A different hairstyle for 10 everyday women

Signature Look: A Different Hairstyle for 10 Everyday Women

The Everyday Struggle

I know that I speak for almost all of us when I say it is a struggle when trying to figure out what to do with your hair. And it can be even harder when you are a professional woman because not every hairstyle can make a list. But that’s where I come in! Here is a list of several different hairstyles for anyone in a couple of different professions.

Corporate Girl

When you're a corporate girl, you’re trying to give the impression that you know your stuff and are always up to the task. But professional does not mean you can’t look cute When you think hair for a corporate girl most people would probably think an updo but if you're trying to spice it up a little you can just let your hair down. Here are some styles to wear when working in corporate!

Straight and Sleek

It is best to keep it cute and simple. If we are quite honest, the corporate world is not exactly fond of natural but do not let that stop you. Honestly, you can never get in trouble with straight hair.


You can never go wrong with some waves. This style is perfect for when you want some texture but doesn’t want to have your hair full out curly. They are also super easy to achieve with there being both heat and heatless methods. You can also make the waves as tight or loose as you want. But if you do not want to spend the time making your straight bundles wavy, you can always buy some loose wave or Spanish wave bundles for those perfect natural looking waves.


When you’re getting people to invest in your business how you look speaks to your brand. But you usually want to keep your styles on the professional side. Looking professional is crucial no matter what type of entrepreneur. Because if we are real people are more likely to buy from the girl with the slayed hair than from the girl who is looking a mess.


Obviously, lace frontals is a pretty broad hairstyle, but that’s perfect because there is not just one designated hairstyle for an entrepreneur. Because what works for a realtor does not work for someone who is selling wigs. But make sure that with whatever style you choose that you always look professional.


I love lobs! They are perfect for someone who wants short hair but not too short. Lobs are great because they are professional but edgy at the same time. Depending on what you're trying to sell you can also throw some color in your to make it to your liking as well. Also, lobs are very trendy and will look good on anybody.


Being a philanthropist is one of the greatest jobs because you are constantly giving back to the others. With that, you might not be all that worried about taking a lot of time to do your hair. So here are some super easy styles that are pretty low maintenance.

Short Hair

Short is perfect because it never really looks bad. You can even roll out the bed, and your hair will be ready for the day. Well, you may have to do a tiny bit of brushing here and there, but I promise it will be super quick. Also, when you have short hair, you do not have to worry about getting your hair in your face, and if it is your natural hair that you are keeping short, it means you’ll have shorter wash days. But maybe you do not want to cut your hair straight you can always wear a wig girl. Short styles come in almost every texture from kinky curly to straight, so you have a wide array to choose from when picking out a wig.


Updos are perfect when you are trying to do something that is quick and easy. Your hand is always getting dirty I would recommend updos, so your hair doesn’t get in the way while you’re doing any service activities or maybe even a shirt style. You are not limited to a boring regular ponytail. You can always be a little extra by adding some braids for a boho feel. Or using a fancy hair to add some bling. If you want to be a little extra and add a little more length or volume to your buns or ponytails, you can always add some clip-in to have you updos as your desired look. You can also throw on a 360 wig and achieve a gorgeous natural updo that could fool anybody.

Fitness Trainer/Athlete

When you're an athlete or fitness trainer, it's super important to have a durable hairstyle. Since your almost sweating for a living, you need a hairstyle that will allow you to keep your hair clean and out of your way.


Braids are honestly perfect for athletes and trainers because they keep your hair out of your way. Boxer braids are still trendy and are super cute and are perfect to wear when you are about to break a sweat. You can even wear singles braid which is great cause you can wear them for an extended amount of time as well.


A wig would be perfect because you can take it off and wash your hair underneath after a sweaty workout. Most people would think wearing a wig would not make sense because they are like “heavy” but this is so not true. I would recommend a 360 lace front so you can easily put your hair up when it is time to get sweaty. Plus you can always just wash your wig when it becomes sweaty With this you can wear almost any hair texture because there isn’t a hair code for trainers or athletes.


You can never go wrong with just wearing your natural hair because it is as pretty as a wig. Plus when wearing your natural hair, you won’t worry about whether or not your wig is lifting. And since you are getting sweaty, often it will be much easier to keep your hair clean if it's natural.

Fashion Stylist

As a fashion stylist, I feel like you should always go all the off when it comes to your looks. Your hair should make a statement, so color texture all of that is perfect. Once again, in this case, your look speaks for your brand, and you want to share that message through your hair.

Nicki Minaj Length

Now you might sit on your hair, but this surely is a unique look. After Nicki first wore her ankle length bundles everybody was obsessed. I’m not saying you have to do it that long. But there's something about that style that screams “boss” and you are! You also don't have to keep it bone straight either. If you’re trying to give off larger than life, a huge Afro would be perfect.


Colored hair is perfect when you're trying to make a statement which is always the goal on the fashion world. This job is perfect for experimenting with what is considered “wild” colors such as neons or pastels your only limited by what you want. If you have some crazy color in your hair people can almost literally notice you from a mile away. Plus you do not always have to do your entire head one color. You can always do an ombre look or even a half and half look.


