how hairstylists can count more coins by selling hair extensions

How Hairstylists Can Count More Coins By Selling Hair Extensions

Become an All-In-One Shop for Clients

Private Label Extensions is all about speeding up the growth and success of your hair salon. Whether you are just starting up and in the early stage of solidifying your salon, or you are a veteran in the game trying to figure out more ways to make your shop more money we have just the thing to jump start your business with bundles! In fact, many of you who style hair on the day to day may be missing out or even losing money by not offering premium quality virgin hair to the clients that come to you to get their hair done regularly.

Types Of Entrepreneurial Hairstylists

If you are a hairstylist, you are an entrepreneur. You may or may not be working for or under someone, but you do possess the qualities of an entrepreneur. As a hairstylist, you probably fit in one of the following categories.

The Dream

You dream(ed) of owning your own successful business or working with a certain amount of independence.

The Customer

You have defined your ideal target market by retaining clients and completing some customer discovery through your services.


You have a viable concept that makes money, which in this case is doing hair.

The Team

You have built a team to help you. Note, even if you are doing hair out of your house social media tools like IG, Facebook, and Twitter are all tools that enable you to market your viable product also known as a hairstyle. Scheduling apps like Style Seat or Vargaro aid you in executing efficiently, and Cash App, Paypal, or Square enable you to collect payment. Whether you realize it or not through these apps, you have a full set of employees.

Your Mindset

Now that we have you in the entrepreneurial mindset, it is time to expand your reach as an entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs spend as little as possible by keeping overhead costs and business expenses to a minimum and bring in as much money as possible by doing three things: creating, servicing, and selling.

You are missing out on your coins if you are not selling hair.

Believe it or not, being able to operate an ancillary business or a subsidiary business that supplements your primary business is the one way to put your brand above competing stylists in both clientele quality and profits. Selling hair is the most straightforward ancillary business to start in the hairstyling sector of the beauty industry because unlike product creation it requires the least amount of research and investment if done with the right people. Luckily for you, Private Label Extensions has grades of hair ranging from 7A to RAW Virgin Hair so you have your pick of tested hair qualities, and we also provide a range of hair types in our 8A Brazilian texture so you can cater to a relaxed or natural hair client base.

Selling Hair in Your Salon

If you style hair in a fixed location or storefront, you have the fantastic opportunity to set up a display of all of the hair that you offer. You can use stands and your very own customized packaging including hair tags and bags. A cohesive brand will resonate with your clientele that comes in your shop repeatedly, and requests weave services. With the hair being in your salon they will naturally want to purchase your weave due to the convenience factor. Just having the option to buy their hair extensions and get it done all in one place could make you upwards of $100 on top of the original price of the style.

The Profit

The same scenario holds true with the customers that come into your salon and may not regularly wear weave. You can upsell a style and offer to add in tracks for fullness or length to correctly execute a hairstyle. You can then charge for the completion of the service and the hair used. Your customer will be satisfied with their new look and the impeccable execution, while you will have made an additional $25.00 to $50.00 depending on the number of tracks added.

Selling Hair While Mobile

For those of you thinking that you can only sell hair out of a storefront or salon suite, that is not true. Quality hair extensions will sell regardless of your location. Mobile stylists, you have an advantage here because typically you are bringing all of your products with you when you are traveling to your clients home. It is a little easier to sell the weave to someone who you are going to because you have a one on one interaction with them and they are in an environment that they feel comfortable in, that comfort level will entice them to buy so be sure to take advantage of it. This situation is precisely the time where your selling skills must thrive! Again, the convenience factor is critical here, and you can highlight that an upside to buying the hair from you is that they (your customer) will not have to run out and purchase their hair before you get to them.

Top Quality Styling and Selling

Another tip would be to require that all clients who are wanting a weave service purchase hair from you. This way you can assure the quality of the weave job and product. A clause like this will be vital to building your brand if your client tags you in social media pictures showing off her hairstyle after a few days. Trust me; it is a good look for you and your client if she posts an image on Facebook 3 weeks after you have done her hair and the hair that you provided, now washed and re-curled, still looks fresh and full. Think of it this way; If you are indeed providing a service, you can afford all aspects of it to ensure that you are giving your clients an experience from start to finish while showing how well prepared and professional you are.

Professionalism is Key

That professionalism is what sets you apart from the competition and enables you to charge a little be more for your styling techniques. If a customer is coming to your shop and seeing that you have:

#1 Quality hair to offer

#2 A cohesive brand

#3 An array of styling techniques involving that hair that you have mastered

Customers are not going to mind the fact that the pricing for your services is $5 to $10 higher than the salons across the street or two doors down. They pay for quality and mastery.

Offering Various Options of Hair Extensions

You can also display that mastery by using the hair extensions to expand your service offering. For natural haired clients, it may be a plus for you to offer Brazilian deep wave wig creation or kinky 4c clip ins to help them diversify their styles. A lot of curly naturals may find that they are uncomfortable straightening out their leave out. However, if you offer them the opportunity to purchase a wig that you have created with your Malaysian Straight extension line, you can sell them a unit that costs a little more than the beauty supply store wigs. Close the sale and emphasize the fact that you can customize it to their hairline before they leave the shop Services like that can be worth an easy $250, and you can create the wig outside of salon hours so that you don’t miss out on billable client time.

Price Points for Selling Hair

In fact, let’s dig little deeper into the subject of price points. I’m sure after looking at the number you will see that you make out pretty well by offering hair extensions with your services. For example, The average stylist may charge $180.00 for a basic vixen sew-in. There is little to no leave out, no closure and the client has to provide their hair. However, if you are selling hair and well on your way to establishing yourself as a brand that offers more than the average style, you can charge $180 to $200 for your sew in services and then charge for the hair. If you were to partner with Private Label Extensions, you could sell two bundles of hair to that same client ranging from $90, on the lower end of the scale to $250 on the higher end. Providing the hair would result in a profit anywhere from $45.00 to $120.00 from the sale of the bundles alone. Gain a profit of at least $270.00 per sew-in appointment, while other stylists who do not offer their customers the option to purchase hair extensions directly from them are making only $180.00.

Start Collecting Those Coins!

Last, but not least, selling hair in a storefront or mobile salon that people have access to is the easiest way to make money without having to perform a service. Some customers may come into your shop just to purchase hair and leave! If a customer wants the look and feels that your Vietnamese bundles give style, and you are the for sure place in which they can purchase that hair, customers will come to you for the sole reason that you have what they want. That is what we call “Supply and Demand” it also means that you have made money without spending hours styling and putting in additional work. Remember, the goal of a business is revenue and if you can make income by working smarter and not harder, do that.

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