It's Getting Hot In Here! 20 Hairstyles to Beat This Summer's Heat

Effortless Slay Through Hot Temps!

The sun is out, and the heat is on! I don't know about the rest of you, but summer is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The music is excellent, the cookouts or delicious, and the hairstyles are down right beautiful! It can be challenging to slay during the summertime when you're fighting the heat and humidity due to the sun. Protective hairstyles are a must during the warmer weather seasons, and you can still look flawless at the same time. So, if you're ready to step into the summer with a new hairdo, and some new confidence you should check out this fabulous list of 20 hairstyles to beat this summer's heat.

Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids had made a massive comeback since the early 90's. This look has become the greatest protective and summer hairstyle. Crochet styles that young women are wearing now have more of a realistic feel, giving the appearance that it could be your natural hair. What are the reasons we love this hairstyle you might ask? Well, one it is a lot faster to get done than other protective styles. Two, your real hair is safe underneath all of the extensions; you'll never have to worry about chlorine from the pool damaging your hair. Lastly, this style can last you up to two months if taken care of appropriately! If you are considering a new look for the summertime, then crochet braids should be your go-to style!


I have always been a fan of the bob hairstyle; it just screams edginess. I'm glad to say that these chic haircuts are here to stay. A short cute bob will help keep that long hair off your neck, and out of your face. With all this heat we don't need our long hairdo making us even hotter. What is also great about this look is that the less hair you have, the easier it is to maintain. I know we all hate the frizzy and kinky outcome that the sun's rays may have on our hair, but with the right bob and right products, this style can be a lifesaver. This look doesn't only have to be straight. So, if you want to spice this form up, you should add some voluminous curls to set it off. If you've tried every protective hairstyle in the book and are looking for something new, the bob may be the perfect choice for those long summer nights.

Box Braids

For as long as I can remember, whenever summer time would roll around, I would always get my hair braided. And of course, the most common style I'd get were box braids. Now, this epic and iconic hairstyle is one for the books. Although you'll be sitting in a chair for hours and hours, the result is so worth it. This style is great if you want to keep your natural hair protected from heat, the sun, or any other harmful chemicals that may come in contact with your hair. Box braids look amazing for that vacation with the hubby, or a girl's trip with your besties. There is nothing more even to say; this is one hairstyle that will be here to stay! For an extra edge, try adding color or doing larger box braids. Any way you work it, you are sure to slay the summer with this look honey!

Senegalese Twists

Senegalese twists also known as rope twists have been around since I was a little kid. This style takes a little less time to install than the traditional box braids hairstyle. This look will keep your natural hair growing and looking healthy all throughout the summertime. You can wear your rope twists half up/half down, a top knot bun, high ponytail, or even a braided updo. The way you can style this hairdo is endless, and it will protect your mane from the suns heat. So, if you need some summer hair ideas, you should give these Senegalese twists a spin!

Faux Locs

Faux locs are another breathtaking protective hairstyle for you to try this summer. This hair trend is so surprising because, it looks, feel, and resembles real dreadlocks but without the long-term commitment. Faux locs have about three layers of synthetic extensions to cover your natural hair, this adds for extra protection against any chemicals or the suns heat. Faux locs take a few hours to complete if doing it on your own, but again the result will all be worth it. If you haven't tried this style before you should make sure the extensions aren't too tight on your roots, you don't want your scalp getting irritated or hair falling out due to too much tension. Now that you know the ins and outs, I am so ready to see you all slay this fantastic look this summer!


Shaving your hair all off may be extreme but talk about the perfect way to protect your locs from the summer heat. I know most women are scared to cut their hair short, due to thoughts that they will lose sex appeal or look less feminine. Well, I hope these pictures of these fantastic young women rocking their shaved heads will give you some confidence to do so yourself. Although I have never cut my hair short, I have heard it is the most liberating feeling ever, to feel the breeze running through your scalp is a satisfying feeling a close friend of mine told me. What's great about this style is that it gives you a fresh beginning, a chance to start over with healthier and thicker hair. So, if you've got the guts to shave off all your hair, then show us what you got by trying this beautiful summer hairstyle.

Fulani Braids

Fulani Braids seem to be its separate category when it comes down to cornrows. This fantastic hairstyle was the hottest thing to happen in 2017, and it seems to be carrying out all the way into the new year. These braids are by the Fulani people, who are an ethnic group that lives throughout parts of West and East Africa. This style is known for incorporating some very distinct details that I will tell you.

