10 best hairstyles to rock with bangs

10 Best Hairstyles To Rock With Bangs

Forever timeless, bring your classic bang looks up a notch this season.

Ending With A Bang

As we approach the end of the year, it becomes a great time to try the latest protective styles.

A new season means a new you, so go for some flair and edge. No matter what features you have or how your personality is, you can find some inspiration here to achieve your hairstyle.

We can enjoy our favorite hairstyles even more by wearing them in different ways. You can transform any style with a bang to personalize your look. Experiment with various natural hairstyles to showcase the versatile beauty of curly and kinky hair types!

For many of us, hair is a big part of our identity and feeling comfortable with more hairstyles increases confidence.


Box Braided Bangs

You can never go wrong with classic box braids.

If you wear braids of the same length and style, you can make them more exciting with bangs. There are also many ways to go about it! You can simply have braids short enough in the front to create bangs or style your braids to create a bang illusion.

Many women hear of braid bangs but prefer original styles to be able to switch up their look. Who said those with braids and bangs couldn’t do more? You can wear a cute bob, slay those inches, and wear styles up or down. You never have to worry about your bangs looking a mess when they fall right into place. Add beads or clips for a unique look, and don’t forget that leather jacket!

Take your hairstyle to the next level with braided bangs. Braiding your braids for even thicker braids helps to create chic looks. You can make chunky braids by braiding the front section of your braids into about three bigger braids. From this, you can shape them anyway into your desired bang style. Pin-up bangs are the easiest since you can swoop them around the top or side of your head and spiral the ends around to tuck them in.

Secure with bobby pins and just play around until your bang placement is exactly how you want it.


Taking care of this style

To ensure lasting styles, care for your braids throughout your wear.

At night, be sure to protect your braids or twists from frizz by covering your hair with a satin scarf or pillowcase. Don’t forget your roots have to stay moisturized, so you have to do whatever it takes to tend to them as often as you can.

Whether it is spritzing with water, or using your best moisturizer between braids, make sure your hair stays hydrated. Depending on how long you keep your braids in, be sure to include a wash or two during your style. Get rid of buildup after weeks of wearing and guarantee fresh-smelling braids.

Whenever necessary, you can redo the front or the perimeter of your hair to extend your style time.

Afro (Natural) Bang

Sometimes I feel like we don’t appreciate the natural bang shaped by our afros.

Any curly or kinky-haired beauty can rock this simple style effortlessly at any length. Usually, as hair grows, it falls onto our face by nature (and gravity). It doesn’t always have to be the longer, bigger afros that include bangs. Our TWA’s can thrive from twist outs, perm rods, Bantu knots, or hair pieces.

Depending on your hair type, you can style your afro into a tapered cut or a full fro with hairs falling over your forehead. You can comb your hair out thoroughly or use methods for definition. Afro wigs or crochet hair are great for more realistic hairstyles for those with shorter hair.

Allowing your curls to flourish is one of the best things a carefree black girl can do!


Taking care of this style

There’s no way you can rock a natural afro without protecting your tresses. Even if it is a wig, you have to care for the curls!

Any coily, bouncy hair needs to be moisturized, tended to and handled gently. Besides washing hair, you have to hydrate as often as every day, according to your texture.

Tighter curls are the driest since it is more difficult for moisture to penetrate through. You need to use water-based products to help soften your hair before detangling. And when you do comb your hair, you want to do so from root to tip carefully.

Twisting or braiding your afro during the evening helps to protect it overnight from becoming flat and knotted.

Frohawk Bang

The “Frohawk” is a natural hairstyle styled as a Mohawk, just better.

Most of the time, the hair in the front falls naturally onto the forehead, just as an afro does. The styles to create your frohawk though, are endless. Many bloggers online have slayed this style, and a lot of naturalistas have grown fond of this look once their hair grew after a big chop.

Frohawks are versatile and can be styled any way according to your hair length and type. For those with medium to long hair types, you can Bobby pin or tie the hair into place. Starting with damp, moisturized hair, you can add definition. Go by twisting the hair either before or during styling.

If you have shorter hair, then you can also look into crochet methods that allow for extra volume and length. This look is all about freestyling until you find the shape and style that’s easy enough for you to do.

Even if you are a beginner, don’t be intimidated by the idea of elaborate hairstyles; there are more straightforward ways.


Taking care of this style

If your technique is as simple as Bobby pins only, you can easily remove them to have full access to your scalp to moisturize and clean it.

However, for styles that could last for days or weeks, be sure to maintain your roots daily. Using the same technique as boxed braids, try to spritz with water or moisturize in between any parts to keep the hair looking shiny and nourished.

Pineapple Bang Updo

Who else is with me when reaching pineapple length is goals?

Although the pineapple method is known for night routines, you can style this in a way to wear curly bang updos throughout the day. This is one of those hairstyles you can get with scarves or headbands for unique wear. It is effortless and lasts for days.

All you need to do is bring all your hair up towards your face and allow the curls to hang over like a bang! You can also wear the high pony and create bangs in the front with your natural hair. It is an excellent style for all hair types and lengths. The same way we can get the definition for our afros, we can use here. Never tell a woman with a TWA that she has limited her number of styles to wear!

You can wear your bangs to the side, down the middle, or right over your forehead.

Taking care of this style

This style is so wearable that you can take it right to bed or and wake up ready to go in a flash. It is also easy enough to take down to deep condition and treat as often as needed. Whenever your strands don’t feel as lively, you can disguise the frizz with different scarf styles until you get to wash day.

