top 10 haircuts made for curly hair

Top 10 Haircuts Made For Curly Hair

Curly Hair is a Blessing!

Anyone who is ready and willing to rock their curls that are similar to a lion’s mane gets all of my respect.

We know that maintaining curly hair is daunting and time-consuming, to say the least. Whenever you get in the shower, you have to decide whether or not you want to wash your hair and raise your water bill or live to fight the grease ball on top of your head another day.

It's when your curls are in their most perfectly formed ringlets that you can appreciate the gift that they are. But on top of that, once you have the right haircut hair is not only manageable but unstoppable! An ideal haircut for your curly hair is one that allows your curls to fall in a way that shapes your face naturally and gives your curls bounce. It also lessens the time you have to spend in the mirror styling your curly hair.

Keep scrolling to see a few of our favorite curly cuts.


1. The Mid-length Shag

The cool thing about this haircut is that you can have some length, so your curls have a little bit of weight to them.

The shape your curly hair takes with this cut can be very versatile. Additionally, you can add layers throughout the cut making shorter pieces in the front to frame your face. The layers will help you to be able to define your curls, and it doesn't look like one big bush.

All you have to worry about is fighting frizz which you can do with your favorite silkening products to retain curl definition.

2. The Bob

Now if you were to go from that shag cut and take just 3 inches off you would be the owner of a new bob haircut! With curly hair, you can get more volume and bounce to your curls once you go shorter because the layers are lightweight and enable the coils to spring more.


3. The Layered Bob

If you like the idea of a bob, but you want it a little bit longer, the layered bob is for you.

This look is not as long as a shag cut, but the layered bob still gives you great shape to your curls. It also helps you to grow your hair out if you ever want to transition back into one length when you finally are ready to go to a lob style or longer.

4. Triangular Lob

After salt and pepper did the "Push it" video I think a lot of us (and our parents), felt that the triangular bob was dead.

Before 2008, you could attribute an asymmetrical look to 80s style and fashion. But when Rihanna came out with a sleek, symmetrical triangle bob in the "Umbrella" video, she killed the game! That video got a lot of people wondering how they could incorporate natural hair into the triangle trend, and when we figured it out, we made it worth the wait.

This geometric look is the perfect mix of retro and modern. When you choose a side part, you can wear this look almost every day. However, the middle part tends to make the cut look a little off. Beware, it can turn your head into the point of a triangle.

However, if you consult with your stylist and ask them to do a bottom heavy blunt curly cut with a side part, you can't lose.


5. TWA

The TWA or teeny weeny afro is goals!

Not only is it the go-to look for natural girls walking high-fashion runways, but it's also a solid choice for minimum styling time. A lot of people can achieve a "wash and go" look with a teeny weeny afro because their curls don't have enough length to get frizzy. You can always do a grown out version as well.

Add a couple of inches to that teeny weeny afro and make it a short afro that will look chic and find when your curls are hydrated.

6. Medium Fro

A medium fro with equal length all the way around gives you a lot of options for styling your hair. You can structure it when you get the cut and then as your hair gets frizzy hair brush your curls out to make it even bigger to achieve maximum. You'll get volume, either way, you're winning.


7. Curly Pixie

Doing a pixie style with curly hair may seem like a lot of maintenance. It is.

You have to keep up with routine cuts to make sure that your back is shaped up, but the look is totally worth it. Your curls give it a textured look and make it a lot less painful when you want to grow it out. You can go from pixie to TWA in no time because the kinks hide a lot of the awkwardness that can come with this shape.

The curly pixie also requires a lot less styling time. All you have to do is scrunch your favorite pomade or moisturizer. Shape it with your hands until you are comfortable with where the curls are falling.

And if you want your curls to look a little grown out, you could always add in some kinky curly clip-ins to give you more length at the top.


8. Fringe Fro

Put a twist on the traditional afro and add bangs to it!

The bangs soften the cut, frames your face, and simultaneously giving you the opportunity to garner a lot of attention to your eyes. To accomplish this look, you have to get trims every 6 to 8 weeks so that the hair doesn't grow out of the specific shape of the cut.

9. Tight curls with steep layers

With this haircut, you want to make sure you get long and wispy layers. Do not settle for harsh layers or any type of blunt-cut.

You need your stylist to use the side cutting technique and make sure that the layers are softer around the face. Style your curls by using a diffuser, and you'll get a lot of volume, particularly above the shoulders.

Thanks to the cutting technique you'll still be able to keep your length at the bottom.

10. The Diamond Fro

This is an entirely different take on the shape of an afro.

With this look, you can achieve symmetry and volume. Achieve this look by cutting in around the temples and at the jawline. But stop at the neck to give your hair those four points. The diamond fro is perfect for someone who has an oval face because it'll take away from some of the harshness in the oval shape and make your head look more round.


Kinks, Coils, & Curls Oh My!

Everyone is embracing their natural texture. Fortunately, that does not look like it's changing anytime soon.

So, to keep your curls looking their best and at their healthiest state, you are going to need a cut from time to time. Experiment with how you're cutting it and how your styling your curls! Compliment your texture with any of the cuts listed above.

Which curly cut is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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