hairstyles you can rock even with a bad haircut

Hairstyles You Can Rock Even with A Bad Haircut

Don't Let A Bad Haircut Leave You in A Bad Mood

I know we all have our days where our hair doesn't want to cooperate with us in any way shape, way, or form. Bad hair days are bound to happen, but a lousy haircut not so much. If there were ever a call for a beauty emergency, a messed-up hairdo would be the reason. I know we would all love to be patient and let our tresses grow out, but that won't help the problem in the meantime. You need to have solid options at hand if you ever deal with the inconvenience of getting a ratchet haircut. The truth is we could all use some tips on how to handle a messy tame. Especially ways that don't involve wearing a hat or hiding away in your room all day. We don't want you to fear the idea of getting a trim, but we do know that there is a small chance that it may not turn out the way you want it too. We did some extensive research for some inspiration and hairstyles that can spice up a horrible haircut. These looks are so amazing you may find yourself wearing them on your best hair days as well.

Get Wig or Clip-ins

If there is one thing to have when it comes down to a bad hair day, it's a wig. There is nothing hair piece can't cover up, from receding edges to terrible haircuts. Celebrities show us every day that there is no limit to hairstyles or colors that we want to wear. Who knows how Beyoncé's, Rihanna's, or Kylie Jenner's real hair looks like under their clip-ins? You never see what's really going on under their expensive do's and that saying can apply to you as well. If you're someone with medium or long length curls, then extensions are also a great alternative. Clip-ins can easily hide a lousy layering job someone did to your mane; they can fill in the gaps and make your hair fuller in the process. Maybe trying out wigs will help you determine which style you want to try on your hair in the future. At least while your hairdo begins to grow out, you can still manage to look gorgeous with your weave. If that lousy cut is taking its sweet time to grow out that means, you'll have plenty of different wigs to purchase in the meanwhile. Don't worry the prices of these wigs can be cheap, especially if you're looking for something temporary. So, the next time you are in a jam and need a quick fix to invest in a wig or hairpiece.

Shorter Look: Cut Your Hair A Little More

I know chopping off more of your hair is the last thing you probably want to do but trust us it might alleviate the issue. Sometimes getting a lousy haircut could lead to you to a bomb pixie style waiting for you to wear. Getting to your old stylist might come with an awkward moment. So, it would be in your best interest to try out a new hairdresser. This option is the quickest way to resolve the problem, and short hairstyles can look amazing. If you have lousy layering on your tresses go for a blunt cut, these can look edgy and chic. If it was a lop-sided chop, try cutting off a few more inches and go for a cute, sporty pixie cut. If you are already into short hair, then shaving off some more of the length won't hurt you too badly. I will admit that this option is for fearless ladies. If you're someone who doesn't care too much about their locks this method will suit you well. To deal with life's minor inconveniences, we must know how to bounce back quickly. So, the next time you get a terrible haircut to take those scissors and chop it down a few more sizes.

Updo Buns

The simple updo is perfect for anyone dealing with a bad haircut or messy hair day. You can complete this look in minutes, and it will hide the signs of a horrible cut. It works best on medium or long-haired people. But if you have a shorter length, I would use bobby pins to secure any flyways that are in the bun. It's easier to achieve this style if your hair is not washed or dry. The oils you put in your curls will give the method more texture. Be sure to use a hairbrush so your strands will not tangle or knot up in the process. For most people its hard to execute the perfect messy bun, but with a bad haircut, it will look natural. Going the extra step and adding in a headband will help the shorter ends get into the ponytail. One major tip to live by is making sure that you use a strong hair tie. If the elastic band you use is too loose, the shorter strands will not be able to make it into a bun. You don't want to have excessive bobby pins on your head so use these hair accessories to your advantage.

