the perfect hairstyles for different personality traits

The Perfect Hairstyles for Different Personality Traits

The Perfect Fit for You

Pop culture loves to identify a person’s identity by their clothes, the foods they eat, even the cars they drive. These things have a way of displaying or revealing one’s identity, or even one’s socioeconomic status. We have evolved into a society that believes that the modification of one’s outer appearance is a public display of one’s ideas, values, and beliefs. Ever heard of popular terms like “preppy” or “urban,” or even “goth”? There are clothes, makeup, and hairstyles that fit these labels. It may be possible that your appearance is a type of self-expression that can reveal your traits. Traits such as hair is an overlooked element which includes, length, color, texture. Ever decided to get a haircut because you wanted a fresh start? Or, have you ever purposely styled bangs to cover half of your face? Your hairstyle could reveal your personality and could say a lot about you. There are many factors such as the length, color, and the curl patterns that can show your personality. We know that there are over a hundred hairstyles we can choose from and the quantity of choices is a reason why hair can define your personality. Ever looked a photo of yourself from five years ago and thought “Oh my gosh, I cannot believe my hair looked like that!.” Yup, that’s because at the time your interests and identity were a certain way. Today, you are an evolving person, and you probably changed your look slightly or very much. Maybe you have the same look but turned it up a notch. In the end, hairstyles can undoubtedly reveal your individuality and persona.

Your Hair Is A Part of You

Hair becomes a part of a person’s identity. When you think of someone, you think about their facial features and their hair. It’s a part of them. When a person drastically changed their hairstyle, you notice it, and you cannot help but to think about that change, or perhaps comment about it. As a woman, I am continually changing my hairstyles, and my co-workers can’t help but say things like “wow, I love your hair” or “you changed your hair?” We tend to comment on this more likely than when we change our clothes daily. Phrases such as “dumb blondes” or “long hair don’t care” establish stereotypes to personality traits that pop culture has placed on people, especially women. This shows that hair is visible and people make suggestions on people’s character based on their physical appearance.

Physiognomy 101

If you have ever heard of physiognomy, it is the art of determining personality or personal characteristics from the form or features of the body, especially of the face. It dates back to ancient times. Back then, many authors used physiognomy in describing characters in their novels. Presently, it is not a rational belief. But, in physiognomy, hair is mentioned, and it has examples of characteristics and personalities that derives from the type of hairstyle you have. For example, those who have light blonde hair are daydreamers. Those that have thin dark hair care about good health and those with dull hair are untrustworthy. These are just examples of what physiognomy has informed us when it comes to people and their personalities. Because physiognomy is a pseudoscience, have fun with this! Not all hairstyles will identify or characterize a person’s personality trait. It's all pop culture, but sometimes your hairstyles could be the indication of your personality. But, it’ll be interesting to name and suggest the personality traits that come with each style. These hairstyles that perceive a personality can also define your next look which could either be happy, mysterious, or confident. Also, it can help you avoid hairstyles that you do not think fit your personality and style. If you want to have a happy and joyful look, stick around and let’s get started. Private Label Extensions has the perfect hair for you to create your desired look that will give brighten or change your personality.


Before we dive into hairstyles, let's start with the characteristics of hair such as length. Let’s see what pop culture says about people’s hair lengths.

Very Short Hair

For those with very short hair such as the pixie hairstyle, they are:
  • Confident
  • Bold
  • Flirty
  • Sociable
  • Mature
  • Independent
  • Pleasant
  • Adventurous
  • Strong
People view those with very short hair as more masculine. Short-haired people find it very easy to meet new people. They love jobs that allow them to emphasize their intelligence, they can face problems with integrity and self-control, and they act without thinking. Because their face is the strongest feature of their head because their hair is short, you can tell that they are bold people. People see them as leaders.

Hair Above the Shoulder

For those with short hair that is above the shoulder, they are:
  • Straightforward
  • Fearless
  • Well organized
  • Multi-tasking
Those with hair above the shoulder like speaking the truth and they like to experience new things. They know exactly what they want and have fewer complexes to them.

Shoulder Length Hair

For those that have hair on the shoulder, they are known as:
  • Elegant
  • Happy
Those with this hair length have a sophisticated appearance. They like new challenges.

Long Hair

People with long hair are:
  • Very careful
  • Patient
  • Dreamy
Those with long hair are very selective and would do anything to achieve their goals. They know their self-worth. They have perseverance, and they can accomplish anything they put their mind to.


Let’s continue with the discussion of personality traits based on hair color. I’m sure pop culture has some fun attributes to hair color.


People that have black hair are go-getters. They are charming and smart. They are also considered deep individuals-- mysterious and secretive.


People with brown hair are considered reliable and dependable. To add to the list, they are very loyal, genuine, introverted, calm, smart, kind, funny, and successful.


Blondes are considered fun and loving. They are bold and outgoing. Blondes attract attention due to their hair being naturally eye-catching. The stereotype that blondes are dumb is becoming less popular. They are as smart as other women with a different color hair.


Those with red hair are considered passionate, temperamental, unique, and sexy. They can be feisty. They are outspoken as well. Ombre Those with an ombre are known as complicated people and unpredictable.

Hair Curl Patterns

Curls are fun! Or are naturally straight haired people boring? Let's find out.

Curly Hair

People like to associate curls those that are fun, wild, exciting, and energetic.

Wavy Hair

A wavy hairstyle is viewed as a fun personality too. Those with waves are more likely to be dreamers and have creative personalities. They are often physically active and outdoorsy.

