Hairstyles That’ll Never Get Old or Outdated

Bringing Back Styles That Never Left

Hairstyles come and go depending on the season or year.

But there is something quite endearing and resilient about things that can make it through test and trials without a single scratch on them. As many would say there is nothing new under the sun, that phrase can apply to the hair trends we see every day.

Who knew that those old high yearbook photos would not look as cringe-worthy in 2018? Certain hairstyles will stand the test of time no matter how many years pass by, don't believe me? Check out the celebrities on the red carpet or the models who walk down the runway. Yes, stars like Taraji P Henson, Jennifer Lopez, or Rihanna love to change up and go for a more daring look.

But you better believe that they have that one haircut they will always return too. From generation to generation time is showing us that clothing, cell phones, and hairstyles fizzle out within a matter of seconds.

I mean think about it, you won't see just anyone still rocking a mullet or rattail haircut. You'll start to take a walk down memory lane when you look at the beautiful hair looks we have on this list. So, if you're in fear the hairdo your rocking is going out of style we assure you it probably is not.

But if you want to make sure then check out this post on hairstyles that will never get old or outdated.


The Pixie Cut

The perfect pixie cut is a timeless hairstyle that will honestly never go out of style.

The cut is elegant, chic, and fabulous for my women with robust facial features and high cheekbones. We must give thanks to Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn for testing this look out in the late 50's.

If it were not for these beautiful young ladies' stars like Halle Berry and Janelle Monáe probably would never have the guts to go through with this daring haircut. There are so many reasons why the pixie cut will continue to stand the test of times.

This style has a way of making you look like a daredevil, while also looking sophisticated. Celebrities who want to vamp up their image and try an edgier look will always go for the pixie. You must have a certain confidence level to be able to pull off this hairstyle. And once you get the big chop, you'll exude confidence everywhere you go.

On another positive note, you spend less time getting ready which means more time for playing with your make up. Not to mention lower back outfits look amazing on you.

So, a special thanks to our classic icons, celebrities, and everyday women who prove that this cut will never be outdated.


Bob Haircut

When it comes down to a classic haircut, nothing can beat out a cute, and simple bob.

This hairstyle is probably the easiest one to get and always holds its own when it comes to trends. The reason why this hairstyle will never be old is due to all the versatility it brings us. How many of us remember Rihanna's angled bob cut?

This look was a throwback in her hair evolution but a style we will forever remember her rocking. Now that years are passing by we see socialites wearing this edgy cut every chance they get. Take the Kardashian and Jenner family, for example, Kylie and Kim could shave their heads bald, and we would find some way to try it out ourselves.

But we have got to give them credit for their ability to rock a bob haircut. They will spice it up now and then by trying out a lob hairstyle or adding in longer layers with an ombre coloring. The point of the matter is whether you're a mom, college student, young, or old we know that you can pull off this style.

If you are still not convinced, check out these pics of these fantastic women rocking the timeless bob haircut.


Box Braids

From sitting in the salon chairs for hours or doing your hair in the mirror, box braid is a timeless style.

Although this hairstyle can trace back to early African American history, some may wonder when or how did it become so popular? Janet Jackson first set the box braid trend in 1993 with her film debut of Poetic Justice.

The moment the movie was over almost every black woman, and girl in America wanted box braids. Can you blame them? Janet Jackson did the style so much justice, from wearing it in high ponytails, to wrapping a stylish turban around the edges. All we know is when we go to the salon and request poetic justice braids everyone knows what we mean.

Now we are in 2018, and you can see many celebrities paying homage to the iconic 90s hair trend. Zoe Kravitz signature look is her blonde or black mini box braids, and you rarely catch her in anything different.

Then you have stars like Beyoncé who you can find wearing long goddess braids in her 2016 visual album Lemonade. It seems like the more years that go on; the more popular and creative people will get with this style. When it comes down to the MVP of surviving hair trends we have got to give it to the lovely box braids.

Anything that can stay in style for over 3000 years deserves its credit!



Cornrows is another one of our top contenders for surviving through the years of hair trends.

Dating back to 3000 B.C and particularly in Ethiopia, you could identify a warrior or a king by this hairstyle. Cornrows are an African style of grooming the hair which involves you to braid the strands close to the scalp using an underhand or overhand motion.

What is so unique about this style is that you can still see women and men rocking this look today. Don't get us wrong the history of cornrows is a bit shaky and it did have their moments where not as many people were wearing them. In the early 70s, cornrows were popular with those in the black power movement; it symbolizes their heritage.

