Top 5 Haircuts For Thin Hair You Need to Try!

Top 5 Haircuts For Thin Hair You Need to Try!

Thin Hair Never Looked So Full!

Let's face it, we all may not be fortunate to be born with a thick curly mane.

But there is no need to beat yourself up about this issue. Having thin tresses could be the result of many factors, some include heredity, changes in your diet and lifestyle, or even getting older. But having thin hair doesn't mean you can't still look great.

I know you probably think you're in this alone but that is not the case. There are quite a few models, actresses, and celebrities who suffer from thin-looking curls. We may not notice it because of course, they have better resources in resolving the problem.

But you don't have to be rich and famous to get the appearance of a fuller head of hair. All you'll need is a great pair of shears, scissors, or razors.

The key to looking great is to find hairstyles that work with your texture and not against the density. The cons of having thin hair are that it can look flat, dull, and lifeless. The right haircut can transform your thin-looking hair within seconds.

Say hello to your new bouncy, full, and voluminous mane! The perfect cut is ready for you in this blog post.

So, let's not keep you waiting and check out our top 5 haircuts for thin hair.


The Classic Blunt Bob Cut

Blunt cuts will be your best friend if you have thin hair.

Adding a strong weight line to your curls will not only make it look thicker but also longer. While you or your stylist are snipping away at the ends, you'll start to see healthier hair before your eyes noticeably. I know we all love the look and feel on longer hair, but they can weigh down and make your curls appear flatter.

The blunt ends help to create a geometric look, giving you the appearance of fuller hair. Not to mention this hairstyle is super chic and edgy for the fall season. On another plus side cutting your hair ensures that you will have no split ends, which is excellent for new growth.

When it comes down to this cut the less product, you use the better. Applying too much conditioner, lotions, or over washing can make the hair flat, limp, and less full. You may think with this hairstyle that you would need to get a middle part, but a deep side part is what would be best.

With a side part, you are joining most of your hair to one side, creating the illusion of volume. In the process, your roots appear higher also giving you a fuller head of curls. Blunt cuts or usually for an upper scale edgier look, so they do not come out best when you put highlights in them.

Go for jet black or blonde shade when getting this style. If you are struggling with thinning hair, we suggest you give this classic blunt cut a try.

We promise the moment you get this style you will never want to let it go.


Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob is your second-best option for anyone dealing with thin hair.

This shoulder-grazing haircut is very flattering and does a great job of complimenting your jawline. Adding in a few light layers will add to the fullness and movement of the hairstyle. By keeping your bob longer towards the front, you can soften and frame your face.

It is better to try this hairstyle short rather than long. Short chin length bobs create the illusion of thicker hair all throughout the back of your head. If you have a rounder looking face, this cut will look best when you sweep your bangs to the side. This technique adds a ton of dimension to your curls and makes you feel beautiful in the process.

If you go to a salon or hairstylist, ask them to add a few layers into the hair as well. The more layers you have, the more texture your mane will give, making it less susceptible to shedding. What we love so much about the asymmetrical Bob are the different curl patterns you can try.

Typically, when you have a blunt cut, you would keep it bone straight. On the contrary, with angled bobs, you can add waves, spirals, candy curls, or keep it straight. The more styling techniques you use, the bouncier and fuller your hair will appear.

If you have thin curls and want a simple, lightweight haircut this fall season, we suggest you give the asymmetrical bob a try.


Shaggy Style with Bangs

A good shag haircut will have your thin mane appearing thicker than ever.

To achieve the shaggy hairstyle, you will need to cut layers into your tresses using shears and razors skillfully. This messy wave hairstyle is honestly perfect for any occasion.

Whether you're on your way to a job interview are going on a first date you can never go wrong with a messy shag and some bangs. We know you probably hear all the time that getting bangs is single-handedly the worst thing to get for thin hair. It gets greasy, looks unappealing, and are difficult to manage. But this rule only applies to how you cut the bang.

A little fringe bang never hurt anyone, at least I hope not. Just make sure that you do not get blunt bangs, they should have movement and fall right on top of the eyebrows.

The difference between this haircut and the others is that you can rock shaggy hair long or short. If you want to go for a more concise look, you can keep it classy and polish by straightening the strands. On the other hand, you can add beach waves to create a messy carefree style.

