Fresh Hairstyles Beyonce Switched Up On Tour!

Her Best Look Yet!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Beyonce. I mean, I love Beyonce. In my opinion, Beyonce is one of the hardest working people that I’ve witnessed in the music industry. Not only is she extremely hardworking, but she has also become known for her various fashion and hair styles. When people see Beyonce, they almost always expect her to have a dirty blond variation of hairstyles. Beyonce’s staple color is always going to involve some blond color, but he doesn’t always keep the same hairstyle. In fact, many people get excited to see what she’ll do next when it comes to her hair. So far, on every tour she’s had, she’s looked stunning. Even when she’s not on tour, she never fails to give us a fresh style to obsess over. Beyonce has been becoming a hair icon throughout her career, and I’m so excited to see what she does on this next tour! My favorite tour hairstyles came from her past “Lemonade” tour. Her current OTRII tour is up for debate when it comes to outfits and hairstyles, but I’m sure she won’t disappoint. Let’s get into our favorite fresh styles Beyonce has shown us on tour, and how you can achieve something similar!

Beyonce’s Best Tour Styles

It’s hard to choose Beyonce’s best fresh styles from her tours because she’s an Icon, but we’ve narrowed it down to her best hairstyles yet. As mentioned before, you can guarantee that Beyonce will have a blonde color regardless of the style that you see. When trying to replicate these styles, understand that it’s not necessary for you to be blond. All you need to do is rock your favorite fresh styles with confidence! If you don’t want to manipulate your natural hair (Check out this article: Beyonce natural hair) then you can quickly grab some extensions and bring any style to life. Throughout her career, Beyonce has tried different hairstyles, but the best fresh styles have been the blonde curly bob, the wet look, the whip braid, and the naturally curly textured long style. These four styles are our favorite styles from Beyonce on tour, and we’re going to show you how to achieve each one.

Blonde Curly Bob

Beyonce debuted this style in her “Mrs. Carter” tour, and everyone loved it! When I first saw this look, it was in 2013 when her tour dates were announced. Before utilizing this look, she had worn her usual hairstyle which was the long blond wavy look. Beyonce’s team of hairstylist always know what look to give her so that she’ll look flawless. At the time, the blond bob, or even just the regular bob, was a favorite hairstyle, so it made sense for her to rock this hairdo. It seems that to achieve this look, she wore a wig or sewed in extensions. To complete this look, you can curl your real hair by using rollers or curling iron. Get some mousse so that curls hold during the day. Also, a wide tooth comb will help you keep your curls without ruining them. This style is one of my personal favorites, and it looks especially great on those with defined jawlines and cheekbones. Try out this look today!

The Wet Look HairStyle!

When Beyonce performed “Freedom,” I was so astounded at the power of her movement throughout the song. If there’s anyone that knows how to hold a note while making so many moves at once, it’s Beyonce. Another thing I was shocked to see was how she included water into there performance of this specific song. Her hair looked wet and flawless the entire time. Anyone that knows Beyonce’s career knows that you never really know when she’s wearing extensions unless it’s explicitly clear. However, just because we don’t see that she’s wearing extensions, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to achieve this look. A lot of people think that having the wet hair look means you have to keep a spray bottle on you at all time. To achieve this look, you can use natural hair or extension depending on your hair type. The best extensions to use would be any deep wave style. You’ll need wave gel, and mouse to keep the curls looking great!

The “Whip” Braid

Remember the iconic moment when Beyonce whipped her braid around her body right on cue? It was terrific, and the hairstyle was equally as great. It was nice to see Beyonce in a different hairstyle during her “Formation” tour. Her edges were utterly snatched to perfection. Luckily for us, achieving this look is simple and straightforward. In fact, I’ve seen a lot of people with that style before and after that iconic moment. Most people don’t have hair long enough to make a braid like that. Even wigs are made to maintain that much hair. The best way to achieve this look would be to get some kinky straight hair, or some Kankelon braiding hair and French braid it however long you like. Get some clips that will be able to attach to the extensions as well as your natural hair. Slick back your hair so that your edges look flawless. You want to make sure you use a gel that won’t make your hair hard, or flakey. This is a tight hairstyle so be mindful of how it makes your head feel while you wear it!

Half Up, Half Down Curly Style

In her most recent concert and tour appearances, Beyonce has been making use of a style that many seem to love on her. This hairstyle is charming and easy to achieve! Beyonce looks like she’s wearing a few bundles to get that full look that seems to be perfectly layered. To get this look, you’ll need extensions. The “Brazilian Wave” is the best option since it has a curl that would match Beyonce’s. This curl is known to stay curly, but a little mousse wouldn’t hurt. To achieve the full look, you’ll need to get some edge control to keep your edged intact. The ponytail can be created however you like. Once you’re done, you’ll be left with a fun, curly and lengthy look!

Fresh Styles For Everyone!

The great thing about Beyonce’s hairstyles is that they’re practical. In most cases, you can achieve Beyonce’s looks with the right tools! Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and try something new! Check out our extensions to get that perfect blond look to fit your Beyonce inspired look!

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