halo extensions diy approach to adding volume and length

Halo Extensions: DIY Approach to Adding Volume & Length

What are Halo Extensions?

Halo Extensions is an alternative to other hair extension methods! Just as its name states, it is a Halo of hair extensions that go on your head to achieve any desired look.

There's a thin wire that's attached to the hair extensions and forms a. The hair extensions are grouped on the back end of the round wire but can be positioned to cover from ear to ear. Sounds crazy right?! Don't worry the wire is undetectable and the Halo extension piece slides right onto your head like a headband.

This new style is taking the hair industry by storm. Halo extensions are becoming more and more popular as awareness grows. Some are even saying Halo extensions are the best thing that happened since sliced bread!


History Lesson on Halo Extensions

There are tons of hair companies that sell these extensions that claim to have been the creator of this revolutionary hairpiece. There can't be more than one creator so who created the Halo?!

Let's go back all the way to the '90s; there was a stylist by the name of Jose Eber who created the original Halo hair extension in 1994. Jose Eber was the first hairstylist to market and sell this unique hairpiece. He called it the " secret hair circle enhancer."

Watch the video below to see the Beverly Hills stylist and his best-kept secret now revealed.

While it may seem like it's a groundbreaking discovery, this magical hair extension method has been around for over 20 years. Do you wish you would've known about this sooner right?

Blonde Extensions

What Are The Benefits?

With any protective style, there are benefits to help your natural hair grow and be its best.

With Halo extensions, there is no real difference. The only difference between other protective styles and Halo extensions is that you should've worn Halo extensions sooner!

Check out these fantastic benefits:

#1 Halo Extensions Cannot Damage Your Hair

Before you say it, I know. You always hear about something not being damaging to your hair and yet there are horror stories that beg to differ right?

Well, Halo extensions are 100% non-damaging to your scalp and hair. Other types of hair extensions like clip-ins, tape ins, sew-ins, and even quick weaves can sometimes pull your hair out.

Physically there is nothing about the Halo extensions that could harm your hair. Just slip onto your head like a headband, where is the harm in that?

#2 Saves So Much Time

Halo extensions are mainly just a wire headband that goes round and fit onto your head.

Because of how minimal this hairpiece is, it only takes a few moments to place and style. Applying Halo extensions take you no time at all, and you could probably put your Halo extension on in the dark with no help.

That is just how quick it is!

#4 Undetectable and comfortable

You don't have to worry about your head being sore from your braid foundation or finding a rat tail comb to poke and scratch at your irritated scalp!

The wire on a Halo extension is so thing and undetectable that you won't even know its in your hair! The wire cannot be detected once it is on your head.

The thinness of the wire helps the hair extensions to blend right in with your hair.

#5 Adds Natural Volume

No more worrying about if your sew-in looks bulky or if your hair extensions are too thick.

The main reason most women get extensions is to have more volume of their hair. The Halo extension is just what you need ladies!

That is the primary function of Halo extensions; to provide women with full and voluminous hair.

#6 Won't Weigh Your Hair Down

Halo extensions are just one hairpiece, so this helps it look more natural and blend in with your natural strands.

Unlike other extension types that can weigh down your hair, Halo extensions do not! Think about it: the hair is on a thin wire, so the hair has to be evenly distributed on the wire to achieve the Halo look.

They aren't made to make your hair look bulky.

Halo Extensions

How Do Halo Extensions Work?

Hearing about hair extensions being on a wire does sound a bit confusing.

Most Halo extensions are made to fit your head. Since everyone's head size and shape are different, it only makes sense that they are prepared to fit your specific head size. With these extensions, no one size fits ladies!

Another key to wearing Halo extensions is the angle at which you place it onto your head. Similar to clip-ins and tape-ins, the placement makes all the difference in a flawless install and noticeably lousy install.

Once you secure your placement of the extensions, they must be sitting on top and underneath your hair.

Another way to make sure that your Halo extension is secure is to tuck it underneath the back of your head. Don't mistake this for being underneath your hair as the wire will not be protected and can show if you tried to wear a ponytail.

If the wire is still showing, just pull some hair from underneath to cover. Once secured, the Halo extensions will not move until you get ready to take them out.

See this helpful video below to see how to install your Halo extensions:

5 Quick Tips on How to Maintain Your Halo Extensions

Tip #1 Only wash Halo Extensions when needed

Washing extensions 1-2 times a month is sufficient. Too often will cause hair to dry out.