Being a mom is one of the most important jobs, and one most woman has. But being a stay at home mom is at a whole other level because you are with your kids all day every day. Most moms need a style that is low maintenance and quick so the can be out the door as soon as possible. So here are two styles that any stay at home mom can rock.

Buns and Braids

I feel like I almost always see a moms hair in a bun. Sometimes whether a mom puts their hair up or not all depends on the age of your child. If they Have a baby long hair would not be advisable because Babies love to grab on hair and it is best to keep it out of the way because sometimes they can have that death grip and pull some strands out. Dealing with kids can also being messy, so this guarantees that your hair does not end up in a mess.


This style is a perfect protective style especially when you are not trying to spend any time on your hair. And I am not talking about lil bow wow cornrows but the ones that are super trendy and have the variations of large and small cornrows. This style is perfect because it works for like any occasion so when it is timed to go somewhere with the kids your hair is already done, and it looks cute and stylish.


From grading papers to helping unruly students being a teacher can be a difficult but very rewarding task.When you're a teacher sometimes, they put restrictions when it comes to hair color. So it would be best to stick to your natural color, but when it comes to texture the options are endless you can have a big fro or have it straight as a teacher if you do have natural hair it is important to embrace so your students feel comfortable embracing their natural hair as well. Being a teacher is one of those jobs where you can almost have any hairstyle as long as it looks professional and that your hair is not a super crazy color.


This style is perfect for my girls who want to follow the rules but still want some color in their hair. It’s enough color or you to love but not too much to the point where your student's parents are giving you the side eye.

Short Hair

Many of the female teachers I have had throughout my life have had short hair, and even if they had long hair it would be up in a messy bun by the end of the day, so I guess this is the way to go. But this is one of the best styles because when you are a teacher your day is almost always on time and having short hair gives you one less thing to worry about throughout the day.


Doctors are saving lives on the daily and helping people live better lives doctors are real-life superheroes. I feel that when in the office they are only worried about whether or not their hair is out of the way. Because if we are honest, some of the stuff doctors do is very messy and you would not want your hair anywhere near certain things. Here are two styles that are perfect for any doctor.

Letting It Down

I know that your thinking this is crazy like why would a doctor want to leave their hair down. I watch a lot of married to medicine, and those ladies are not the stereotypical doctors with buns or short hair. This hairdo is perfect because when your consulting patients you can leave your hair down and then put it back into a ponytail when it is time to get your hair dirty. So by being able to do this, you can wear your bundles and clip-ins and be perfectly fine as long as you can put your hair back.


I feel like updos are like the staple hairstyle in the world of a doctor. They usually do rather gross stuff, so it is best to keep their hair out of the way. With updos, there are also many many options you can always do a cute messy bun or even space buns for a fun look. Do not forget that updos do not always have to be boring or elegant you can always tailor it to your liking.


These are occupations often left out. But I did not forget about you girl. I think being an artist is one of the coolest jobs and a lot the time I wish I were creative enough to be one. Being able to convey emotions and life through visual art or music is a phenomenal task. You can use your hair to express yourself as well. I see the artist as risk takers, so sometimes it is fun to do that with your hair.

Sculpture hair

Making your hair look like art is a pretty cool thing to do. Lupita Nyong'o is famous for rocking wild hairstyles on the red carpet, and you can do the same. There are so many ways that you can style your hair. These type of styles also allow you to stand out when you are in a room full of other. I am also not saying that you have to have hair with a disco ball in it but wearing unconventional styles would be perfect for these jobs. Even your hair is not long enough to achieve certain styles you can always add clip-ins, so you have more hair to work with when trying to achieve larger or longer hairstyles.


Right now everyone is going bald, and I love it. This hairdo is perfect for someone who creates visual art because you never have to worry about your hair getting in the way. Aso you can always get cool designs cut into your hair. You can dye it too.

College Student

As a college student I know some days I may want to look super cute, but on other days I roll out of bed and go to class. It seems like some girls have a lot of time to do their hair and makeup whereas others do not care.


Weaves almost seem like a thing of the past with wigs being all the hype recently but they still exist. But they are perfect especially when you do not want to take the extra time to put on a wig and add got2b to the front on your lazy days. This kind of styles allows you to have bummy days with your hair still looking cute. Or you can always get your wig sewed down. Also when you’re in college, you are at liberty to make your hair any length, color, or texture you want your hair to be without being penalized. So if you are in college use this time to experiment with all the crazy colors you want cause may be the only time you get to do that before going into your career.

Single Braids

Just like weaves and short hair this is a style you can roll out of bed with and braids honestly never get old. When I say old I mean out of style braids do get out, so please don't let them become overdue and have them in for like eight months. Braids are also versatile so you can put them into different styles like space buns. Ponytail, and a big braid. You can also be a little extra and add cuffs or wire to your braids for some added bling. What is your Everyday Hairstyle Comment down below what your job is and what your go-to styles are
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