During the 80s, however, became less popular due to a new style we know as the Jerry Curl. It's funny when you think about it now because most teens don't even know what a Jerry curl is or would wear the style.

Thankfully in the 90s and 2000s, you were able to bring cornrows back into the spotlight, all things to artists and a few celebrities. You could catch queen Latifah, bow wow, Ludacris, and Jada Pickett Smith rocking these straight backs to any concert or red-carpet event. Cornrows come in many infinite styles you can wear them in zigzags, going up, going down, into ponytails, etc.

And it is a perfect protective hairstyle to keep your strands feeling healthy and growing fast. If you are in love with cornrows as much as we are, you will find this look natural and a permanent go-to style.



Bangs are lovely they allow you to change your look instantly and get rid of any dead or split ends in the process.

When you think of this hairdo and where it originates the first person that comes to mind would probably be Cleopatra. But as history shows that cut would technically be a myth for a woman back then would wear curly wigs on top of a shaved head.

The favorite image of Cleopatra with bangs comes from the 1934 movie Cleopatra. Don't want to get your spirits down too low but the real start of this look begins in the 1920's. Women at this time were seriously experimenting with all different kinds of looks. They are wearing shorter dresses, darker lipstick, and riding bicycles for crying out loud, so you better believe they experimented with bangs.

From the moment flappers start to wear the fringe, blunt cut bangs we all fell in love. No wonder why The Great Gatsby was such a hit, the hairstyles were all iconic.

As the years roll on actresses, begin to put their spin on the bang look. Audrey Hepburn had baby bangs, and Farrah Fawcett had the iconic feathered hairdo. By the time 2000's come around you could spot many celebs like Emma Stone or Taylor Swift wearing this beautiful cut. It's an understatement to say the bang hairstyle will be in the books for many years to come.

The only question now is which bang cut you will choose?


Curly Voluminous Hair

For as long as I can remember a woman can never go wrong with curly hair.

From the nursery rhymes like Goldilocks to icons like Marilyn Monroe, we will forever love a voluminous curly hairstyle. In the 1950s pinup girls signature hairstyle was much on the curved side. I feel like the style got much of its popularity in the 70's.

I don't know about you, but it feels like everyone just had a lot more hair during the 70s. Donna Summers and Farrah Fawcett would not leave the house without their trademark curly hairdo. As the disco era starts to make its way the curly hair becomes more elaborate and bigger than ever.

Music icons always up for the more voluminous hairstyle. We know Diana Ross for performing at many awards shows with big curly tresses. Julia Roberts in the breakout movie Pretty Woman made every red-headed ginger want to try luscious curly locks.

Now today you see Beyoncé rocking her golden curly locks like it is nobody's business. Hair products are advancing day by day which makes it easier to play with your natural texture and get a curl pattern without buying extensions are weaves. We give so much love to all the ladies who wear this curly hairstyle on a regular basis.

Thanks to you all it will never go out of style.


The Ponytail

You may be wondering why ponytails are on this list, but they do have a way of cycling in and out of fashion on a regular basis.

Some say that ponytails start in the early time of cave dwellers who would pull their hair out of their eyes. The main reasons why ponytails will never go out of fashion is because you can wear them at any age and in any way.

Most celebrities personal favorite ways to style their ponytail is straight with a smooth part down the middle. For many women, this hairstyle is the perfect go-to look for any occasion. Whether you are out on a date or going for a quick run, an updo or slick ponytail is ideal.

Now, what singer/actress comes to mind when we say ponytail? No other than the beautiful Ariana Grande. We all know her for two amazing things, that incredible voice, and extremely high ponytail. You can dye the look in many colors and try out different hair accessories as well. With the right products, anyone can slay a ponytail.

If they weren't that famous back in the day, I could guarantee you'll see them a lot more in the months to come.


What Hairstyle Do You Think Will Never Get Old?

As you can see time has a way of making things a statement piece or extinct very quickly.

As the beauty industry involves so will popular hairstyles. Luckily there are still certain hairstyles that no matter what happens will always stand the test of times. You can go for the simple box braids or take a walk on the wild side with a pixie cut.

This list will help you find the perfect hairstyle that is always in trend. Look at the many celebrities on the red carpet today; we promise you they are rocking some form of a timeless hairdo. Remember just because something isn't necessarily in style doesn't mean you can't bring it back. Try to be the trendsetter, research and discover the myriad of hairstyles that could not make it past their decade.

You may find a style you never knew existed and, in the process, pull it off very well. We want to know what hairstyle you think will never get old. Give us your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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