Slick Back Hairstyle

A slick back hairstyle can disguise any lousy haircut no matter if it's on short or long tresses. Sleek hairstyles are not only sexy but super edgy. This hairstyle can cover up and lop-sided cuts or uneven layering on your curls. What we love most about the slick back look is that it only requires two products and one hair tool. All you'll need is water, hair gel, and a bristle brush. The more hair gel or promenade you use, the better, the shorter ends of the strands will lay flat. I would suggest wetting the hair first before adding any extra product into the locks. A little goes a long way, so don't overdo it, when it comes down to gel. You don't want to have a hard looking exterior on top of a crappy haircut, that would make things worse. If one side of your hair is shorter than the other, try creating a deep part or section on your head. Make sure to use your brush to smooth and lay out your edges. This technique will allow you to flatten the shorter side on to your head and still create a fabulous looking style. If you want, you can add a decorative hair clip or accessories to spice up the look. Don't let a lousy haircut keep you from looking sexy, try out this sleek style today!

Rock Some Beautiful Hair Accessories or Head Scarves

The best way to throw off that you got a bad haircut is covering it up with some bomb accessories. Headbands will be your best friend if you have short hair. These helpful products keep flyways, sharp ends, and uneven strands from popping out. There are so many ways to style headscarves; you can wear it in a low bun, top knot, or twist. You'll see the hottest celebrities wearing this style on a lazy Sunday or for a quick stop at the store. What's great about this option is that you don't have to spend a fortune to achieve the look. If you go to your local beauty supply or drug store you will find hundreds of cute accessories at affordable prices. Bandanas are also excellent to wear. This gem is easily the best bad hair day accessory since it comes in so many different colors. You can rock this look on a chill day out to the park with some friends. There are so many beautiful clips and scarves that you can try while you're waiting for your hair to grow back. The trick to wearing these accessories is making sure that that you buy the correct ones. You want these assets to match well with your hair type and personal style. So, before you even encounter a terrible haircut scenario try to stock up on as many hair accessories as possible.

Throw in Some Braids

One good thing that comes out of getting a bad haircut is all the hairstyles you never thought you could try. You can quickly throw in some braids and look flawless. No matter how short your hair is, you can add in extensions to create beautiful goddess braids. This look is not hard to achieve you follow the right steps. You want to make sure you start off with blow-dried hair that way it has a good stretch. What will help is if you slick down your edges with a gel-like eco-styler. Create a part either on the side of your head or straight down the middle. Start braiding your hair from the section and stay close your edges this way you can grab the short pieces of hair. Any strands that can't fit into the braid you can secure with bobby pins. Trust us; this style looks cute on short tresses just as they would on long curls. It's easy to find these kinds of tutorials online and on YouTube if you need some extra help. So, the next time you're suffering from a horrendous hairdo step up your creative side and add in some braids.

Half Up Half Down Bun

If you ever want to embrace the messy look the best time to do it is when you have a terrible haircut. Its easy grab those unruly short pieces of hair and toss them into a top knot bun. All you must do is leave the rest of your hair in the back in its natural state. This hairstyle is so beautiful you'll find yourself doing it even on your good hair days. This hairstyle looks just as impressive on a casual day out as it would be going on a date with bae. You can make this look work for on any length of hair, and it will do a great job of hiding any rough cuts. The ponytail part may be hard to accomplish on shorter tresses. So, use the section of hair on your hairline to create a high-top knot bun. After you put it in an elastic band or hair tie, pin small parts of the ponytail around the scrunchie. This process will create a little bun that will have the fact that your strands are short or cut weird. When you finish the style try using some hairspray to ensure that everything stays in place throughout the day. We can't wait to see how you put this look to use, so don't let a lousy haircut get you down.

Have You Ever Gotten A Bad Haircut Before?

I know having a bad haircut is not the way you would like to start off your day, but you have to prepare for the unexpectable. Surprisingly there are a few definite advantages that come from having a sudden horrible haircut. Having short hair is great for the easy upkeep, and it won't be that hard to manage. Just know that you have all the power to avoid a messed-up hairdo. Make sure that before you step foot into your salon that you know what look you want. Speak to your stylist in a sweet way you don't want an attitude to cost you your good looks. Instead of explaining the style show your stylist an exact picture of the style you want, that way there is no confusion. We will all have at least one bad haircut in our lifetime so its best we know how to handle it now than later. With these alternative hairstyles to try, you can work around the problem in a matter of seconds. So, try to avoid a bad cut at all costs, and be specific in the look you want. If you've ever had a bad haircut experience, we are dying to hear all about how it went down. If you know some other styles to disguise a chopped-up hairdo, please let us know in the comments down below.
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