Reclaiming Your Style: Hairstyles for Seasoned Women

Fierce Hairstyles for Women Over 40

For women over forty, it can be a bit more challenging to keep it all together. I mean, let's face it! We have tons of responsibilities which include a job or business, children and grandchildren, a spouse or partner, and on top of that our bodies are changing! With all of this going on women can easily overlook themselves. Another issue, let's be honest, is that if older women are considered cougars. So, if a middle-aged woman is wearing a particular outfit or hairstyle, some may think she's trying to attract a younger man or hold onto to her youth.

Look Good!

Show me a woman who doesn't want to look good at any age because we all should want to look our best. Regardless of age, every woman should feel comfortable trying out new styles in fashion and hair. Let's embrace and celebrate each other regardless of age. Besides, women over forty are keeping it all together and have people trying to figure out their age. You know you feel better when your hair looks good. We love the celebrity styles we see often but think we have to be a celebrity to look as good as they do. This article is going to show you how to create your version of your favorite celebrity hairstyle. Make sure you tag Private Label Extensions on Instagram because you may see your photo on our page!

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett slays in every hairstyle she wears! Whether she is representing Wakanda royalty in the blockbuster movie “Black Panther” or she’s sprinkling melanin magic on the red carpet her hairstyles give women, especially older women, the inspiration to take chances with their style. The actress is someone who is inspirational to so many women who may think they can’t be fashionable and current while still being age-appropriate in their hairstyle choices. I adore Angela because she is indeed an example for so many women and at 59 years young she shows women over forty that they can still be fierce, beautiful, and confident in their skin. Let's get into some of her best hairstyles, and you know I am going to share a step-by-step process for you to re-create yourself.

Black Panther Dreadlocks

Yes, I did go to see “Black Panther” and, yes, I did get all my melanin life handed back to me to celebrate for the rest of my life! The movie is fantastic on so many levels, and Angela’s hair did not disappoint. I loved the “hair mystery” they were giving us because all I could think about was what does Ramonda have going on under her various headdresses. They give us so much life later in the movie when we get to see her natural hair! Angela’s character, Ramonda, is rocking white dreadlocks with hints of taupe and brown at the ends. I must give Camille Friend, head of the Black Panther hair department, her props for carrying out the vision for the character. If you’ve been thinking about trying out dreadlocks before you commit to executing the style with your hair coming up is a step by step tutorial on how to install your own.

Stretching natural hair

Stretching your natural hair will ensure this style looks perfect. A braid out is a great way to extend the hair. It is effortless and quick. Below are a few other options to stretch your hair out:

Roller method

#1 Part your hair into four sections #2 Clip the sections up #3 Detangle the first section by brushing through it #4 Take a small part of the first section and make a ponytail #5 Detangle again #6 Wrap your hair around purple plastic rollers and secure

African threading

#1 Make sure you moisturize your hair very well #2 Repeat steps one through three from above #3 Take a small section of hair and detangle again #4 Take your thread and double it to measure the length of your arm #5 Starting as close to the root as possible, wrap the thread around the root about three to four times #6 Wrap the thread around the length of your hair until you get to the end #7 Take the thread and create a knot


#1 Repeat steps one through three from the roller method #2 Use ouchless bands (without the metal) #3 Band the hair at the root #4 Brush through the remaining hair, leave some space, pull the hair and apply another band #5 Continue this process until you have completed all sections #6 Once your hair is dry, remove the bands (about 10-12 hours if you air dry) Time to finish your hair! Grab up your supplies, and let's get started!


  • Product Junkie fresh start moisturizing shampoo and curls renewed conditioner
  • Braid hair
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Edge control

Steps To Achieve

#1 Shampoo and condition your hair #2 Apply a leave-in conditioner #3 Stretch your natural hair #4 Section your hair once it is dry #5 Take a piece of braiding hair and braid it in with your natural hair #6 Braid about two inches down to prevent unraveling #7 Take another bit of braiding hair to wrap around the root of your braid #8 Split the piece of braiding hair about 90% of it in one hand and 10% of it on the other hand #9 Wrap the 10% end around the top of the braid to secure it #10 Take the 90% end and wrap it around the root of your hair about three times #11 Don’t wrap too many times because you don’t want it to look bulky


#12 Before you start wrapping your braid with the rest of the 90% end of the additional braid hair make sure you have a good idea of where your natural hair ends #13 Wrap the braid hair around the braid but don’t twist the braid because it will be loose if you do #14 Continue wrapping the braided hair all the way to end of the braid, and it should be tight #15 Take a lighter and go up the loc to burn the braid hair but avoid your natural hair is because you don’t want to cause damage. Make sure you stop below your natural hair. #16 Add some edge control to your edges If you want to use the crochet faux locs I’ve got you covered! Below is the technique for the crochet style, so let's get started!


