Top 10 Hairstyles to Help You Adjust to Life's Big Changes

Change Your and Hair Change Your Life

There is a saying by fashion mogul, Coco Chanel that goes, "A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life." That saying couldn't be more accurate. I grew up in a household with two sisters. If you include my mother, that equals four women under one roof. Hairstyling trends, tools, and products were all over the place. Sometimes our styles were competitive, other times we all had something different going on. Despite the hairstyle we chose, the motivation behind it was the same: Something in our lives had changed. I don't know what it is about a woman's DNA, but when something changes in our lives, we feel compelled to change our hair. As women, our hair is an extension of ourselves. Often our hair is a representation of how we feel on the inside. Other times our hair is merely a physical projection of who we aspire to be. There are a few times in your life when you face a big change and need the confidence to help you adjust. In my three decades on this planet, I've been through a few significant changes. I've found that a temporary, and sometimes, even a permanent change to my look was just what the doctor ordered.

A Career Move

Nothing is more exciting than embarking on a new career. You worked so hard and finally landed your dream job. You nailed your interview for that big promotion, or you built up the courage to quit your nine to five and finally do what you love. All of these occasions call for celebration and often pave the way for a physical change. If your look needs some updating to match your hustle, here are some styles to consider.

Long Bob

A long bob is the ultimate mix of sex appeal and sophistication. This look is complimenting to every face shape and lets you have the best of both worlds in one hairstyle. A long bob is a perfect hairstyle for the working woman. This hairstyle is low-maintenance hairstyle and pairs perfectly with a power suit. If you've stepped your career game up, elevate your hair along with it. Try Malaysian Silky Straight hair from Private Label Extensions for your next weave install. If your life change has you making money moves, then a long bob is precisely the look you need to support your new role.


When you're about your business, sometimes you don't have time to fool with your hair. Don't compromise your look for your busy schedule. Ponytails are often seen as a last-minute hairstyle or a simple style to wear to spin class. If you're going to wear a phony ponytail then chose one with top quality hair that is flattering and full. Rocking a phony-pony to your next big meeting will show your clients that you have style, sophistication, and class. Make sure that you lay your edges with PLE's edge control. PLE's edge control gives your style the lasting power that you need to take you from boardroom to bedroom.

A Relocation

New city, who ‘dis? New horizons mean new possibilities. New possibilities give you the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone. If you've just graduated and are settling into a new city or if you finally decided to pick up and move to your dream city, you might be itching for a look to compliment your transition. After you've accomplished a big move, it's time to reward yourself with a new hairstyle to accompany your new territory.

The Big Chop

The exciting part about relocating is that you can start over and live your life the way you want to. Taking the leap and doing a big chop is a great way to cut away the fuss and focus on discovering the beauty surrounding you. A big chop isn't just for people with chemically treated hair. Big chops are appropriate for hair that is 100% natural. Don't be fooled by the name. Your chop is only as big as you want it to be. Take off a few straggly ends or cut it all off; It's your hair and your life. We can't control the hand that life deals with us, but we can play our cards wisely. If you're ready to leave what's old in the past and embrace your current change, then a big chop might be the best style for you.

New Wig

A big move can be overwhelming. Keeping track of all the logistics will drive you to pull your hair out. Don't! Instead of fussing with your hair, try wearing a wig to get you through those long days and nights of sorting and unpacking. PLE Lace Front wigs are perfect for everyday wear and are 100% human hair that can withstand heat styling and chemical treatments. Lace front wigs are great because you can shape them to your hairline giving your hair a natural look. The best part is, you don't have to worry about your budget because PLE wigs are reasonably priced. With a new wig, you can conquer a new hairstyle and new lands!

A New Relationship

The ending of one chapter is the beginning of another If you're adjusting to being newly single or have just entered into a new commitment, it might feel like you lost a part of you and your new love discovered a hidden part of you. Sometimes it can be difficult to express how we're feeling about our new (or old) relationships, but a great way to portray this change in your life is with a new hairstyle. Consider a permanent change like new hair color. Or a temporary change like long hair extensions to celebrate this stage of your life.

