favorite hairstyles on the red carpets at the 2018 espy award

Favorite Hairstyles on the Red Carpet at the 2018 Espy Awards

Red Carpet At Its Finest

The 2018 Espy Awards on Wednesday in Los Angeles has all the leaders in sports and entertainment gracing the red carpet. I am so excited to take a peep into the athletic world and get a sense of the individual styles of the athletes we watch on television and at live events. For this award show, I must admit the stars cleaned up nice and I notice the women kept their hair simple. I love the fact that they kept it easy because I believe a lot of the styles allow us to appreciate the total look. Let's check out some of the red carpet looks below!

Women Who Rocked It At The Espys

Olivia Holt

Olivia is an American actress who is on the Disney channel. I must admit this style she wore matures her and showcases her as the multi-talented artist she is. She’s wearing a sleek look for Espy awards. Her slicked-back style is hassle-free and the perfect style for a short bob like hers. The smooth and sleek style is a red carpet favorite. The key to getting this look is to use a styling serum or gel to create and maintain the look. Here are some of our favorite styling products to replicate the hairstyle:
  • John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum
  • Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Serum
  • Pantene Pro-V Smooth Definition Maximum Hold Gel
  • Aussie Shine Enhancing Gel
  • L’Oreal Paris Strong Hold Clean Gel
  • CHI Enviro Flex Hold Hairspray
Grab your 12” Brazilian Silky Straight bundles from Private Label Extensions if your hair is a little shorter and you want to add length. If you have shorter hair, like a pixie cut, the sleek look will look amazing!

Kayla Nicole

Kayla is the girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Sis did it right! Her bundles are beautiful, but they don’t take over her entire look. You are only a few bundles away from getting the same look she wore on the red carpet! Her hair is just effortless. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of a hairstyle like this one:

Tip #1

You can easily find a quality wig with a nice body wave to it or you can add curls using a curling wand.

Tip #2

A sew-in is another option. Just make sure your foundation braids are small and neat to allow for a smooth look.

Tip #3

Finish off your style with light hair oil. The ones in the Organix hair care line are perfect. The hair needs to have a nice shine to it.

Tip #4

Keep the curls under control by using a few bobby pins strategically around the crown of the head. Notice she has some hair slightly pinned back and some hair gracefully framing her face.

Chloe Kim

Chloe looks so young and fun! Her blonde locks have the right amount of dimension. Her hair length is past her shoulders, and I love the blunt cut. Once you purchase your Russian Blonde extensions and install them, you can color and cut them just like hers.

Color Your Bundles

Purchase your Russian Blonde extensions and get ready to add in color to them using the process below:


  • Loreal hi-color (ash blonde)
  • 40 volume developer
  • Olaplex #1

Step #1

Mix the ash blonde, developer, and olapex together

Step #2

Apply the mixture to your extensions from root to tip

Step #3

Wrap in foil to allow it to process

Step #4

Repeat the above steps for the frontal

Step #5

Allow the frontal to process from 25-35 minutes

Step #6

Shampoo and condition the extensions

Step #7

Allow extensions to air-dry or use a blow dryer Once your extensions are dry, you can make your wig. Once your wig is complete, here’s how to blunt cut it to look like Chloe’s:

Step #1

Brush any tangles out of your hair

Step #2

Part your hair at its natural part

Step #3

Divide the hair into two sections

Step #4

Use an elastic to put each side up in a ponytail

Step #5

Use a second elastic to mark where you want to cut the ponytail

Step #6

Cut your hair right above the elastic

Step #7

Make sure each side is even

Step #8

Remove the elastics from the ponytails

Step #9

Section the very back of your hair off from the rest of your hair

Step #10

Clip the rest of your hair up

Step #11

Comb your hair straight and pull your hair taut with your fingers

Step #12

Slide down to the end and cut off any jagged edges

Step #13

Use the point of your scissors to remove some of the bulk and make it more natural

Step #14

Flat iron your hair to see how the cut looks and make any adjustments

Alexandra Raisman

Alexandra is an Olympic gold medal gymnast who recently was a member of the 2016 Olympic gymnast team. She looks gorgeous in her white floor length gown. The most stunning part of her look, for me, is her hair. Her waves wave “Hey girl” to you as they cascade over her shoulder. I love the center part and how the right side of her hair is behind her ear. Want your hair to look this flawless? Check out my tips below: If you want to create your waves using a shortcut you can purchase your Brazilian loose waves bundles and install them as a sew-in or make a wig. Private Label has tons of information on how to achieve both so check out some of our articles here on the site. If your hair is at length you desire and you want to add these beautiful waves, I’m going to help you out. Here’s how to create them in a few easy steps:

Step #1

Brush out any tangles and separate your hair into two sides

Step #2

Use your curling iron or a curling rod to curl a small section at a time

Step #3

Wrap your hair around the iron and let sit for about 5 seconds

Step #4

Once the curl is in place, don’t manipulate it until you are ready to style your entire head

Step #5

You are going to want tight curls so make sure you apply enough heat to seal in the wave pattern (please don’t keep it on your hair too long to avoid damage)

Step #6

Once you get to the top of your head curl a bit looser because you want body on the ends and not on the top of your head

Step #7

Part your hair in a center part and curl the hairline going backward

Step #8

Use a styling serum or gel to smooth back one side of your hair

Step #9

Once it is smooth, use a few hairpins (ones that match your hair color) and pin the hair in place

Step #10

Blend all your hair to the back and on one side making sure to use hairspray to keep the waves in place.


Ciara shows us how to stand out while she’s standing next to the handsome Russell Wilson. Although she’s not in the sports industry, she serves as a beautiful companion to the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Ciara accented her golden yellow dress with a neat wavy ponytail. Learn how to create a perfect ponytail before so make sure you go check the article out. Below is a shopping list to recreate her look, and you’ll be able to get a lot of use out of the extensions, so it’s a significant investment.


  • Edge control
  • Brush
  • Elastic bands
  • Brazilian Body Wave extensions in 20”, 22”, and 24”

Jordyn Wieber

Jordyn is an Olympic gold medal gymnast who no longer participates in the sport since 2015. She opted for a ponytail as well this year. Her dark hair worked well with her navy beaded dress she wore for the event. You can check out our ponytail tutorials on the site.

Athletes Clean Up Nice

As I stated earlier athletes clean up nice. From athletes to girlfriends and wives, the women showed up on the red carpet. The men looked nice as well. It’s good to see our favorite stars differently. Comment below and let us know which style you liked the most!
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