futuristic hairstyles with different hair extensions

Back to The Future: Futuristic Hairstyles with Different Hair Extensions

Future Hair Today Unique to each individual, for those looking for fresh, innovative, and avant-garde hairstyles, you'll find your ‘do that no one else can do. The people who study the future the most are either fortune tellers, weather forecasters, or trendsetters. If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely looking ahead to what you can do for your hair. In the age where creatives are thriving, we are finding more ways to express ourselves. With endless possibilities of hairstyles, we can discover looks and styles that match our different personas. Things of the future are supposed to look cool. Everything seems fresh and sharp, from architecture to beauty. When you imagine hairstyles of the future you think of hair that stands out, styles that defy gravity, high-tech hairstyles, and more. Some of these styles can be modernized and achieved now too. Whether you’re willing to find a style to wear daily, planning for a special occasion, or preparing for the future, we’ve got some advanced options for you to try.

Everyday Looks

Confidence shows when you're able to be yourself without worrying about what others may think or say. When you wear your hair in a style with purpose, your attitude has to match. That's why certain people can pull off certain looks because they know their worth. You may have the best hairstyle or outfit in the room, but you are not genuinely rocking your style until you exude that confidence. You are in control of your life, so take pride in who you are and own it every day.

Short Hair

Usually, those who opt for short hair prefer the low maintenance. They know they look good because the same go to is always clutch. But, hey, nothing wrong with a switch up now and then! The hair of the future allows you to try many different styles that are simple yet daring. Excellent for those looking to make big statements with little work.

Half-Shaved Haircut

The infamous bald cut is excellent for transitioning and experimenting. As bold as the cut is on its own, you can personalize it for different shaved styles. Simple to maintain, these hairstyles tell of the independent, fierce woman. With more hair on top, you can play around with some length, adding layers or designs, or just let the curls stand free. The undercut can be as big or small as you’d like. Colors are fun for these styles too. The key is to know what style you like that describes you perfectly!

Blunt/Asymmetrical Cuts

If shaving off most of your hair is not your thing, no worries since we can still show off brand new looks with short hair. For a sexy, sharp look, try a blunt cut. The future is all about making things simpler. Purpose cuts are neat and straight to the point. Asymmetrical, shapely cuts add edge and layers for more definition. Although better seen with straight hair, this look can still be achieved just as well with curly hair.

Natural, Kinky Hair

They call us magical because of our afro-textured hair forms in spirals similar to galaxies, DNA, whirlwinds, and electricity. It defies gravity by growing up and out towards the sun. To wear your natural hair requires some nerve itself because we are no longer following eurocentric standards. Our hairstyles aren’t always straight or perfect, so we should be comfortable in styles that are the opposite. There are many ways to show groundbreaking hairstyles with curls and kinks.

Geometric Afro

If you had no idea what to next with your afro, then consider wearing it out in a different shape! We have the power to wear our hair in any form, so why not consider wearing it out in some different styles? The future is structured; we can represent that easily with our type 4 hair. When working with natural hair, you want to continue to use products friendly to your hair type as well as minimize heat usage and proper care to ensure it remains healthy.

Tribute Styles

Nothing lasts forever; however, we’ve luckily discovered recycling so that we can reuse what we already have. Same with trends, we’re able to find inspiration for new styles from the old ones. Futuristic hair is being able to bring back past hairstyles with a modern twist. I haven’t seen any celebrity pay tribute better than Lupita Nyong’o, who continuously wows us all with her different African-inspired hairstyles. See how those before you made it work, and do the same now yourself to fit your mode.

Long Hair

Length provides the opportunity to achieve more hairstyles. Even if your hair is not long and straight, wearing extensions or wigs can help you try a range of protective styles. People of the future do not worry about their looks because they each have their style. Some long hairstyles are created to keep the face free and to stay sharp. A slicked-down or tied-up style is best to keep the hair in place and to give a clear indication of who you are.


To keep long hair convenient on a daily basis, you have to keep it contained. This is why long-haired women of the future are seen mostly with hair that is up or away from the face. With the hair styled in place, we can serve many looks while doing all the different and amazing things we do. The key to maintaining your length is not to bother the hair too much. With an updo style, you have a look that lasts for days (or weeks). However you choose to style your hair, it should protect and relate to you. To grow long hair, you should develop a detailed personal routine. This is a daily commitment that will help your hair grow strong. Whether your real hair or not, we want to keep from losing or damaging hair. Have patience with your hair care and experiment with these various lasting styles:
  • Braided Ponytail Designs - rather than a regular ponytail, take yours to another level with braids (or similar) to keep a hold for days
  • Hair Clips and Jewelry - great for taking your look to another level; adds personality and aesthetic feel
  • Twists or Braids Styles - timeless protective styling that will forever amaze people
  • Sleek Bun/Ponytail - a polished, sexy tied back look is perfect for keeping the hair in place and out of the face
  • Multi-Ponytail - we want more out of our ponytails, so don’t settle for just one!

Holding Styles

Nothing beats letting your hair down naturally. The carefreeness you feel when your hair is free is riveting. We want to be able to do more; this is why the future is simultaneous. You can take care of your hair, allow it to grow as long as you'd like, and not worry about any breakage or shedding if you take care of it properly. We encourage refraining from loose hair to minimize tangles, shedding, or catching onto things (it happens); especially when dealing with long hair that is past mid-back length. At that point, you have to be extremely cautious and delicate when dealing with your hair. This should not keep you thinking that your hair is never safe down. It is! And we’ve come up with styles that can help protect your hair as you show off your length.
  • Tucked Back Styles (Kim K inspired) - the future doesn’t stray from simplicity
  • Exposed Bobby Pin - a fun new trend for looks and hold
  • Half up/down styles - get you a woman who can do both, okay?
  • Faux Hawk - illusions are exciting, just as this style is
  • Side-Braid - protect your hair a little more with a side braid that runs through your hair to keep it together, try different braid techniques too

Special Occasions

When it is time to step outside the box or to show out, we can ensure the spotlight by letting our look speak for itself, from the hair to the shoes. Futuristic hairstyles are meant to have heads turn; they are intended to be loud and avant-garde. The most fun part about getting to dress up for events is getting to flaunt a new facade. I’ve gathered some of the most interesting, innovative styles for you to consider for your next affair. Everything here is designed to be distinctive and have all eyes on you.