  • Product Junkie fresh start moisturizing shampoo
  • Product Junkie curls renewed conditioner
  • Crochet faux locs 18” 5-7 packs
  • Crochet needle
  • Edge control

Steps To Achieve

#1 Shampoo and condition your hair #2 Apply a leave-in conditioner #3 Stretch your natural hair #4 Section off your hair #5 Braid your hair or add in braid hair to get the length you desire #6 Braid about two inches down to prevent unraveling #7 Take the crochet needle and slide the latch hook under your braid #8 Place the looped end of the braid onto the hook


#9 Close the latch and slide the end of the hook under the braid and to the opposite side #10 Attach the end of the faux loc onto the hook #11 Pull the end of the faux loc through the looped end of the faux loc to secure it #12 To hide your natural hair take the hook through the faux loc about an inch down #13 Take the latch all the way to the top of the loc and through the opening #14 Attach your natural hair to the hook, close the latch, and pull the braid through the faux loc where it naturally opens #15 Repeat the process until all of your hair is inside the loc #16 Add some edge control to your edges This style is great as a protective style and is perfect to wear for an extended period.

Taraji P. Henson

We have seen Taraji wear all types of styles. She is indeed a chameleon when it comes to her hairstyles. Recently she decided to switch it up on us is rocking a tapered natural hairstyle. I have to admit when I saw her new look on the television show “The View” I knew it was time for me to switch it up too. Her and Sanaa Lathan gave me the courage to go through the big chop, and I don’t regret it! One thing I love about this cut is that it is easy, makes a clear statement, and is appropriate for women of any age. The color as well is gorgeous! If you are growing your natural hair out from its twa stage and are trying to decide on a style, this one may be just right. Below I share with you how to get your tapered style defined similarly to Taraji’s.

Tapered twist out 

I recommend you allow a licensed beautician or barber to cut your hair if you are not comfortable cutting your hair. The key to this cut is to keep some length on the top. Make sure you or your professional stylist keeps shrinkage in mind as they are cutting the front of it. Once you have your tapered cut completed it’s time to style your tapered twa with a tapered twist out.


#1 Shampoo and condition your hair (which is my preference but you can create this style on dry hair) #2 Apply a leave-in conditioner #3 Apply a quarter size of Jamaican Castor Oil to the scalp #4 Apply the buttercream (or preferred styling moisturizer) to your hair #5 Work the product through your hair using the shingling method with your Denman brush, comb, or fingers #6 Another option is to put some two-strand twists in your hair #7 Dry with a diffuser or hooded hair dryer #8 Separate the twists or use a pick to separate the curls

Aunjanue Ellis

Aunjanue Ellis is a face you see in a lot of movies such as “Birth of a Nation” and in television shows like “Quantico.” She is a Mississippi native who has seen tremendous success yet remains connected to her purpose and values. One of the most distinctive attributes she possesses is her beautiful natural mane. Her hair seems to make its’ statement whenever she hits the red carpet, is on the screen or living her everyday life. It’s always an honor to shout out a Mississippi native. She shows us how to be true to ourselves and do it effortlessly. Let's get into how to recreate her show-stopping style from above.

Natural clip-ins

One of the easiest ways to recreate this style is to use natural clip-ins.

Braid out

To style, your hair (whether relaxed or natural) below are steps to recreate a similar look.


  • Product Junkie fresh start moisturizing shampoo
  • Product Junkie curls renewed conditioner
  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Curlicious curls defining souffle
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Denman brush
  • Perm rods
If you are ready, I am! Let's get started! #1 Shampoo and condition your hair #2 Detangle your hair #3 Use a wide-toothed comb to create a center part or off-center part #4 Apply your leave-in conditioner #5 Create five sections on each side of your head (smaller sections create more defined curls) #6 Clip each section up with a hair clip #7 Apply curl souffle to each section #8 Use your Denman brush to brush the product through the section (I see your curls popping) #9 Braid each section with two or three strands #10 Do not braid the ends of the braids #11 Repeat steps seven through nine #12 Curl each braid with perm rods about two inches up from the end #13 Allow hair to dry overnight or under a hooded dryer #14 Remove perm rods #15 Take down your braids Note: If you want more volume separate the strands or pick out your roots to add height and volume

Jennifer Lopez

Baby! Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo (as we love to call her) is the epitome of a hard-working woman who knows how to keep her body together and her fashion on trend. One thing I like about her is she can switch her hair up so well. Whether she switches up the color, length, or style, she represents for older women. You don't have to be Jennifer Lopez to steal her style. To get this fly look you can choose to style a wig or get a sew-in. It’s entirely up to you! I give you full permission to show up and show out when you rock this hairstyle. If anyone asks you where you’re going, you tell them this is grown folks time! Let's get into how you can recreate this wavy body look she's wearing.


  • 18” closure
  • 18", 20", 22" bundle
  • Curling wand
  • Edge control
Once you have gotten your Brazilian wavy hair sewn in or you’ve put on your custom wig, it’s time to style!

Steps To Achieve

#1 Brush through your hair to remove any tangles #2 Grab your Remington curling wand (you can get one at Walmart or Target) and start curling your hair by sectioning it off. Now if you are clumsy, like me, go ahead and put the glove on that is included in the box with the curling wand, so you don’t burn your fingers.