Here are the four standard patterns that makeup Fulani Braids:

  • One or Two cornrows braided backward on the side of your head.
  • One cornrow braided down the center of your head from front to back.
  • Added shells, beads, or gold clips throughout the braids.
  • Sometimes an attached twist wrapped around the perimeter of your head.
Now that you know how to accomplish this style I wouldn't be surprised if you're calling your hair stylist right now to get these fantastic braids done. Get ready to slay this summer look.

Pixie Cut

Pixie Cuts have been a fan favorite for years now. From movie stars to runway models, this awesome hairstyle can shake your summer look up. If you've never tried short hair, there's nothing to worry about, that's what extensions and wigs are here for ladies. Pixie cuts are a perfect summer style simply because long hair will not be getting in your way and making you even more uncomfortable and hot. You can style this look in so many ways, from swooped bangs, shaved sides, or even a Mohawk. What's also great about this cut is that it is so easy to maintain and will leave you plenty of time left over in the morning to get dressed and ready. If you're looking for a bold hairstyle to conquer this summer, then pixie cut is the style to try!


Cornrows are the perfect style to keep your hair looking flawless and protected from the summer's heat. Having this hairstyle helps keep the attention on your face and outfit. But we all know the real reason we love cornrows so much because they are the ultimate protective hairstyle. Your natural hair is safe from the sun's harmful rays, and chemicals from the pool or hair products that you use will not get the chance to damage those lovely strands since they are all covered up. Lastly, we love cornrows because of all the versatile ways we can style them. You can wear your braids straight back; edges laid, jumbo, micro, and the list go on. If you're looking for a hot hairstyle that will last all through the summer, you should give this hairstyle a try.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are the perfect summer hairstyle, think of them as two looks in one. To achieve this style divide your hair into as much as 6 or 12 sections. Next, you want to apply any hair moisturizer and the parts and twist each section, then make them into mini buns. There you have it, cute and sexy Bantu knots, and after you've rocked them in this style, you can take them out and wear your hairs natural curls without having to apply heat. Rihanna wears her hair in Bantu knots to award shows and man was that a beautiful sight to see. Hopefully, you all will be inspired to try this unique hairstyle this summer.

Side High Ponytail

A high ponytail to the side is such a summer look. All I can think about is pairing this look with some big hoop earrings, and having fun with my girls at a skating rink. This hairstyle is very versatile; you can add extensions, clip-ins, or synthetic hair to add more volume. This ponytail looks even more fun when you add color or hair jewelry too. Remember that you don't have to just leave the excess hair in the ponytail straight, but you can twist it, curl it, or even add little rubber bands to create a bubble effect. So, if you're ready to swing that ponytail everywhere you go, try this style during this summer season.

Two Goddess Braids

Goddess braids have been a go-to summer style for some years now. Not only is it affordable, but super fabulous. You can describe this hairstyle as oversized cornrows; you can use your natural hair or extensions for a more exaggerated look. Although these goddess braids are a fantastic look, they do have a reputation for not last that long. It all depends on how well you wrap and treat your hair when you have this style. Make sure to invest in a headscarf, a bonnet, or silk pillow sheets, all of these things will help your goddess braids last longer. Don't forget to lay down those baby hairs to finish off the look right. Try this double braided beauty as soon as the warm weather rolls around.

Twist Out

This hairstyle is for my natural hair beauties. I know sometimes it is possible to have weird reactions or breakouts on your scalp when adding synthetic or human hair weave to your head. So, I thought it would be best to talk about a lovely protective hairstyle you can try on your natural hair. A twist out is a fabulous go-to style for the summer; it keeps your hair moisturized and leaves you with bouncy, voluminous curls. If you leave your hair in the twists overnight, the look will last a lot longer. Twist outs can last up to three days, and when the curls begin to fall too much, you can always re-do them. This style may take a little bit of time in the morning, but worth it in the end. Give this hairstyle a try for the summer time.

Tips to remember when doing a two strand twist out:

Tip #1

Make sure hair is clean and conditioned

Tip #2

Detangle hair with a wide-toothed comb

Tip #3

Use soft oil or hair butter to maintain sheen and healthiness.

Bun Mohawk

Faux-Hawks or Bun-Hawks, whatever you want to call them, we are entirely in love with them this year. This hairstyle is simple and very exotic looking, I'll take give you some steps on how to complete this look.

Step #1

You want to part your hair into three sections; the segments should be from ear to ear.

Step #2

Next start on one section at a time, brush up or gel the sides.