New Color

After my very first breakup, I colored my hair red. I can't tell you what was going through my mind at the time. All I know is that once the relationship was over, all I could think of was to dye my hair red. Once I finally did, I felt liberated. I felt like I had scribbled over my mistakes and created a new canvas for a beautiful painting. My change was positive. And though my red phase didn't last long, it was what I needed to get over the hump and move on. If you're not ready for a permanent transition, try PLE clip-in extensions. Clip-in extensions are as temporary as you'd like for them to be. They don't need to be professionally installed and can add highlights or lowlights to any style in a snap. And when you're over your beaux, and your hairdo, snap those extensions right out and get back to yourself.

Super Long Extensions

The biggest complaint is that people change once they have achieved a certain level of comfort within a new relationship. If you're going to change anything, start with your hair. Wearing super long hair extensions is a fun way to show a different side of your personality. There's just something about those inches swinging behind you that causes you to walk a little taller. The advice on getting over an old guy is debatable, but we all can agree that a stunning new weave will give you the confidence boost that you need to face this new chapter in your life. PLE's Vietnamese hair extensions go up to forty inches long.

Sudden Loss

One of life's most difficult changes to adjust to is a sudden loss. The sudden loss of a loved one, a pet, or even a job is all significant changes that leave us with unanswered questions. The feeling of something taken away that's beyond your control can be a tough adjustment. While there are many ways to cope with a loss, sometimes you need to make a few modifications to the person you see in the mirror. We should never bury our sorrows. It's important to use the proper tools to cope with loss in a healthy way. But a fresh hairstyle can remind you that you're capable of surviving anything. After the blow of a significant loss, it can be difficult to pull yourself together and continue living. Check out these styles that help your inner beauty shine and keep you focused on healing.

Box Braids

This protective style can be just what you need to guard your energy and protect your heart as you heal. Box braids are a beautiful style that removes the fuss out of your daily styling routine. All you need to maintain this style is a little hair oil, edge control, and a bonnet to keep it neat while you sleep away your sorrows. Box braids are also an empowering style that reminds you of your natural beauty. This style pulls the hair away from your face allowing the world to see you for who you are. Add some PLE edge control to keep your edges from spoiling your style as you focus on taking the proper steps to move ahead.

The Blunt Cut

A blunt cut is a hairstyle that is bold and strong, exactly what you need during this challenging time. A When your hair is cut blunt, there are no layers, just one length all around. Blunt hairstyles eliminate fuss and give your hair the strength it needs to start over fresh. If you're not keen on cutting your hair, try wearing a sew-in weave and having it cut into a blunt style. Your style doesn't have to be dreary. Try blunt cutting a wavy hair weave like PLE's Indian Remy Body Wave. Adding a little texture to your new hairstyle might bring the spark back to your eyes and help you see the bright side again.

New Addition

Ah, the joy of a new addition! Newly married, a new baby, purchasing your first house, or even a new family pet will put you on cloud nine for sure. One of the best ways to celebrate something new is to maintain the same energy through your style. If you're not entirely done celebrating and you're interested in switching up your look then consider trying out one of these styles.

Get Textured

If you've just recently got a new addition to your life, it's likely that you also have your hands full. Anything new needs your undivided attention. A new home requires furnishing. A new baby needs cuddles. A new marriage needs quality time. You might find that you don't have much time for your hair but don't leave it out of the celebration. Wearing textured extensions is the perfect low maintenance style to spice up your look. You may not have hours to dedicate to your beauty and hair routine so hair like PLE's Brazilian Kinky Curly will give you fluff and go vibes while you're adjusting to the new addition to your life. Let a fresh hairstyle add to the newness in your life and try out PLE textured extensions on your next hairstyle!

Clip-In Extensions

I'm mentioning clip-in extensions again because they are such an excellent choice for a temporary look. If you're dealing with the changes that come along with life's big transitions, Look no further than clip-in extensions. My recovery during the first couple of weeks after my c-section was very challenging. It took everything to throw myself together and look presentable for company. Thankfully, I had the help of clip-in extensions to revive my post-surgery style. If you're seeking a change of color, length or texture, check out PLE's lineup of clip-in extensions to keep you pretty through the process.

Wear Your Story

It's true that you don't have to look like what you've been through, but you can look like what you've overcome. If you're going to wear any hairstyle, choose one that portrays your victories instead of your challenges. Wear the valuable lessons you've learned. Allow your style to showcase your strength and passion for life. Your hair can be more than just the way it looks that day. Your hair is an extension of you. PLE has everything you need to help you style your way through life's big changes. Visit our website at and follow us on Instagram @privatelabelextensions for some hair inspirations. Comment below and share a hairstyle that helped you transition through life's changes.

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