If you're keeping your shaggy hair on the long side, you have to cut short layers throughout the crown of your head. This process will generate movement. Blending the cut pieces with a side bang will create a flawless look. It's best to not weigh your hair down with any heavy products; this will defeat the purpose of the shaggy hairstyle.

Don't be afraid to add a little color to your hairdo. Adding a darker shade at the root of your hair will make it appear thicker. Instead of focusing so much on the cut you can create depth by adding a few highlights throughout your tresses.

The shaggy hair look will never go out of style. So, step out of your comfort zone and give this cut a go.


Choppy Pixie Cut

If you feel like taking a walk on the wild side, you should go for a choppy pixie cut.

This bold hairstyle is ideal for anyone with thinning or thin hair. This option is excellent for many reasons, one being it helps remove any damage that came from over styling. Another plus is that it's easy to style and maintain.

Imagine just waking up and heading straight out that door. If you are a woman who is always on the go or very active this style will be suitable for you. Pixies provide you with low care treatment and require less work to keep it looking neat and polished.

Also, this could be the solution to your thinning hair in the first place. Sometimes cutting off your damage ends and starting over new is what the doctor ordered. So, don't be surprised if you shave off your locks and thicker healthier strands begin to grow.

With shorter hair, it's a proven fact you have minor problems to worry about in the long run. I know when you first hear the word pixie you probably think of the iconic Halle Berry style. Pixie cut doesn't always mean having to go dramatically short, any length above the ears is just fine.

The longer layers will keep you and your comfort zone and getting a pixie style crop will frame your face elegantly. With the right haircut, you can reach plenty of texture and volume in your locks. If you're trying this cut on yourself, we suggest you trim off little by little. I don't want to risk the chance of you cutting too much and ending up with a botched hairstyle.

If you are thinking about trying this style, you should book an appointment with a professional stylist. We want you to get the best results and have a positive experience. Long story short, pixies provide you with fantastic versatility and peace of mind.

So, if you're in the mood for a fresh start and a bold look try out this beautiful pixie cut.


Lob with Layers

The lob or long bob as some call it is a fantastic haircut for thin tresses.

The reason why this cut is a fan favorite is that it flatters every face shape and hair type. The key to having the perfect lob haircut is keeping the length above your collarbone. If you have it any longer than your shoulders, the ends will begin to thin out and look stringy.

You want to aim for long soft layers to add dimension, especially if you're going for a simple look. More dramatic layers will look too choppy which will take your hair an uneven look.

Thin curls do not always have to mean super short. Lightweight layers will add fantastic texture and movement to your strands from beginning to end. The right cut will not weigh down your roots. Think of it like this; the thinner your hair is, the lighter you want it to fall. More massive or denser locks will only add to the appearance of flat, dull tresses.

If you are taking this look up a notch, you can slightly angle the lob so that it grazes your shoulder. This cutting technique will add body and shape to your thin hair.

Whenever you add layers to your head, you always want to opt for a side part and not down the middle. Side swept bangs, and a light trimming is a beautiful combination that is worth a try.

So, if you have thin hair but still want to keep your length a stunning lob is just what you need.


What Haircuts and Styles Do You Try on Thin Hair?

As you can see you don't have to be born with long, thick, supermodel hair to achieve the fullest and prettiest hairstyles.

The right haircut can transform any strands into a thick, voluminous mane. Whether you're a blunt cut type of chick or want to stick to keeping a longer length, there is always a haircut out there for you.

Book an appointment with a hairstylist and try out one of these looks, we promise you'll be fooling everyone into thinking you were born with thick curls. There are a few must-know tips for thin styling hair that we should tell you before you leave.

Use lightweight or as little as a possible product on your roots and ends. Heavy products tend to weigh down your hair creating a thinner look. Second, never leave the house with super wet hair, allow time for your curls to air dry.

If you are in rush blow drying your hair upside down is the best way to add volume and bounce. Use a round hair brush and nozzle on a dryer to avoid adding frizz to your curls.

Lastly, use a heat protectant whenever you use flat or curling irons. Since your hair is already thin, it is more prone to damage. And breakage means thinner hair overall, which we don't want. If you opt for the blunt or asymmetrical bob, you will use fewer heat products in the long term.

At the end of the day, if your thin hair is not hereditary, we want to encourage thicker growth. If you stick to these tips, we are sure you will have a positive experience. Do you have thin hair? Do you know any tricks to make thin hair look thick and fuller?

We want to know your methods, so drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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