best hairstyles and switch ups for asian hair

Best Hairstyles and Switch Ups for Asian Hair

Harajuku Hair

Asian hair and hairstyles have weighed in heavily across the board when it comes to pop culture.

Our favorite Asian hairstyles have been capitalized on by famous stars such as Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and many more. Asian hairstyles have a strong influence on straight black sleek hair, bangs, ponytails, blunt-cut bobs, and buns.

Although the Asian hair trend is beyond beautiful, you can’t help but notice it has its flaws as well.

Asian hairstyles

The Bad before the Good

Before we jump into some styles you can create we must address some flaws you may notice with virgin Asian hair.

The friction in the hair can cause significant static which sometimes causes the hair to stick up all over the place. The hair is also very straight and hard to curl. Some say you can but curls in your Asian hair, and it may not curl at all, or it only lasts for no more than two hours.

That can be a struggle if you want to look different and switch up your looks. Another issue people complain about is how dark the hair is. It is so dark and black it can be a battle to color and lift it. It will boost but it may take some time, but you never want to leave bleach in too long for it to damage your hair.

Aside from color, friction, and complications in curling, the hair is fantastic and still very diverse.

Harajuku Barbie Bangs

Bangs have profoundly impacted the Asian hair culture in more ways than one.

The blunt cut bangs we so love and admire are a constant reminder that the Asian culture is alive and well. Bangs can go with just about any style, a bob, a ponytail, pigtails, the list goes on.

So, now I'll teach you how to cut your Harajuku barbie bangs right in the comfort of your own home.

Blunt cut bangs

Do it Yourself!

Step #1

Parting your bang section (keep in mind parting your hair is imperative for a good result.)

Step #2

Part your bangs into a triangular shape starting from the middle top of the head down your left side and right side to the outside of the eyebrows.

Step #3

Once it’s parted, divide it into three sections. Start with the middle by placing the hair in between your index and middle finger and put sheers in your dominant hand.

Step #4

Line your figure up to the eyebrows and cut the hair straight across. Repeat this step with both the left and right sides where it meets the middle.

Step #5

Hold your shears vertical and hold the hair between the same two fingers about a quarter-inch down from where you initially cut the hair. Use your scissors and trim in this direction and cut lightly throughout the entire bang.

It keeps the end of your bangs blunt but a bit more air-ish and there you have it, blunt cut bangs! Now that you have conquered the bangs you a virtually set for any hairstyle you chose to do with them.

Blunt cut

The Power of Ponytails

You can wear a ponytail no matter the event. Ponytails are a class act. Always remember one hairstyle can be worn in multiple ways.

With that, there are 50+ ways to style the ponytail that best fits you. The classic ponytail is usually brushed back and tied, then you dive the hair with a small piece to wrap around the hairband and bobby pin it for security. You can also switch it up. You can try a fishtail braid in the front going into your ponytail to add a more dynamic aspect to your look.

Last but not least don’t forget your ponytail with bangs. Chinese or blunt cut bang, bangs will always bring that extra pizazz to your hairstyle. By now if you have lived life, you should be able to accomplish a basic ponytail.

But if not, I will explain how to do so and how to add extensions for longer lengths. If your hair is already long, you may want to use your natural hair and slick it back into a cute ponytail. Use some hair from that ponytail and wrap it around covering the hair tie. Secure it with a bobby pin and slay your edges down and around.

If you want the added length to that ponytail, do the same thing by putting the hair in a hair tie, this time, take your real hair and create a bun as small as you can get it. Once you do that, get the pack of extensions you would like to use, keep in mind, you can make your ponytail as full as you would like too.

Begin wrapping the weave around the bun and use pins to secure it. If you want even more security, you can sew the ponytail around the bun, but it takes a longer time. Once you have successfully wrapped the hair and secured it, take a piece of a small piece of the ponytail from the back and wrap it around to cover the tracks and bobby pin it down.

Fix your edges and be fleeky!

Cute ponytail

Beautiful Buns

Buns are traditionally used for classic styles. When I think about buns, I think of ballet dancers.

I attended a dance school and every recital our hair had to be laid and brushed back into an elegant bun. I never liked the style when I was young, but as I grew older, I started to see they are undoubtedly beautiful for any occasion.

When planning the perfect bun, reflect on the angles of the bun. Try turning up your bun with a high topknot and a Chinese bang or try a low bun with a few strands sticking out to gives it a more angelic feel. Buns always give off a sophisticated look.

If you are looking to accomplish a basic bun and don’t already know how to do so, don’t fret. Grab a ponytail holder or hair tie and brush all your hair back evenly. Whether low or high depends on you and where you want the bun located. Once you have put the ponytail in place, comb the hair out in opposite directions of each other and begin to wrap the hair around evenly and add another hair tie for security.

And boom, there you have it, a simple basic bun.

Perfect bun

Asian Top Knot

Top Knots are exactly how they sound.

They favor a knot at the top of your hair, and you will start the process of a top knot exactly how you would want a basic bun. I love a bang with my top knots.

They jazz them up a little bit more and can sometimes have you looking like the foreign Instagram models giving your hair a real Asian influence.

If you don’t want to cut your hair just for a bang, I advise you to go to your local beauty supply and get a clip in a bang that matches your hair and texture. It works just the same. Now that you have gotten your hair into a ponytail, instead of splitting the hair and wrapping around, comb your ponytail upward. Once you have done that twist, find 1/3 of your ponytail from the holder and bend and wrap the hair downward. Use bobby pins to secure it.

Now you can add your clip in bangs! There you go, girl! Now you look like a foreign dime piece.

Top knots

The Power of Pig Tails

If you read how “The Power of Ponytails” then you learned how to do your basic ponytails. Now double it.

The Asian culture has kept pigtails relevant for quite some time. Long pigtails with bangs are indeed a head-turner. A brief overview of how you would accomplish them. Part your hair down the middle and brush hair up and tie on both sides. You can leave your curls to flourish or twist them up and make two top knots instead of one.

You can also add bangs flowing in the front for a dramatic effect.

Long pigtails

Beyond Bold Bobs

When you think of the pop culture superstar Blac Chyna, what do you think about it? Her bang!

Well, Chyna also has slain some fabulous bobs with her famous bangs. Her name even hints that she is accepting of the Asian culture and has chosen to embrace the vibes of their hair too. Blunt cut bobs coexist with the Asian hair trend because Asian hair has always been bone straight and nobody loves a bone straight blunt cut bob more than me!

Asian Hair Accessories

The Asian hair trend wouldn’t be complete without considering how the accessories have added pizazz.

I remember a time where wearing chopsticks in your hair would make you relaxed and unique. Now the Asian culture is so prominent they are using even more accessories to add in your hair from metal hair forks to Japanese scrunchies!

When doing an Asian inspired updo, try incorporating some accessories!

Asian Hair Accessories

Asian Angels

Aside from Asian hair having a natural straight distinction and being harder to color than other genres of hair, Asian hairstyles are groundbreaking in the modern-day hair circuit.

Even the quality is superb, not only is it thick but those bone straight vibes are life! I'm a huge fan of the top knots and ponytails and what makes them even better is the fact that they are convenient. All of these styles are pretty much convenient, and that is helpful in a society where women are always on the go!

Hopefully, you can learn from these sexy Asian styles and switch-ups as the fall comes in. No better way to complete your switch up to an Asian angel.

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