best 10 hairstyles for crazy thick hair

Thick, Thick, Thick: Best 10 Hairstyles for Crazy Thick Hair

Thick Hair Don't Care

Having thick hair can be a blessing and a curse. Everyone loves to have a full head of hair until its time to find the perfect hairstyle to rock. A lot of people don't know this, but there are many ways to work around having thick hair. Getting a beautiful trim, or hot oil treatments, even protective hairstyles will work with and not against those curly tresses. It seems harder and harder to find a decent comb that can conquer your tangles. And if you have thick hair, this means prepare yourself for knotted ends and twisted strands. Not to mention the more hair you have, the more conditioner you will use, so what hairstyles can you possibly wear when you run into the many issues that come along with having thick hair? Well, this is why I'm here, think of me as your tour guide. All you will need is an open mind and the right products to conquer any daily routine. So, if you're tired of bent combs, broken brushes, and hair ties continually popping then this list of 10 rocking hairstyles for thick hair will help tame that mane.

The Flirty Bob Hairstyle

The bob hairstyle can be the perfect go-to look for thick hair. This look can help reduce the bulkiness of your mane. If you want extra bounce and the ability to style your thick hair effortlessly then getting a few inches off will make your morning routine a tad bit easier. If you are scared that you may lose a little volume, getting a bob actually can help make any style look a little fuller and less thin. Remember that this style can come in different sizes, my favorite being the lob, with a bit of added color. Unbelievably having short, thick hair is a much more manageable that long thick hair, it doesn't take hours to flat iron or curl, and style that you make will last a lot longer throughout the day. Now, I will admit having a straight bob may be sort of complicated. Since thick hair is prone to get frizzy, you want to find some product that will prevent that from happening. If you're known for having curly hair, then a wavy bob might be your go-to look. After days have gone by wavy hair still manages to look bomb, even cutely messy without trying too hard. Products that will make this style go a lot more smoothly would have to be sea salt spray, and frizz hair serum. Say goodbye with struggling with thick hair, give yourself a break by trying out this bob soon.


Mastering a fro-hawk should be every thick hair girls dream. This hairstyle is great for ladies like us; you don't have to add in extra hair all you'll need is three scrunchies or rubber bands, and you are good to go. This look is super bold and will last for a few days before you have to take the style out and re-do them. Before you get started on this look give your hair a good wash, this will make the strands a lot thicker and fuller when its time to put them in the rubber bands. Remember that conditioner is your best friend if you have crazy thick hair, so, don't be afraid to lather it all over that mane for a less stressful experience. The more moisture you have on your curls, the easier it will be to detangle and put into the Mohawk style. You want to use the tip of a thick comb to part your hair into three sections from ear to ear. You want to place each of the three parted sections into mini ponytails. When gathering the hair use a soft snag-free hair tie that will not pull out any strands from your scalp. Now that you have your three mini buns apply a little bit of hair oil on to your hands and rub onto the puffs. As we get into the last steps, go ahead and fluff that fro, pull gently on the ends of the hair to create a fuller look. So, if you want a great way to tame those crazy kinky curls then give this hairstyle a try.

Messy Top Knot Bun

The top knot bun is not just for our thin hair ladies. Yes, we may need to use a little more hair products than expected and granted the final look may be more of a puff than a bun, I promise you will still look amazing! So, when you have thick hair the biggest challenge is getting all of it out of your face and on top of your head, don't let this discourage you, I'm here to make that process a whole lot easier. The trick to loving your top knot bun is to try not expecting it to be neat or perfect. First thing first put your hair into a high ponytail it does not matter how messy or crazy it looks. Next, grab some mousse, or curl pudding and add it to the end of the hair strands you can tease it a little at the ends to create more volume if needed. Now, gather all of the hair in the ponytail and wrap around until you form a bun. Secure any loose strands with bobby pins or hair clips. Add a little bit of setting hairspray to keep the puff from losing shape and fullness, this is pretty much the finished product, but if you want it to look a little more stylish grab a small brush and some gel to lay down your baby hairs. This hairstyle is a go-to look for my crazy thick hair ladies so give this one a try soon.

Minnie Mouse Puffs

From space buns to puffballs there is no better style for thick hair than these adorably cute Minnie mouse puffs. When you have a full mane, it is better to go along with it, than to fight against it, when I say this I mean don't be afraid to rock your hair in a puff. To conquer this hairstyle, you'll need two necessary things, and that's water and your favorite hair gel. Apply a generous amount of water to your curls, you don't want it to be soaking wet, but just a little damp to the touch, this means you have moisture and not dry and brittle hair. Next, you are you going to want to grab your handy dandy eco styler gel and place it on the perimeter of your hair; this just ensures that the style lays flat while leading into the two puffs. Now you can choose to part your hair down the middle, either before or after you apply the gel on your head, but once you make the two sections use a ponytail holder to create two mini buns or puffs. Remember those messy buns are regular and don't look as bad as you think they do, but if you do want a flatter smoother look use a soft bristle brush to lay that hair down honey. You are probably dying to try this look already so be ready to slay that thick mane my loves.