Straight Hair

Those with straight hair have a more refined personality. They are sociable, elegant, and calm.

Natural Hair vs. Processed Hair

Is your hair natural or processed? Those with natural hair are more so free of judgment and carefree. Those will processed hair--hair that is permed, or relaxed, are more of perfectionists. They like to look a certain way and are always aware of how they look.

Twelve Common Hairstyles

Now that we’ve talked about some known personality traits pop culture has taught us on hair length, color, curl pattern, natural or processed, let’s dive into different hairstyles and see what personality traits we can identify and that you can also define with yourself.

#1 Long Sleek Straight Middle Part Hair

The straight middle part hairstyle is a familiar style that involves having your hair in a sleek straight style and making a middle part in the front of your hair. Personality Traits: With this hairstyle, people label them conservative and take them seriously. Straight hair brings a statement of sophistication. The hairstyle shows off the facial structure which perceives seriousness and calmness. You can achieve this look with Private Label extensions straight hair extensions such as the Brazilian Straight Hair or the Malaysian Silky Straight Hair.

#2 Long Wavy Carefree Hairstyle

Wavy hair is in between straight and very curly. Waves are always almost ready to drop. It’s long, loose, and has an 'S' shape relaxed curl. Personality Traits: Those with a wavy hairstyle have fun personalities and more likely to be creative and carefree. Private Label Extensions offers a very luxurious Vietnamese natural wavy hair. If you have straight hair, you can always use a large curling wand, probably a two-inch to three-inches to style bigger curls that will potentially drop to create a natural wavy hairstyle.

#3 High Ponytail

This hairstyle is a tightly pulled back hair that is topped off with a high ponytail. Personality Traits: This style of the hair pulled back lets people know that you are busy and organized. You are also a goal oriented person. You can order hairpieces to achieve this high ponytail look from Private Label Extensions’ catalog.

#4 Bob Cut

The bob cut is one of the most popular hairstyles to date. This haircut is usually angled and cut to perfection. Personality Traits: Although the bob styles are universal, it’s so easy to manage. It allows you to focus your energy somewhere else other than your hair. Bob hairstyles were known to make women look more serious in their workplaces.

#5 Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls are either natural, manipulated, or processed. They are either natural, purchased, or you can use a curling wand to make your own. Personality Traits: Bouncy curls give an impression that you are adorable and fun. You are a sweetheart, free-spirited, and you like to be busy because keeping up with your curls is not an easy task. You are also a risk-taker. Private Label Extensions offers the Brazilian Kinky Curly Hair that can achieve this look.

#6 Bangs

Bangs are another kind of style that can work with many types of hairstyles. Bangs are known as a fringe, a shaped cutting that allows hair to be in front of the forehead. Personality Traits: People with bangs want to appear different and create a new look for themselves. People with this style of hair like control and like to make things work in their favor. These people are probably into fashion more than you think.

#7 Ombre and Highlighted/Lowlighted Hair

These kinds of hairstyles are multicolored, and you can use either dye, install tape-ins, or partial clips-ins to create the look. Personality traits: Those who love to style their hair this way are known as complex and unpredictable. You don’t know their next move. Private Label Extensions offer many different types of hair that can 100% be dyed. They also provide tape-ins and clip-ins for your low maintenance lifestyle. It is easy to use to create that highlighted or lowlighted hairstyle.

#8 The Afro Hairstyle

The afro is an iconic style that has hair combed out the to creates a sphere shape around the head. It is usually kinky curls. Personality Trait: Those with natural hair in an “afro” style are more so free of judgment and carefree. They like to embrace their natural beauty. They also prefer to be risk takers. Private Label Extensions offers Brazilian Afro Kinky hair that will create the natural afro hairstyle.

#9 Unconventional

There are hairstyles that cannot be named or labeled. These kinds of hairstyles can be fun to create. Personality Trait: People with these kinds of hairstyles think outside the box, and shows their creativity and fun outlook on life. They like to try new things.

#10 Mohawk hairstyle

A Mohawk hairstyle is a style where both sides of the head are shaven, leaving a strip of noticeably longer hair in the center. Personality Traits: People who dare to try this hairstyle are fearless and carefree. They very much love to wear their personality on their sleeve. They are more fun and driven by adrenaline.

#11 Bun Hairstyle

A bun is a type of hairstyle where the hair is pulled back from the face, twisted and wrapped in a circular coil around itself on the head. Some buns are tight; some are loose. Personality Trait: This style of the hair pulled back lets people know that you are busy and organized and you don’t need any distractions throughout your day. These kinds of updos reveal that people with buns like control, order, and organization.

#12 Braided Hairstyles

A braid is a woven structure or pattern created by interlacing three or more sections of hair. Personality Traits: For those that have braided hairstyles, they love things that are visual, and they are detailed oriented. Some of the braided hairstyles present a unique look or vibe. In contrast, there are purposed lazy braids that remove hair from the face. Those with that kind of hairstyle are usually carefree and are not really into looks.

Define You with The Ultimate Look

Hair is visual, and as humans, we like to label or read people based on their appearance. A hairstyle can define your personality or influence it. Others can also try to identify you based on your hair. Either way, hair is an essential part of your daily look. I hope you enjoyed reading all the personalities derived from the hairstyles presented and can also define your next look. Remember, this was only for fun, and I hope you were able to relate to some of the personalities based on your current hairstyle or the hairstyle you desire to do next. Which hairstyle matches your personality the most?
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