Step #3

Now get your rubber bands or hair ties and place the hair into a cute bun or puffball. Repeat this step with the other two sections of hair. You can tease the hair in each section to make the buns more prominent, and once they are the size you want, make sure that they are close enough to connect with one another. This style is great for vacation, and it only takes a few seconds to touch up. I hope to see a lot of young ladies rocking this faux hawk look this summer.


Afros are elegant, breathtaking, and downright beautiful! I know taking care of natural hair can be frustrating, but if you're one of the few people who love wearing their curly coiled tresses I'm here to tell you that they look amazing for the summer time. You don't always have to wear your Afro with your natural hair; if you are a fan of this look, you can still achieve it by purchasing kinky hair extensions or purchasing a wig. No matter what ends you go through to make this hairstyle, everyone will love it from the start to the finish of summer!

Side Twist With Low Bun

This style is also a good one for my natural hair ladies. Side twists placed into a low bun look perfect for any occasion. It's a great look to keep that hair off of your neck and away from your face. You can part your hair down the middle, or to whichever side you like. Then all you have to do is twist your hair starting from the top of your head, down to the edge, and then place into one perfectly neat bun. So, if you're looking for an everyday summer hairstyle to try, then the twisted hairdo is the perfect look.

Halo Braid

The halo braid is very similar to the crown braid. Unless you have incredibly long hair, this still is most likely done with the added help of some hair extensions. Don't worry though, because I will give you specific tricks on how to achieve the crown look without adding extra hair. Halo Braids last for a long time as well, so make sure you're wrapping your hair at night to maintain this perfect summer hairstyle.

Custom Wig

A custom wig has to be one of the ultimate protective summer hairstyles to try this year; reason being is that it's so easy to take care of that natural hair that is growing underneath. Now, ever since I have discovered wigs they have been my life, I get the opportunity to take care of my natural hair and see its growth, while still maintaining a beautiful look. Owning a wig will cut your morning routine in half. So, say goodbye to plenty of time wasted on brushing, combing, or flat ironing your hair. All you must do now is slay that makeup, throw on your wig, and you are ready to go. If you are planning to get a custom wig made for you Private Label Extensions offers a variety of human hair weaves you could try. Take my advice, if you want to look bomb this summer then buying or making a wig is the way to go!

Trick #1

If you are one of those people who are fortunate to have long hair, then you're in luck. All you'll have to do is cornrow or do a Dutch braid along the edge of your hairline then wrap the finished product around your head and pin it. This method will give you the illusion of wearing a crown.

Trick #2

If you have medium length hair, then you can do two big cornrows down each side of your hair. Try braiding it loosely and not tight, that way it still gives the effect of a large crown.

Trick #3

Lastly, if you have short natural hair what you'll need to do is slick down your natural hair with some eco styler gel and place into a low bun.
  • Next, you want to use one full pack of synthetic hair and make into one big braid.
  • Once you have done the last step, add the extension to the low bun with a hair tie or rubber band. You want to make it to where there is a long braid going down each side of your head.
  • Now, for the fun part wrap the braid around your head until it ends, then you can pin it into place.

Short Braids

Short braids give me such the 90s and early 2000's vibe. This hairdo is a protective style just like regular box braids; it's just the length is a little bit shorter. I love this hairstyle, it frames your face so well and adds a fun and flirtatious vibe to your overall look. What's even better about this style is that it won't be as costly since you're cutting in half the amount of hair you would typically use for box braids. So, if you're in the mood for a trendy, chic, collarbone length look, then these little-braided beauties are a must have for the summer time.

Pineapple Bun

The pineapple bun looks so cute during the warm weather, especially when you pair it with a stylish head visor. This hairstyle gives you the chance to show off those curls. The idea is to place your hair in a loose, messy ponytail, and just let those lovely strands fall where they may. You can try this style with a wig as well, just make sure to cover your edges with a stylish, or decorative headband to hide any imperfections. The Pineapple bun gives you the opportunity to not get too hot from your hair lying on your face or resting on top of your shoulders. This look is the perfect everyday hairstyle to conquer through those long summer nights, so let us know if you give this look a try.

Is Your Hair Ready for The Summer?

There you have it! 20 rocking hairstyles to help you conquer the summer's heat. Give one a try; heck you should give them all a go if you can. The summer is the perfect time to experiment with different styles, and most importantly to protect that natural hair. So, grab some sunscreen, pull out that bikini, and call up your hair stylist, because these looks are a must have for the summertime. If you thought this post was helpful, please let us know how in the comments down below!

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