metabolism, nerves, muscles, skin, nails, and hair.

Vitamin E

An antioxidant that repairs and builds tissue. It can be used as a topical for scalp inflammation.


Also, a B vitamin and is most known for producing glucose and breaking down protein into amino acids which is what hair is vastly made up of.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is needed for proper cell growth and helps produce sebum, the oil your scalp creates.


Vitamin D

Nearly 85% of Americans are not getting enough sunlight which promotes healthy hair follicles.

Niacin A

Form of B vitamin that nourishes the scalp so that the hair strand does not grow brittle, dull, or fall out.


Being deficient in zinc will lead to reduced digestive health and unbalanced hormones.


Strengthens and promote hair growth. Without iron hair will grow slowly, dull, dry, and thin.


Nearly 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Lack of magnesium leads to heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, constipation, anxiety, depression, and chronic fatigue.

Vitamin C

It helps the body produce collagen which is an essential protein in healthy hair. Also considered an antioxidant that fights free radicals that damages body tissue.


My Hair Vitamin Didn’t Work

It usually takes up to 3 months from the start of taking a hair vitamin when you will see results.

If your body wasn’t deficient in the vitamins/minerals listed, you might not see a change. If your hair is following it’s natural growing cycle accurately, then the vitamins may not show a difference in hair growth. Why? Your body is already pretty healthy.

When the body receives more of what is already there, it will dump it. You were previously pretty healthy, and because you aren’t deficient in anything, you will see no difference in your hair growth.

Also, consider the list above to see if something you are experiencing or may have is interfering with your hair growth.


My Hair Vitamins Made Me Sick

It is common for you to feel nauseous when you first start taking your hair vitamin because your body has not had this amount of vitamins and minerals at one time.

If this happens to you, I would talk to a doctor and make sure you aren’t getting too much of a nutrient that can hurt you. Too much B vitamins will make you feel nauseous so keep that in mind.

All hair vitamins should say “Consult with a doctor before taking these,” because it is not healthy to have too much of certain vitamins.

My Hair Grew Like Crazy, Everywhere!

That’s right. If you see your hair start to grow fast on your head, it will be no different everywhere else that hair grows. Arms, eyebrows, down there, everywhere!

The vitamins and minerals do no choose where your hair will grow. So be prepared. For those that are not naturally hairy on their arms and legs will not have a problem with this.


What About Prenatals or Daily Multivitamins?

Many women will use prenatal vitamins to grow their hair faster.

But it is recommended to use the vitamins geared towards hair growth and not supplying your body for what is needed to carry and birth a child.

The multivitamins will help but with vitamins geared towards hair growth some amounts of certain vitamins are more than what you would get from a multivitamin.

You would see faster and drastic results with a hair vitamin if your body was lacking those vitamins.

long blonde clip-ins hands in hair

Make Your Healthy Hair #Goals

Essentially hair vitamins could very well work for many and give you the boost of vitamins your body was missing.

The foods that you choose to eat can easily have all of these vitamins and minerals in it, but we all know right eating every day can be challenging. Eating healthy may not make your hair grow extremely fast, but your hair growth and health will be on the right consistent track.

No matter what your experience has been with hair vitamins or even if you’ve never tried them, it is essential to understand the regimen and care of your hair still matter.

You should always establish the right habits and products to maintain your hair. Even if you choose not to take hair vitamins, drinking water, eating well and mental/physical health all play a huge role in hair growth and health.

Hair health is important and we want you to provide you with insight on how to keep your hair thriving! Share with us and comment below vitamins you are currently trying or looking to incorporate in your hair regimen.

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    I need to know what may help me out. I’ve had alopecia for most of my adult life. I would get a bald spot in one place and it would grow back for a while then I would have a bald spot in another place and it would grow bald. I wasn’t too worry then but now I’ve had a big bald spot for a long while and now I have another big bald spot on both sides of my scalp above my ears and they have gotten a little bigger. I’m now worried that it may keep going. Is there any recommendation you can share with me??

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