Tip #2 Brush extensions before washing them

A soft paddle brush is best. When washing: always wash hair from top to bottom to prevent matting. Also always wash with lukewarm to cold water.

Tip #3 Do not over condition the hair extensions

Leave the conditioner on no more than 10 minutes as hair will become dense, brittle, and dry.

If you use a hairdryer, always set on the lowest heat. Air drying works as well.

If you follow the above steps, your Halo extensions can last 1-2 years. As always with hair extensions, proper hair care will still be the determining factor on whether you will be able to keep and reuse the extensions or not.

Tip #4 Invest in halo extensions that adjust!

A super common question a lot of consumers ask is, "will these fit me?" And the answer to that is YES!

You always want to invest in halo hair extensions that are completely adjustable. Not only where you can adjust the wire set, if applicable, but where you can also adjust the clips. Most halo extensions have a wire that has four different options, extra small, small, medium, and large.

The clips that should be on the back of the band are designed for that extra secure hold. There are some halo extensions that offer the option of removal. So, if you do not wish to use the clips you can easily remove them from the back of the band.

The clips can come in velcro so you can move and adjust the clips as needed or they can be sewn on

Tip #5 Consider the type of hair for your halo extensions

Deciding on the type of hair for your halo extensions is super important when it comes to the care for them.

Private Label Extensions offers top-notch hair that is easy to blend, effortless to manipulate, and long-lasting for times to come. This is great for halo hair extensions! When choosing your type of hair, consider your lifestyle and the effort you make to care for them.

If you were to invest in kinky curly extensions, you want to avoid them becoming dry, tangled, and lifeless. These can take a little bit more effort to maintain and care versus Brazilian straight type of hair.

Halo Extensions

Can I DIY My Own Halo Extensions?

Yes, you can!

If you are thrifty at times like me, then this will for sure be an alternative to buying. I love learning how to DIY everything; it saves so much money, and it's just downright fun. Just like clip-ins, you can too DIY Halo extensions. Here is a quick step by step on DIY:

Supplies needed

  • Wefted hair extensions
  • Fishing line wire
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Hair thread

DIY Steps

Step #1

Cut the bundles into small to large pieces to fit your head

Step #2

Sew some of the wefts into one another depending on how thick you want the Halo extension to be. (optional)

Step #3

Lastly, sew the fishing line wire into two wefts at their ends.

Note: Make sure that you get the right size of your head before this step to prevent starting over.

Once you do these steps, place the Halo on your head to make sure that it fits.

If it fits then there you have it: you made your own Halo hair extensions. You can make as many as you need to, although its recommended only to create one and apply two at most.

If you make your Halo extension thick enough to still look natural with your hair, then one should be enough. Turn those old clip-ins, that old U-part wig into some Halo extensions.

Blonde Halo

Why should I wear Halo extensions?

Halo extensions are foolproof and guaranteed to save you time and money.

Why spend hundreds of dollars over the course of months with salon visits. You can find a brand that sells these extensions and pay the one time fee.

You won't have to worry about paying for an installed. Get more bang for your buck with Halo extensions. You should wear Halo extensions because they're the ultimate method of hair extensions and they're so convenient.

They take little to no time so you can get ready for your day, that date, that big meeting or just going to the grocery store in seconds.

Halo Extensions are also the lightest type of hair extensions on the market right now.

Halo hair extensions eliminate risk:

  • It's not fixed to the hair so it limits damage to your natural hair
  • There's no expense when it comes to time-consuming installs such as sew-ins
  • Re-applying around every 6-8 weeks will definitely save you the money
  • It looks more natural because this is a one-piece item
  • These extensions allow you to easily manipulate it by being cut and layered to blend in with your natural hair
  • More comfortability
  • With such a thin wire, there aren't any itchy annoying contraptions pulling on your hair which avoids the creation of excessive shedding or bald spots
  • They don't stress your natural hair follicles
  • Takes a few seconds to apply and then you're on the go
  • Halo extensions aren't permanent, so you can properly wash your hair and take care of it with treatments

Limitless with Halo Extensions

While wearing these, your hair can grow without any tension; you can wash your hair freely. You aren't bound to these extensions once they are in, they can be quickly taken out.

Do everything you would want to do with your natural hair and more! While saving time, money, and even sweat!

Halo extensions are taking over and for a good reason, try them out!

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