better than botox 9 hairstyles that will knock off years

Better Than Botox: 9 Hairstyles That Will Knock Off Years

The Fountain of Youth Is In The Hair Salon

Changing your look is more than just going under the knife. Looking younger is as simple as getting a quick and straightforward. Hairstyles can change your look to make you seem youthful. You can try and chemically stop the aging process through hours and hours of surgery. Or you can try something as simple as taking a visit to your hairstylist. Get rid of those faded and tired hairstyles and check out these hairstyles that will have people guessing your age!

Simple Beauty Hacks

As women, we love a good beauty hack that will make us feel good and keep us young and vibrant. As we age, we invest in so many products, beauty secrets and even clothing to make sure we never look our real age. Growing older is a gift but who doesn't want to look a few years younger without going under the knife! Count me in! Our hair can dictate our moods if we are having a bad hair day chances are everything else won't be right. We all feel so good after our hair gets done and some of us even take it a step further: get a drastic cut or color to make us look a tad bit younger. Yes, color too can make your hairstyles pop while also making you appear to be younger.

Soft Bangs

We all love a cute bang from time to time; such a simple hairstyle can dramatically change your appearance believe or not. Bangs are a hairstyle that is flattering to every face shape while making you look younger in the process. Don’t be afraid of the fringe, show that face off! When I was younger, I would always get Chinese bangs which would bring out my eyes more, which as I look back made me look even younger than I was. The whole point of cutting your hair into bangs is to bring out your features more and add definition to your face. So what exactly is a soft bang you ask? It is all in the cut; soft bangs add a wispy flair to your hairstyle. No matter your hair if your length is long, mid-length or shot; soft bangs will make you look younger. This type of fringe makes you look young because of how light it is, unlike the typical heavy blunt cut bangs. Try a soft bang because it will soften up your high points with; also great for women with heart shape and round faces. With this style of bangs, make sure not to go too thin. Make sure your stylist still leaves your bangs thick but still soft. While blunt bangs are cute and are a sleek style, that sometimes gives the appearance of a more severe demeanor; not so youthful. Soft bangs are more on the thinner side but not thin in a wrong way, just thin enough to have some fun. Sweep your bangs to the side to create a side-swept bang for a more dimensional look that adds fullness.

Messy Braid Ponytail

Messy braids are another hairstyle that will make you look younger, and that is timeless. They are becoming more popular and even used a lot during fashion week for the spring. This can be achieved by loosely braiding your hair to the back or the side and tease a little. A quick and straightforward hairstyle that will take off years of your look and can be dressed up or made causal-chic. The misconception of the messy braid is that this only for young girls, but now us mature women can rock this style too with ease. This style can be down with your natural hair, your wigs, and even your hair extensions. You can also pair this with your soft bangs and instantly look like a teenager again!

Wavy Bob

Bobs will always be in style, and everyone now loves to rock the blunt cut bob. While that hairstyle is cute and trendy, it isn’t as youthful as the wavy bobs. Some stylist referred to these as the messy bob because of how neatly untamed it appears. Beach waves is a better term for this style. They say this is a more natural or hippie style, but because of how popular and timeless this is, you’ll like no older than 21! This style is easy to create; once your hair is cut or trimmed into a long bob, just wand curl the ends to give you the loose and wavy curls. To maintain this style, once the hair is curled pin them up before bed every night. As the curls fall and get the old, the better this style will look. This style is fun; light can be worn in any weather and looks damn good! Try this style out with a lovely summertime dress or even a tee with jeans; you’ll love how young and flirty you fell.


Getting your hair dyed can also make you appear to be years younger. Lighter hair color tends to be whats popular and for a good reason. Adding highlights to your hair will always make your hair look more lustrous which makes the hair its self-look younger compared to old and dull hair. The key to pulling of highlights is that people can't tell what your age is. How they frame your face matters. When you are getting highlights, go for something in the blonde family. Blonde hair always lightens the face and skin to give it more of shine or glow. The placement of the highlights can make you either look older or younger so tell your stylist what look you are wanting. An older woman who doesn't mind being and looking their age tends to have highlighted their hair in the back of the hair or all around. To achieve a younger appearance with highlights have the hair color framed to your face. You can never go wrong with testing out highlights; I promise you’ll love it.

Go Short, Try a Soft Pixie

Cutting all your hair off has the same effect as bangs, brings out your features more. Cutting your hair also shows off the jawline which a feature that marks youth. Pixie cuts have always been in style, and I don’t believe they are going away any time soon. While pixie can make some women look older because of how harshly cut this hairstyle can be, it is essential for you to tell your stylist you want a soft pixie. A soft pixie just a pixie haircut with a either layered or blended bang. You want to make that your cut is short all the way and the bangs are stopped middle of your forehead at the longest. A pixie cut done right can make your features look softer which helps them to look more youthful.

Messy Buns for The Win

That one go-to hairstyle we all have done when in a rush looks good on you. Like the messy braid, this adds that youthful hippie feel. A messy high bun makes you look like you are back in early years of college and even in some cases high school. To pull this off its pretty simple; put your hair in a top bun and then play with the bread a little until you achieve the messiness you like. This messy braid has become a favorite amongst women of all ages, because of its popularity with younger women. Everyone which adequate length loves an excellent messy bun and trust me I get it. Whether you are dressing up or just keeping it casual, the messy braid works with both. Duality in hairstyling makes it worth the try.

Loose Bombshell Waves

There is a misconception with longer hair. A common mistake people make is that long hair will always make you look older. To change long hair from old looking to fun and youthful; add waves. This hairstyle can be achieved with natural hair, straightened hair, wigs and hair extensions. To achieve this look, I always use flexi rods, and it comes out perfect. Flexi rods are cylinder-shaped soft rollers that are flexible and can be twisted up to get the perfect curl or wave. Another great thing about this style is that it is not limited to just longer hair. Anyone with mid-length hair can also achieve this look. Taking the hair away from your face adds youthfulness.

Ombre Coloring

For the ladies that are afraid to take scissors to their beautiful hair and want to transform their long locks; ombre might be for you. Ombre coloring is when your hair is fading downward into lighter colors. For women with dark hair, try having your ombre fad into a rich light brown or auburn color. On the other hand, for those with lighter hair; honey or ash blonde ombre would be pretty. Ombre similar to highlights helps to soften your facial features and shape. Because the ombre effect is on the ends of the hair, there is no real need to frame your face. Dying or bleaching your hair period adds youth. Try out ombre on your natural hair and see how much you love it once you wet your hair and rock the curls.

Cropped Bob

We all love bobs, bobs are forever in style and go with just about any outfit you decide to wear. Cropped bob is the shortest a bob can be. Cropped bob hairstyles extenuate your jawline and help to soften it also. Also having layers in the front helps you by bringing out your cheekbones, especially if you have high cheekbones. I cannot stress this enough, hairstyles that show off your features and aren't drowning them will make you look instantly younger.

Switching Up Never Looked So Good On You

We eat better to preserve our youth; we make sure we exercise regularly to ensure we stay in shape and now our hair needs consideration. For so long we thought hairstyles were to change when we felt like it or when it went with a particular mood or outfit, no. Exercise your right to rock a youthful style that still is current. Before you get nipped and tucked; try these hairstyles out and see if you don’t feel and look younger. Remember sharing is caring!
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