Hairstyles from HBO's Insecure

Channeling Your Inner "Insecure": Hairstyles from HBO's Insecure

Which Insecure Character Do You Channel?

HBO's hottest hit show, Insecure, is known for a lot of things!

The dating scenarios and the everyday struggle of adulting are things a lot of millennials can relate to. If there is one thing that also deserves much praise and recognition, it would be their hairstyles.

From sassy natural kinky curls to fierce bobs to Beyonce blonde extensions, the style team behind it all did a phenomenal job creating a great representation of each character through their styles.

Think about it; your hair is a major asset to your everyday look. The world is your stage, and you're playing the main role, and every day you have to make sure your character is ready to slay.

Let's see how the leading ladies of Insecure gave us life each season and which characters hairstyle you love most!



Ya know, it's hard out here for a natural girl, but I love how the Insecure style team made it look effortless in every hairstyle Issa rocked for both seasons.

Regardless of the mess or should I say messes, she found herself in, her short natural hair stayed maintained unlike her peace of mind.

Natural hair can be very tedious to manage at times especially with limits on growth and length. No matter what the occasion, Issa's sassy natural kept us engaged and inspired through every transition she faced.

How did her short natural hair tie into who she was? To me, it spoke carefree which is the spirit she embodied.

For most women, the struggle of hair transitioning from being chemically stimulated to naturally inclined is so common and at times, very discouraging.

Let's thank Issa for instilling some confidence in us and challenging those who are in their natural process. She reminded us that there's no limit to your journey of being natural. You can style your natural look any way that suits you best.

Below I've provided a few hairstyles Issa wore best and how you can incorporate them as options in your hairstyle arsenal:

1. Crown Braided Afro

This look gives me all types of Egyptian queen vibes.

Just like that, Issa took the standard afro style and created a completely different look in a versatile way.

Are you feeling the crown braided afro like I am?

2. Side-Braided Fohawk

When it comes to laying those natural edges and sides down, things can get a bit tricky.

I appreciate how Issa was able to take the edgy fohawk look, allow her curly texture to be freely and creatively laid the sides down with a few twists and braids.

Who said a fohawk with your natural hair had to be boring?

3. Let It ‘Fro

This look takes confidence especially when you lack the volume or length for dramatization.

Or maybe you're just like Issa, and like keeping it sweet, short and simple.

Sometimes you just have to let it go and let it ‘fro.

Let your coils and curls free, and spice it up with a headband to accentuate your face and features.



We know there is always something to love about Molly!

Molly is your everyday black woman, successful, sexy, and hella single but she slay stays on consistent.

Molly faithfully rocked the fierce bob look for most seasons, and it suited her well!

Introduced to us at the opening of Insecure as the corporate girl with the long extensions. Throughout the series, as Molly's character evolved so did her hair.

Her character speaks of power, boldness, being unapologetic just like her hair.

In a few episodes, we caught her styled in the simple side part bob at shoulder length, and then it was taken a little further with some bangs. All of a sudden, Molly got super sexy on us and added some highlights, go, girl!

I always felt a woman who is about to cut or color her hair is about to change her life...and possibly someone else's too.

As women, we want the power to evolve and switch it up giving us the ability to be versatile through any life stage we may be facing. We can never forget how an intense bob can empower us.

And how could we ignore Molly's amazing facial structure that worked so well with this hairstyle? You can also achieve this hairstyle with a u-part wig. Creating a wig will allow you to take care of your hair underneath your wig allowing this hairstyle to be a protective style.



Throughout the seasons of Insecure, we don't know or find out too much about Tiffany except that her Beyonce blonde extensions are poppin'!

She is always well put together and well maintained just like her hair. She's bougie, classy, and seems always to have her stuff all the way together.

Tiffany reminds every viewer watching that you can be married, educated and stay fly.

If you're looking to add some beautiful hair extensions to your look, don't be shy of a little color...or a lot.



Kelli's hair is wild just like her!

I think we can all appreciate Kelli's spirit and how she is fun, daring, bold, and hella funny.

Unlike Issa's natural locks, Kelli's natural hair is continuously out and free, and I believe the style team behind it made that apart of who she is.

With her hair, it's all about texture. Don't have the super defined curls like Kelli's?

Check out the Brazilian kinky curly hair or even the Brazilian afro kinky extensions to give your hair more volume and density.


Regardless of how she wears her hair, each style confidently shows her deep texture and completely untamed.

One of my favorites was her waterfall updo, or some may call it the pineapple pin-up. In this hairstyle, the majority of her hair was brought into an upward position allowing her curls to fall effortlessly over her forehead creating faux bangs.

Again, the deep texture of the curls is the main attraction of her look.

Don't worry about losing your curl after time has passed. Simply, spritz some water and add a dime-size drop of your favorite leave-in conditioner to add life and shine to your curls.

What Insecure style will you recreate? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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