top 15 hairstyles for new york fashion week

Slay The Runway: Top 15 Hairstyles For New York Fashion Week

Fashion Week Flyness

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has now come for the main event. Everybody who is anybody knows the importance of New York's revolutionary fashion week. A-list celebrities, top stylists, designers you can't even spell or pronounce, all gathered for the amazing magic they create together. Fashion doesn't only include clothes; show-stopping hairstyles grace the runways effortlessly. Known and no name designers take this opportunity to bring their visions to life for the world to see. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, it's just that big! At this point, you know your hair has to be at the top of its game. Top fashion designers use hair to dramatize the outfit. Let's shine a light on some known designers and celebs that made a memorable impact on New York Fashion Week!

Celebrities Making Statements

#1 Kim Keeps Killin' Em

As she continues to dominate multiple business industries, we can't forget her jaw-dropping fashion week looks that caused us to reevaluate our closets. Kim Kardashian manages to make everything she wears compliment her body is all the right ways. Her hair is no different, it's like this women, and her stylist knows precisely what hairstyle and outfit to combine in an eye-opening fashion statement. I mean, it's Kim K! Why wouldn't we look? In 2017, Kim wore a Tom Ford long black strapless dress that resembled liquid wax. She added to this already distinctive look by going blond. A platinum blond so high it almost looks gray with a textured wet look. As if you just finished a wash, and you blow dry it but not entirely. Then you go to add some hair spray. Either way, Kim, sure enough, gave us a stunning, sexy, sleek feel with her entire outfit. You can get this look with Private Label's Russian blonde extensions. You would merely bleach the knots. Dye the roots and bleach the extensions for a higher platinum blonde color.

#2 Rihanna Fenty Fashion

If you love a simple bob like myself, I'd say Rihanna came through with this ensemble in the 2016 New York Fashion Week Fenty Puma show. Of course, it was a great show for her being able to premiere some of her latest designs. Rihanna was wearing what looked like a soft velvet hoodie and a long black dress. The bob cut looks simple yet very elegant and classy in the same breath. RiRi always surprises us with what she will do next, I know I keep my eye out for her! You can achieve this look with Private Label's Brazilian straight extensions!

#3 A Swift Slay

The country singer Taylor Swift, known for her sweet angelic image but in 2016, she popped out with an edgy outfit and hairstyle. She takes on a modern day sailor shirt with black high waist velvet shorts decorated with bright gold buttons. To complete the outfit, she chose a wild hairdo for this look. She has fringed ends with a feathered bang for dramatics. If this is a hairstyle you would like to try at home but may be concerned with volume, use Private Label's clip-ins. You just need to cut the clip in extensions the same length of your hair for blending with the extensions.

#4 Nicki Out Here Minajin

When Nicki first came in the industry, I think you all remember the blond, pink and black bangs cut into a bob but, as Nicki's career has grown, so has her hair. At New York Fashion Week, 2017 Nicki Minaj was spotted at Monse's spring 2018 collection show. Nicki was turning heads in those thigh high black leather boots. She had a leather skirt to compliment the boots with a plain white top. She ended the feisty outfit with a fur finish. A beautiful white fur coat she wore off the shoulders. Ok, finally the good part. Her hair which was nothing but 40" inches of blond bone straight glory. I mean she set her outfit off with this hair. Lately, 40" inch extensions have been all the rave in the entertainment industry. Luckily for you, Private Label offers just that, yeah you heard me. They offer "40-inch extensions.

#5 Jenner's A Winner

Although she has a strong family backing to support her, Kylie Jenner has made a name for herself all her own. On top of being a successful entrepreneur in her beauty line, she continues to break necks in the world of fashion. She hits the streets of New York during fashion week last year with an elegant jeweled out beaded dress. She wore a ripped jean coat off the shoulders and clear strappy heels. Kylie's hair was in a cute blond knotted bun with a few strands hanging loose. You can accomplish this look with a 360 frontal From Private Label Extensions.

#6 Can't get enough of Cardi

This past year, we couldn't get enough of Cardi B. She was everywhere, and we loved every second of it. She has truly made a name for herself as a female hip-hop artist, taking the charts by storm all summer. Of course, on top of her game in her recent year, she would grace us with her presence at Rihanna's Fenty Puma show during New York Fashion Week. She is sporting a Fenty crop top and crop bubble coat topped with white Louis Vuitton heel boots. Cardi has a long list of wigs during 2017 fashion week, and this cute blunt cut wig was one of them. Middle part hairstyle complimented with white shades for her white boots. Cardi keeps coming through girl! We love seeing you on the big screen.

#7 Solange Shows out

Back in the day, before we knew Solange by her name, we referred to her as Beyonce's sister. Standing tall in recognition, Solange has made quite the name for herself in her regard. In 2016 she attended the Creatures of Comfort show during New York Fashion Week. This beautiful woman is known for having her style of fashion. She is pictured above in nude tank top with mid waist flare jeans. She has on strappy gold tinted chuck sandals and round nude clutch purse. Her cardigan is the best part of the outfit though. I mean seriously, that gorgeous nude sheer ankle length cardigan! Her hair just like her outfit is simple yet impressive. Her hair is a deep brown wavy and cuts into a shoulder-length bob. You can accomplish this look with Private Label Spanish Wave Extensions.

