10 Super Easy Hairspray Hacks for More Than Just Your Hair!

Who Doesn't Love a Good Hack?

If I learn that my favorite products can be multi-purpose, then it's a must that I share it with you! Most of us waste so much unnecessary money on items that we're told were made specifically for certain things. But I'm here to tell you it's not true!

Hairspray has been around for decades. The name alone will lead you to believe it's only to be used for hair purposes. Let's go over some awesome hacks you can do with hairspray that will be sure to add some spice to your life! And save you some money, too! 

1. Extra hold

When using bobby pins for a style, spray them first then apply to your hair. Bobby pins have been around forever and are a great way to help secure a style in place. But sometimes they can start to slip out or lose their grip, especially if they're old. So, within seconds of applying hairspray, you will have a more firm hold on the look you're creating.

use bobby pins

2. Quickly Remove Glued-in Extensions

Of course, being gentle with your hair is very important, but sometimes you have to rush! Maybe you ran late taking your extensions out before an early morning hair appointment. Spraying your scalp with a generous amount of hairspray will ensure a quick slip out! Just simply spray directly on your scalp, and give the track a light tug and voila! Your hair extensions will then be gone minutes without any damage!

Remove Glued-in Extensions

3. Avoid Loose Shoestrings

Most of us know it can be quite a pain having to continue to tie the shoe of a toddler! Patiently waiting for the day when they can tie it themselves. Well, while you're waiting for that day to arrive, you can quickly tie their shoes, and spray hairspray directly on the strings to keep them in place! Simple fix, right? Now your kid can continue to run around while you have peace of mind their shoes are tied and not have to keep running after them!

Avoid Loose Shoestrings

4. Dry Fingernail Polish Quick

If you're like me and do your nails yourself, this hack is definitely for you! In the past, whenever I got ready to do my nails, I always made sure my to-do list was complete so my nails wouldn't mess up. But now, there's no need to do that! I can simply paint my nails, spray some hairspray across each finger for a few seconds, and continue my day with quick-dry nails! Another great thing about this hack is that it won't leave your fingers sticky! Happy painting!

 Dry Fingernail Polish

5. Bring Old Shoes Back to Life!

Mostly all of us have shoes that we haven't worn in a while simply because they lost their shine. Hairspray does not only add shine to your hair extensions but to your shoes! Hairspray will surely add the shine right back to it after spraying it then taking a rag and polishing them up. They will look brand new within minutes! Spring is right around the corner so it'll be time to do some deep cleaning soon! Make sure to go through your closet to see what shoes you can salvage before thinking you have to toss them out.


6. Preserving Writing Material

Saving newspaper article can be a great way to preserve a memory, but if it's not taken care of, over time the ink on the paper will start to fade away. So spray a light coat of hairspray over top of it to ensure you won't ever lose another article. The same goes for recipes that were written on index cards. Saving these timeless memories will no longer be a hassle! Spray and preserve for now on!

Writing letter

7. Fresher Flowers Longer

Ahh, flowers! Who doesn't love getting surprised with flowers but always feel bad when they start to wilt? I know I do. I hate feeling as if the person just wasted their money on me! Well, there's a super quick fix to that now! Clip the ends of the flowers and spray just a little hairspray on the tips of them and place them in a vase of water. Now, flowers don't last forever, but they will at least last a little while longer now.

Fresh Flowers Longer

8. Long-Lasting Pantyhose

There is nothing worse than getting all dolled up for a special event and wearing pantyhose that end up tearing! No, let's be real, whenever they rip, regardless of where you're at, it is never a good thing! So, to preserve your sexiness, after you have put the pantyhose on, just simply spray one coat of hairspray over them. Now you can dance all night with no worries! Ps- just don't get your bracelet caught on your leg!


9. Keep Leaves All Year Long!

Who doesn't love the fall season! No seriously, who? Each fall season so many leaves fall to the ground, creating a sense of happiness throughout the different colors. If you're a creative person who loves doing projects with leaves, you can now preserve all that awesomeness! You would want to grab your load of leaves, pat them dry, so there's no moisture on them and spray hairspray on the back and front of them. They will dry in seconds too. How cool, right? Now even when the fall season is over, you can still carry it throughout the year!

Holding leaves in hand

10. Remove Sticky Labels

It's 2017, and most companies are still placing their sticky labels directly on the product, and most times it's in the center! Especially water bottles! I'm not sure why the sticker just can't remain on the bottom! Well no more trying to carve it off and mess up your fingernail polish! What you would want to do is clean the bottle first to ensure all residues are gone. Dry bottle off then spray hairspray directly on the sticky label and quickly tear it off before the hairspray dries. Waiting too long to do so, may result in an, even more, stick label!

Removing labels

Not bad, right?

Ten super easy hairspray hacks that you can now apply to your everyday life. They're quick, fun, and simple. Just remember, when in doubt, spray it out!

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