Gravity Defying

As I stated earlier, kinky-haired sisters are magical in many ways - including hair that naturally defies gravity. If that’s not futuristic enough for you, I’m not sure what else to tell you. But what I can say is that others can have the chance to rock their version of gravity-defying hair in many ways. With enough hairspray or gel, of course, you can transform your hair to a range of styles that can stand on their own. Take a look at Russian TV personality, Elena Lenina. Her hair choices scream wild, but she’s setting trends, and many don’t even know it yet. With her big hair, she created a plethora of styles at the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival. Check out her looks; the crazier the hair, the more inspiration for you.

Artistic Hair

I think sometimes we forget that hair is not only that but also art. For some, doing different hairstyles can bring in money, others it is a getaway, and some simply for fun. Whatever your reasoning, we are each creating something every day, profound or not. So take care of your art, tend to it daily, and go wherever your mind takes you when designing your look. So no matter your hair length or type, you can find ways to sculpt your hair into unique styles. Try finger waves with long hair, or adding some hair to transform your bun into a rose. For natural girls, try geometric sculpting designs. Patterns form through braids, coloring, or texture. Accessories are cool too, so don’t forget to personalize it. This is where your creativity has no limit, so turn your head into a masterpiece.

Tapered Cuts

I haven't seen two tapered cuts that look alike. When you cut your hair to frame your face, the look is unique to you since it will not look the same on anyone else. The classic, edgy chick rocks a bold spiky haircut. With an advanced feel already, it is perfect to wear now at any length. Even if spikes aren't your preference, you can still wear a tapered cut with curls and ensure they are defined! The definition is what allows it to give off dynamic vibes.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you your art is weird or not good enough. It is okay to be intentional with the way you do things, even if it doesn't favor the norm. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Let anything inspire you, always think outside the box, and never settle for less. To the average person, they would believe dramatic hairstyles solely belong to the rich and famous, but they're for everyone!

Busy Hairstyles

You probably thought it would be tacky to have a hairstyle that was half straight and half curly. I didn't even know it was possible to achieve such a look until I saw it on the runway! Runway hairstyles are also meant to be an inspiration, so pay close attention and prepare for the upcoming season. Whether it is a few styles in one, like Jean-Paul Lespagnard’s collection in 2015, or your own invention, you can make any busy hairdo look good with proper styling. There’s a way to be extra without going overboard, so be mindful of your entire ensemble.

Pixel Coloring

Highlights and streaks are fine for the subtle color change, but now pixel coloring is a new, fun way to add colors and designs. Here’s the catch though, this style can only go with sleek, straight hair. If this isn’t your natural hair, this will not be seen easily so you can commit to creating a wig or weave that will allow you to achieve this style without heat or color damage to your real hair. Because of the placement of each color for each pixel, this style should be done by a professional. Edgy styles like these require touch-ups or great care to ensure they stay… well, digital.

Signature Looks

When I think of Justine Skye, I always remember her love for the color purple, as the majority of her hairstyles are with purple hair. We all know and love Ariana Grande, who rocked her flirty ponytail nonstop for the longest. Even Janelle Monae is always looking for the next retro updo to wow us with. The common fact here is that each one of these women has found a signature look to go to when dealing with current or future hairstyles. The main idea when changing your hair is that no matter how many different styles you do, to remain true to yourself and to express your individuality with confidence.

Coming soon

From what I’ve seen around me and especially on social media, I have a few predictions for upcoming future trends this summer. Take a look at these and see which look you’d wear and be part of the firsts for the newest trends.

Neck bangs

Exactly what you are thinking, this is making the back of your hair shorter than the rest so it can hang just like a bang. Technically, this is the opposite of a mullet. It’s actually a dope style, just like the undercut that makes a statement from behind. If you wear your hair down, it might not be as noticeable, but with any updo or hat, you can efficiently work with your neck bang.

Wet hairstyles

The purposeful wet-all-day hairstyle is perfect for when you’re at an outdoor event, and it suddenly rains. At that point at least your hair is the least of your worries! This is just a sexy, slicked style that allows you to feel fresh and free. It's appropriate for any time of the day and is doable with any hair type. Extremely easy to attain, it only takes a few products for keeping your hair looking sleek all day.

Extra edges

When I think of extra edges, the first person who comes to mind is FKA Twigs. She styles her baby hairs down so long to create designs (and even words!). If you can lay your edges down enough to create a little style of their own, go ahead! Please note that if your hair does not favor this style, it is best to refrain from it rather than forcing it. The last thing you want to do with delicate styles like these is experience hair loss or damage, especially in the front.

Determining Your Look

To recap, the future is all about doing the impossible, figuring out the unknown, paying tribute, recognizing greatness in a plethora of ways, and so much more. So, no matter who you are and what your preference is, there's a hairstyle in the future waiting to accentuate you perfectly. We want to stop the feeling that we can't wear a particular hair color or style. The way the hair game is changing and society is evolving; there's something for everyone. Do not be afraid to test the waters and find out what else works for you!
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