#3 Wrap each section around the curling wand for about ten seconds. #4 Finger your curls and place them how you want them to look #5 Use your edge control to tame your edges

Vanessa Williams

Our first African-American Miss America has reclaimed her career and continues to act and sing to this day. I have always looked at her as a woman of resilience. Her beauty is without question, and her gorgeous hair gives me hair goals. I like her hair color and especially the way she adds highlights. Below are some tips on how to add highlights to a wig and your natural hair.


  • Styrofoam head
  • Mixing bowl
  • Applicator brush
  • Gloves
  • Hair clips
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Rattail comb
  • Hair foils
  • 30 developer
  • Lightening powder

Adding highlights to your wig

#1 Take a two-inch section of your closure and clip it up #2 Take your comb and part the side of the wig by going at a 45-degree angle and clip it up #3 Repeat the same thing for the other side #4 Clip up hair in the back #5 Mix the developer and about five scoops of lightening powder #6 Mix until it is smooth


#7 In the front section, weave your rattail comb through the section #8 Backcomb the hair that is left out #9 Put your foil under the hair #10 Apply your bleach (not too close to roots )and fold the foil to allow the color to process #11 Part the sides into four mini sections #12 Repeat steps above Alright now let it process for about twenty minutes but keep an eye on it, so it processes to the color you want.

What's Next

#1 Shampoo your hair #2 I like to condition my wig again just because #3 Apply a leave-in conditioner #4 Comb through the wig to remove tangles #5 Blow dry the wig to get the hair smooth

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is hilarious! I have enjoyed her acting for years and miss her on the show "Scream Queens." She is known for her shortcut. She's transitioned the style's color over the years, and I think women can wear this style easily.

Pixie cut

A pixie cut is versatile and is always on trend. Check out my suggestions on how to rock this look yourself. The easiest way to recreate this look is to buy a wig! Keep it simple. I like wigs because you can switch your look at any time. Wearing your pixie wig properly

Steps To Achieve

#1 Braid your hair for a flat and neat foundation or smooth the hair down using gel and dry for a dry foundation #2 Put on a stocking cap #3 Make sure you put the wig on per the directions in the packaging #4 Spray a conditioner on your human hair wig #5 Finger it through the hair


#6 Take your razor comb and trim the sides down a bit #7 Brush the hair with your Denman brush #8 Since this is a human hair wig, you can use a little eco-style gel to lay your sides and back down #9 Brush your hair into the desired style #10 Use a silk scarf to tie the hair down for about 10 minutes

Cicely Tyson

Cicely Tyson is 93 years old. She is a legend, and I want to give her accolades and praise while she is still imparting wisdom to us all. Her presence, on screen, mesmerizes you because there is always a lesson to be learned. She speaks, and we all listen. We have seen her wear countless styles during all her years of impeccable work on-screen and in the community. However, I decided to go back and pay homage to a style she wore in 1966. The teeny weenie afro has always been a style staple, and she's wearing it well, isn't she? For middle-aged women, this style is a go-to for women wearing their hair natural. If you just did the big chop, I have included a quick wash routine to keep your natural tresses in tip-top shape.

TWA (Teeny Weenie Afro)

How to wash your hair

#1 Rinse your hair #2 Use a detangling brush to remove tangles #3 Shampoo your hair with your favorite shampoo (I am in love with Organix and Product Junkie) #4 Rinse the shampoo out and apply a deep conditioner #5 Brush through with your detangling brush (your curls should start popping)


#6 Rinse out the conditioner #7 Apply Jamaican Castor Oil to the scalp and work through the hair #8 Apply the leave-in conditioner #9 Use eco-style gel or a curling custard to define your curls #10 Use your detangling brush to define the curls with the shingling method

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is the perfect example of style and grace. She knows how to keep it classy even under pressure. Whether she is speaking at an event, supporting her husband Barack Obama, or supporting others, she consistently shows up and represents not just for African-American women but all women. Her hairstyles are a great example of how to wear the current trend while still being age appropriate. One of my favorite styles is the one above. Below, I share a simple step by step guide on how to recreate her look.


Now that you have your supplies lets get started!

Steps To Achieve

#1 Set your flat iron to about 350 degrees #2 Section your hair off into four sections #3 Clip the hair up #4 Blow-dry your hair, using your paddle brush, to remove a majority of the curl or wave #5 Spray holding spray #6 Start with your first section and spray with a heat protectant


#7 Brush through the hair to make sure it is tangle free #8 Flat iron each section by using your flat iron and rattail comb by placing the rattail comb below the flat iron and “chase” the comb with the iron. This helps to get a straight and sleek look #9 Create your center part and part off a section of your hair on each side #10 Tuck the hair using bobby pins #12 Use a finishing hold spray and oil to boost the shine

Reclaim your style one strand at a time

I hope these style suggestions inspire you to try something new. If you are anything like me you are always on the go and doing so much for everyone else. When is the last time you took out time for yourself and rediscovered who you are? Stop being scared and stop listening to your kids. It's time to get your groove back and put a new spark into your life. Eat great, get some exercise, and take care of yourself! Don't you want to keep them guessing about how old you are? Let me know which style you are choosing by commenting below! Share a photo of you, and your daughter and let's see if we can tell who the mother is in the photo!

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