best easy hairstyles for thin hair

Best Easy Hairstyles for Thin Hair!

Thin Hair is Not Always a Life Sentence Ladies

Is your hair naturally thin? Or do you struggle with finding styles that help to keep your hair intact (Check out this article: why is my hair so thin)? Or maybe your hair has thinned out over time from the improper use of weaves, relaxers, high manipulation, tight ponytails, heat styles and braids. Many women struggle with maintaining styles for their thinning hair and sometimes even feel like all hope died for their locs. While that is the old way of thinking, there are so many ways to accommodate your thin hair aside from chopping it all off out of frustration!

Braided Styles to Stimulate Growth

While frowned on, braids help to stimulate growth when done correctly or to protect your hair. If you want to help your hair when getting braids accurately, it is said to soak your braiding hair in apple cider vinegar, and hot water to relinquish the itchiness and friction between your hair and the weaved in hair. The braiding styles you choose also have so much to do with the stress and tension on your hair. Avoid picking styles that tug on your hair or cause braids to slide because you risk breaking off more pieces of hair. You also need some essential tools to make sure that your hair is taken care of when in the protective style. A few tools that you need to take care of your braids are:


  • Light oil for your scalp
  • A satin scarf, bonnet, or pillowcase for when you go to sleep at night.
  • Shea Butter to smooth on your braids while braiding.
  • Leave in conditioner spray
  • Wild Growth hair oil to help create thickness
When choosing braiding styles, the bigger the braids, the better. Opt for box braids, goddess braids, Ghana braids and straight back braids. While these are manipulative styles, they do not forfeit so much tension on your hair as the style progresses. Appropriately using the oils and satin fabrics will not only preserve your style but keep your hair soft and fresh for when you begin to take the style down.

Sew Ins for Thin Hair

Much like the braiding method, you incorporate braiding hair into this style to prevent tension and pulling your already thin hair beyond its capacity. Using the apple cider vinegar method is beneficial here as well so that the hair will not irritate your scalp. Considering that you are getting a sew-in, you have to remember that styles such as cornrows cause more tension on your hair regardless of the structure of the braids. Cornrows are used as the anchor braids for your sew in and adding braiding hair to thin hair helps to keep your style for longevity and structure. The form of your sew in can vary from a full sew in style to one that includes a leave out to make your thin hair appear fuller. Now that you have secured your anchor braids, you have to consider what you will do about your leave out. When doing leave out styles, it is as essential to protect the leave out as much as what is under your bundles. Protecting your bundles is crucial, but your leave out requires as much attention. Your leave out will need to be adequately washed, oiled with a light serum and will require a heat protectant. Depending on the type of bundles you have you will only need to use minimal heat. For example, if you purchase a deep wave bundle set, you will do a light blow dry and flexi rod set. Not only does this aid in protecting your hair but it extends the longevity of your style.

Flexi Rods, Perm Rods and Bantu Knot Styles for Thin Hair

So maybe weaves are not your thing. All of this talk about protective styles with braids and weaves only leaves room for the girls who want to style their hair to alleviate the tension of weaves and braids. Flexi rods and perm rods are such amazing tools when you want to create fuller styles for your thin hair. These tools not only create volume but give the illusion that your hair is so much fuller than what it is, which creates room for fun updos, puffs, and more prominent hairstyles. Don’t know where to start? Here is a checklist of everything you will need below:
  • Finger detangle before going in with a comb to prevent extensive breakage.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to finish the detangling process.
  • Light oils such as argan oil or Jamaican black castor oil (a little goes a long way!) to grease your scalp
  • Flexi rods or perm rods in two to three sizes.
  • Mousse
  • Banana clips
  • A hair pick
  • You will begin by splitting your hair into sections. Most people prefer quadrant sections, but any size parts your prefer work just as well.
You will then take a subsection, place a dime size amount of mousse on your hair, smooth it in and use either the flexi rod or perm rod and twist it toward the root of your hair. Be sure that you are smoothing out the ends of your hair with a rat tail comb to prevent frizzy ends.

Take Care of All Sections

Repeat the steps until all sections are completed and let dry overnight or under a hooded dryer on low to medium heat. To accommodate your thin hair, I recommended using more flexi rods or perm rods for the fuller look. When it comes to taking down your hair, you need to apply oil to your hands and gently unravel the rods from root to tip and then separate for maximum volume. For even more volume pick your hair at the roots and go for an updo with bobby pins or a cotton hair band.

Cut It Off Girl

Sometimes, the best resource is to cut it off and start again. With short hairstyles, they do not always have to be a bore though! Short hairstyles offer so many options like a slicked-back style, to a pixie cut, to a spiked style or even a short natural style like a teeny weeny afro. Any woman can rock one, and any haircut can frame her personality for her to grow into as her style evolves. A few things that you need to consider before you chop is that you have should probably have a hair consultation before the cut. Ask your stylist if you need to deep condition, steam treat or have a hot oil treatment to get your scalp in order.

Be Realistic!

Also, be a little realistic about what you want in your cut. Go to your stylist with a mood board from Pinterest or a specific style of what you are looking for, or we could even go as far as looking for something that frames your face appropriately. You cuts can have flavor sis. The most significant thing to remember is that you may not always know what you want until you visualize yourself with it. There are bowl cuts, blunt bangs, choppy bangs, pixie cuts, fades and so many more to choose from when doing a significant chop. The main idea is to remember is that just because you have thin hair does not mean that you have to put yourself in a box of limp styles and low ponytails. There are so many options to pick from that there is a style for every woman with thin hair.

Thin Hair Will Not Always Be That Bad

Considering that thin hair is an effect of high manipulation or genetics, there is always something that you can do to improve the overall look. Having thin hair will not be that bad forever, but it will take some time to figure out what works for you and what does not. Remember, treating your hair is like having a child when you want to see it flourish you have to nurture its needs! I know that having thin hair is not always the wanted choice, but it is unique. Trying different styles not only helps you figure out what you like but eases you to try new techniques and cuts. Having thin hair if anything is a hair challenge that not everyone is made for and requires particular time and treatment to figure out as time progresses.
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