#8 Kendall Running Runways

You may know her family, but I can guarantee you know her. Her picture is probably in every mall you go to in the country. Granted, Kendall became famous for her successful family, but that didn't stop her achievements there. Kendall is now one of the most recognized known models internationally. She has modeled for endless top name designers in the industry so why wouldn't she grace us with her presence on the runway during New York Fashion Week. It seems like Kendall stays busy during fashion week because she is always booked to be on someone's show. Pictured above is Kendall in 2016 modeling Ralph Lauren's 2017 February collection. If you're looking for a cute on the go hairstyle, you can try this look at home with clip in's for added volume.

#9 Lala Land

Lala Anthony is the definition of an entrepreneur, on top of being a mother, author, producer, businesswoman, and actress, she never looks too busy enough not to be fly. In 2016 Lala attended the Tom Ford New York Fashion Week show looking nothing less than radiant. She wore a white floor-length gown that was sleeveless on one side. You can't tell me her hair didn't reflect this gorgeous ensemble. You can achieve this look with Private Label's Vietnamese Natural Wavy Bundles. If you are worried about the braids she has in the front of her head, don't be, you can purchase a frontal for that!

#10 Perfect Perry

Omg, I just love me some Katy! She is talented and quite the head turner. You never know what Katy is going to do with her image. In 2017, we saw Katy at Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week show. For this look, Katy chose a rugged olive green coat and kneed high black leather platform boots. Her hair is a platinum blonde; you can try this with Private Label's Russian Blond Extensions with a frontal.

#11 Goo Goo for Gaga

In 2015 Lady Gaga was spotted attending Alexander Wang's New York Fashion Week show. Gaga is wearing the smallest cute denim shorts you can find along with a black and white crop top and a black leather coat. The heels look mighty intimidating to wear, but as we all know, Lady Gaga never intimated when it comes to style. Lady Gaga's hair of choice was long blond extensions with blunt cut bangs that stop in the middle of her forehead. If you are looking to try this look, again Private Label offers Russian blond extensions and frontals. You will need a frontal to cut the bangs accurately.

#12 Loving Karrueche

We all knew her as Chris Brown's girlfriend at one point. Now that she has put her relationship with her and I cannot stop seeing Karrueche Tran everywhere. I love it though; she has now tapped into the Hollywood world making a name for herself. Now she is an up and coming actress on the big screen. Tran proves to be still fly with or without her ex. In 2016 she attended Laquan Smith's show during New York Fashion Week. She is wearing a one piece, white beaded jumper with an angle length salmon pink trench coat. Karrueche's hair is merely a beautiful side part with waves. Want this look for your next event? Order Private Labels Brazilian loose wave extensions.

#13 More Drew

Who doesn't want more Drew? Drew Barrymore is an actress. She has a more relaxed vibe to her style of dress. In 2017 Drew attended Coach's show at New York Fashion Week. She wore a black trench coat that came past the knees, black dress pants, and a cute white blouse. She used her wavy hair to compliment the everyday ensemble. You can try this look with Private Label's Vietnamese wavy extensions. To conquer these highlights, you can highlight your extensions.

#14 The Real Wrecking Ball

Growing up I was in love with Hannah Montana, but I can't get enough of Miley Cyrus. She has a famous father Billy Ray Cyrus, and I think it is safe to say Miley has taken over the legacy. She is an actress and a musician but turning heads with those crazy outfits she wears. Pictured above is Miley at the 2013 New York Fashion Week Mercedes Benz show. She chose a classy red romper designed by Rachel Zoe. She wore some sexy black stilettos to compliment the look. I am a huge fan of short pixie cuts, and I'm in love with Mileys. Her hair adds a little more spice to that red outfit with a spiked hair in the middle. If you want to give this look a try, invest in a 360 frontal and Russian blond Extensions, which you can find here.

#15 Kesha is a Keeper

Kesha steps up her style for New York Fashion week's 2017 Prada show. Kesha is pictured above with a lovely white skirt, a silky black blouse with a white collar. Don't just stop there, her shoe game is on point as well, white pumps with a black outline on them. Her hair is magnificent. Private Label offers Clip-in extensions for women wanting to add that extra flare to their hair.

The World of Fashion Forever Continues

During New York Fashion Week, we appreciate the outfits, the runways, the designers and the stylists. Over time, the world of fashion, will forever evolve and change because of fashion changes over time. Also, keep in mind that fashion repeats itself. We continuously see old school fashions in new school designs. Meaning hairstyles are just the same. Want to stay ahead of the game in fashion and hair, bring back an old hairstyle that left everyone's mind. Use these memorable fashion looks you've seen at New York Fashion Week and implement them to your day to day fashion. Hope this helps!
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