Gel Side Part

The best thing to do when you have thick hair is to try not to fight it, let those curls break out and be free! Any look you serve is all about embracing who you are and loving those kinky tresses. If you wear your hair out in an afro or puff, this doesn't mean it has to be the typical round halo shape. Adding a part to your hair is the simplest way to add definition and texture to your hair. This style is probably the easiest one to do on this list so get ready slay this look. What makes the side part, so bomb is that it will give you instant layers, you don't even need to get a haircut to achieve this bouncy volume. If you want to add a little more spiciness to your side part, try using some gel to slick down the beginning of the section with the least amount of hair. Remember the best thing to do when you have thick hair is to try curling it, no one wants to go through the stress of straightening their hair for 3 hours just for it to frizz up. Oh, and don't let it start to rain outside, this is the most significant inconvenience for thick tresses if one drop of water hits that head instant frizz could be in your near future. If you have curly hair then no matter how long you have the style in, it will look good before you have to re-do them again. Try this look out soon and let us know how much you love your hair-do.

Silk Press

When you think about thick hair, you probably know how bomb it will look straightened but don't want to go through the hassle of doing it yourself. There are great alternatives to have straight hair that won't involve heat damage or hours on end. Silk presses are heaven sent for any woman with massive curly tresses. If you don't know what a silk press is then let me be the first to inform you (check out this article: how long does a silk press last). The number one thing you need to know is that this is not the same thing as a press and curl. The issue with this method is that your hair is left looking stiff, greasy, and feeling heavy or weighed down. For a silk press, a flat ceramic iron along with healthy vitamin e oils and serum help smooth at the hair in an airy and light way. There are critical steps that will ensure that your silk press turns out looking flawless. First, this style is best done by a professional they know and carry all of the costly products that are needed to attain this look. They have to wash your hair with hydrating shampoo followed with a steam treatment to open up and relax the follicles on your scalp. Next, a deep conditioning treatment takes place, and this is followed by blowing out the hair while it is still wet to give it a very straight look. Once the hair is dry a little bit of oil is added, and they will continue with silk pressing the hair with titanium or flat ceramic iron. This style will last up until the time you decide to wash it, so don't hesitate and book an appointment with your hairstylist today.

Blowout Hairstyle

A blowout hairstyle is a neat technique that helps straighten your hair while using a blow dryer. The look will not be bone straight, but your mane will be a lot easier to manage. Getting the perfect blowout means you have to take that initial step in washing and conditioning your hair. If you wash your hair with cold water instead of hot, it will lock in extra shine. When you apply the conditioner don't add it to the roots, this will weigh them down and have your blowout looking dull or flat. After the washing process is through you want to blot your hair dry, if you try to blow dry soaking wet hair, it could not only take hours but expose your locks to heat damage. You also want never use a towel to rub your mane with, because it can cause frizz and excessive breakage to your tresses. Once your hair is dry with a little hint of dampness, you can continue to add any product that will help achieve a silky-smooth look. Since thick hair has a lot of volumes the best product to use for a blow out will be any cream or serum that leaves the hair looking sleek. Now for the fun part, blow drying your hair is a lot easier than it seems. Turn the heat setting to medium. If you have thicker hair, go with a higher setting. Concentrate on the roots of your hair and use a round bristle brush with the hair dryer for a lovely blowout hairstyle.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are super fun and flirty hairstyle for coarse or thick hair. This style gives you a very edgy look along with a great curl pattern once taken out. This look is easy and fun to do for yourself, and all you'll need is a few inexpensive products. This style is ideal for women afraid of heat damage, and if you're transitioning from relaxing to natural hair, this is an excellent blending method. To get started wash your hair, you want a clean scalp. Detangle and separate your hair based on the size and length that you have. With every small section twist between the fingertips and then wind it around itself until you make a small coil like a cone. You repeat this last step until the entire hair has the stylish knots. If your knots are very damp, it is best to leave this style in until completely dry. Once you remove these coiled buns, you will have a bouncy corkscrew style twists that will leave everyone breathless.

Big Twist/ Twist Out

Twist outs are ideal for my ladies with thick uncontrollable hair. You don't want to put yourself through the stress of continually doing your hair every morning, or every time you go out, so get ready for this excellent time-saving hairstyle. You must detangle your curls before you start to part the hair into sections. Grab some hair lotion, and pick a piece and two hand twist it all the way down. Remember to let your hair dry before you unravel the twists. If you take them out too early then the curl pattern will not be defined or set into place. This process can be time-consuming, but the style looks fantastic and lasts long so, it will be all worth it in the end. If you have crazy thick hair try giving this style a try soon.

Fulani Hairstyle

Last but not least the style that has been taking over the internet for a while now, Fulani hairstyles. What is so great about having thick hair, is that most of the time there is no need for added extensions. Whether you want to cornrow your entire hair down or just add a few braids to the perimeter of your head, the style is drop-dead gorgeous. Some ladies will leave most of their kinky hair out and add rubber bands, cuffs, or other jewels to add a fun spice to the style. No Fulani method is complete without adding some wooden beads. This look is easily the most fun to try so let us know your thoughts and if you'll give this hairdo a try soon.

Do You Have Crazy Thick Hair?

As you can see having thick hair is not the end of the world, and there are a lot of different styles you can try without digging through your time or your wallets. So, no more worrying about large or unmanageable hair, we have to own these thick kinky curls to the best of our abilities. I hope this list of hairstyles for crazy thick hair was helpful. If you know any other easy ways to style your curly mane, let us know in the comments down below.
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