red carpet hairstyle guide for the perfect occasion

Red Carpet Hairstyle Guide for the Perfect Occasion

What You Need to Know

As we all know, any red carpet event, you can't show up any less than fabulous. Red carpet events are a very special occasion that you must get fly for. Your hair and outfit have to be flawless. None the less, everyone knows you will be on camera at times like this. It's an opportunity to bring the phrase "dress to impress" to life. On the carpet, you get to show off and show out. A red carpet is an event where big names get recognition. It's not just the stars in the outfits; there are designers and stylists behind these looks as well. Although fashion sets the stage for the red carpet, we must remember, your hairstyle matters just the same. Different hairstyles are crafted to fit the outfit's image and here's the guide that will tell you what is best for the occasion. From up-dos to long to wavy to even colorful. Some of the things to be taken into consideration should be if you're wearing a dress or a pantsuit, how is your dress cut, etc. Let's tap into some tips to help you decide that glamorous hairdo you may want for future red carpet events.

Up-dos and Dont's

Updos have a wide variety of styles such as ponytails, buns, fishtail braids, and so forth.


You can wear a ponytail no matter the event, whether dress or pantsuit, ponytails are a class act. Always remember one hairstyle can be worn multiple ways. With that being said, there are 50+ ways to style your ponytail that best fits you, your outfit and your vibe for the night. The classic ponytail is usually brushed back and tied, then you dive the hair with a small piece to wrap around the hairband and bobby pin it for security. You can also switch it up. Wavy ponytails are for a more high volume look in the back. You can try a fishtail braid in the front going into your ponytail to add a more dynamic aspect to your look. Last but not least don't forget your ponytail with bangs. Whether a swoop, Chinese, or a blunt cut bang, bangs will always bring that extra pizazz to your hairstyle.


Buns are traditionally used for classic styles. When I think about buns, I think of ballet dancers. I attended a dance school and every recital our hair had to be laid and brushed back into an elegant bun. I never liked the style when I was young, but as I grew older, I started to see they are undoubtedly beautiful for any occasion. When planning the perfect bun for your outfit, reflect on the angles of the bun. Would a high bun stand out more than a low bun, will a low bun look more graceful with an off the shoulder's dress? Try tuning up your bun with a high topknot and a Chinese bang, or try a low bun with waved or curled hair strands sticking out to gives it a more angelic feel. Buns always give off a sophisticated look.

Long Can Do No Wrong

The long hair craze has be going on for quite some time now. I remember 18" being long in high school, now 30," and 40" inch bundle are being sold. We actually offer 40' bundles that you can use to create this look! It's something about the long hair that appears so sexy and chic you can do no wrong with it. Bone straight with a middle part gives you that edgy vibe. Just ask Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, who wear this style in different colors quite often.B By looking at your outfit, you may want to know whether it's a little too much and does it show off too much skin? Long hair will bring the balance you have been searching for. Not in every case but you may notice on the red carpet, some females use longer hair for bolder outfits to bring it down a notch. When you have short hair, it is covering less, but when it's longer, you may be able to get away with a lot more in your outfit. Don't just think of long straight hair; you can spice it up and go wavy too. Wavy hair looks come into play when your outfit is plain. That may not be the case every time but take advantage of the tip, when your outfit is a little more discreet, go bold with your hair! You know that cute pantsuit or dress you love to rock that fits just right but lacks the glitz and glam you crave? Wavy hair is an incredible way to zest up a dull outfit. Wavy hair is gorgeous with a daring ensemble either way.

All Sorts of Short

Short haircuts are my absolute fave because when done correctly they are nothing less than flawless! The opportunities are endless with short hair. One way to wear your hair short is with a bob. There are so many different types of bobs! A-line bobs, blunt cut bobs, wavy bobs, the list goes on. You can't forget your pixie cuts and tapered backs. Choosing your red carpet short hairstyle all depends on how fearless you want to be. Shorter hair allows a woman to feel more like a free spirit. I've noticed many bob cut hairstyles on the red carpet when outfits are covering more of your body, not to say I haven't seen a woman dressed in less with short hair. Like I said before it's all about the balance of your hair and clothes. If you are looking for a more elegant intense look, go for short!

Go Coo Coo for Color

Short is a daring move, but it doesn't stand a chance against color. Colored hair for me growing up was considered to be a "little too grown" but in today's society its second nature. I am a fan of hair color but I still enjoy my blondes, browns, and reds, before any other color, I just prefer earth tones. In 2018 all colors are accepted, from one side of the Crayola box to the other. Hair color on the red carpet can get a bit trickier then what we've previously discussed. First things first we have to think of an outfit color that will compliment your hair color choice. I always suggest that if your outfit is darker, your hair color can be lighter. For example, Cardi B's blood red suit as pictured above with her platinum blonde hair. Another aspect to keep in mind is a role reversal. If your outfit is light say white or a mauve pink, you can do a darker hair color like a deep red or brown. I love a slain gray hairstyle in an all-black dress with a nude face beat. Don't be afraid of color. If you're feeling very bold, just go for it!

Which Would You Rock?

The art of balancing the red carpet is important for an image you may be trying to pursue in life if you're in the entertainment industry. The tips shared were also for people in the business of networking.
Looks aren't always so deceiving. People who mean business always seem to look like they're about business!
The red carpet is about taking chances and exposure. Remember if you want a simple and sweet look, go for the ponytail. You want an elegant look, go for the bun. Trying to cover some skin, go for the long bone straight look. Want to jazz up a plain look, go for long wavy hair. Thinking about a form fitted, less exposed outfit, get a cute short hairstyle. If you can find a stylist who can truly cut hair, short hair is always a classy way to go. Finally with color, color needs to be thought about distinctly because of your outfit choice and the color you may be trying to go with and the style. Color is a lot to think about for me. If you can pull it off in your hairstyle and your outfit, it's possible to destroy the game effortlessly. Choosing these hairstyles for future red carpet events, just remember who you truly are on the inside and go with what works best for you.

Finding the Red Carpet in Your Life

As we grow older and we attend more upscale events, don't be afraid to jump out of the box and try new things. You never know what great looks you can put together if you don't go big and just try. I mean look at Nicki Minaj, I thought she was never going to grow out of that pink, blonde, and black Chinese bang. Now look, she became more than a hot commodity, and she is always switching gears for us now. It's 2018, use these tips, go to events, travel, and network. Now is your time to stand out not only on the red carpet but in everyday life! Let us know which one of these looks you'd rock at a red carpet event!
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