Short Cut/Pixie Bangs

Even if you’ve recently had to big chop, or if you prefer shorter over longer hair, then there are some options for you as well. Pixie or tapered cuts can imitate a frohawk, just by the bang. The short cut around the head leaves small curls and coils around that “bloom” in the front.

If you need to add some extensions for volume, or to use some gel or pomades to define your curls, go ahead; whatever allows you the fullness in front to hang over into the bang of your choice down your forehead. A lot of women also use the opportunity to color their hair while it’s short for bolder looks. Just make sure a professional colors your hair safely.

Tapered cuts grow out evenly into heart-like natural shape, so it’s great to wear one!


Taking care of this style

Since this hairstyle, you can go through your regular hair regimen as needed.

If you have any hair pieces available for reuse, you can keep them moisturized and clean just as your natural hair. The LOC method is simple enough for keeping up with your hairs hydration but also be mindful of the product buildup after daily uses.

Bump Bangs

I'm not even going to lie, when I was in middle school, I was rocking the bump bangs like there was no tomorrow.

They’ve fallen out of style a bit, but we can bring them back and better than ever with bumped methods that add volume. The looks created from these bangs are adaptable to any natural hairstyle which creates more diversity within protective styles.

To create your bangs, pull your front hairs back and pin them back. Most naturalistas have full, thick hair, so teasing the strands may not be necessary. But for bigger bumps, you can tease your strands and wear into any style of your choice. Popular styles include high ponytails with braids and loose curls.

It is a very sophisticated look and can transform into an everyday one.


Taking care of this style

Ponytail styles are chic, but can easily damage your tresses if not styled and appropriately maintained.

Make sure the style does not pull up too tight since it might cause tension. I’ve learned some hacks for updos by either applying a serum to your hair or saturating your ties in oils for smooth fitting. Styles you wear for special occasions should only last a few days.

You want to be stylish and also safe when it comes to your hairstyles.

Middle part Bangs

One of the most popular types of bangs, this style fits for everyone.

It can be styled to frame your face, and you can wear straight, wavy, or curly. The bangs can be as long or short as you’d like and you can style anyhow. Using your bangs to enhance your look gives a style that seems perfect for you only. No one is you, and that is your power.

Show your strength and personality with the design of your choice.


Taking care of this style

When people see you, your bangs become the door people look at before seeing you.

Split ends and damage from the climate factor into our cuts, so we want to do so carefully. Always pay attention to your ends when caring for your hair. They are the oldest and driest part.

If you're going to continue your bangs at a certain length, it is best to let a professional cut it.

Single coil/twist bangs

I love seeing women rock short to medium coil or twist styles.

A lot of people think wearing this kind of style is for children, but they haven’t seen it styled differently yet! I’ve noticed so many black girls embracing their natural hair, so we should look out for more protective styles that we can wear out.

Finger coils and twists protect hair from tangling and retains more moisture than free hair. These styles shield your natural hair and provide low maintenance to encourage strength and growth.

Finger detangling is the best way to keep from knots and shedding that you may experience from rough or little manipulation. When you become more patient with your hair, you learn more about what it needs to thrive. While taking the time to clean and style your hair, you can go for a cute, short look.

Bringing the coils towards the front can imitate a tapered cut which can help with your growing out process.

Taking care of this style

Usually, women who wear consistent twists or coils, dread their hair or prepare for optimal hair health and length.

Finding the beauty in natural hairstyles can help a lot of women and girls suffering from alopecia, excessive shedding, hair loss, or breakage. Taking the time to apply and seal moisture into your hair as of as needed will help any damage you may be suffering from.

Too much styling or manipulation can sometimes do more harm than good, so it is great to give your hair a break and look good doing it.

Asymmetrical Bangs

Another bold style to try includes asymmetrical bangs.

Blunt bobs can be more than straight, classic bangs. You can style your short hairstyle to one side and let your bang flow in the direction of the longer side. You can wear it straight or curly and showcase your fashion sense.

Messy, short bangs can also give an edge to your look if that’s what you like.


Taking care of this style

Take care of your bangs the way you would with any other type of bang hairstyle.

The only main concern would be when your hair begins to grow out, or you’re ready for something new. This look would be best styled with a wig or using hairpieces to ensure the length of your natural hair isn’t too uneven. Be very patient and sure when you style your hair, and consult a professional whenever you get a chance.

Your hair can do anything you want, just treat it with lots of love!

Colored Bangs

Maybe classic bangs are your thing, but try something new by styling your bangs with a pop of color this season. Try face-framing highlights or rocking a new color altogether. Streaks and under-colors are all styles we once loved that we can fall in love with all over again.

Taking care of this style

You can color your bangs on their own for an advanced look, but that can only be done by a professional.

If coloring your hair was the worst thing you could put your hair through, then we wouldn’t ever do it. It only becomes harmful when we use the wrong chemicals or mishandle the process. Everything in excess is never encouraged, so it all depends on how you handle it.

So if you choose to follow standard procedure, you can rock colored bangs that allow you to feel like a new you.


Best Fringe Forever (BFF)

Hopefully, I have inspired you to take a look into the many different ways you can cut and style your bang.

I also hope we will forever take into account how important it is to appreciate the styles we used to love and how we can recycle old looks. We don’t need to feel like we can never wear certain hairstyles because we won’t look good, there’s something for everyone!

Take a step out of your comfort zone this fall by looking into different ways to rock your bang hairstyles. You’ll find by adhering to your natural hair’s demands; you’ll be able to have the confidence to wear your healthy tresses naturally!

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