major keys to hiring the right employees for your hair salon

Major Keys to Hiring The Right Employees for your Hair Salon

How to Select Superstar Stylists

The hair salon, a place where you can chat with friends, get the perfect hairstyle and relax. As a salon owner, it is essential to satisfy your clientele. The more enjoyable the client’s experience, the more you will have loyal customers and gain new ones. One of the “major keys” to creating the perfect salon atmosphere is to hire top-notch employees. After all, hiring the wrong people takes a toll on your salon and your reputation. The selection process is vital to the growth of your company. You may ask yourself how do I decide what candidates are the best selection for my brand, salon, and existing staff. There is no need to look any further; Private Label Extensions has got you covered.

Tips for your Dream Team

Make a list of your ideal qualities for future employees. Before you start the process of seeking the right employee, you should first decide what type of employees you wish to hire. Think about the ideal demographics. Do you want to have a staff that shares the same values as you? What is it exactly that you want in a team member? Make a list of what you want and don’t want in a hair stylist. Consider the past employees that you’ve had. If the employees left on good terms, think about what qualities that you gravitated to while they were employed. If the employee(s) left on bad terms, then ask yourself why those stylists performed poorly at work. What made them unfit for the position? Were they always late for work, unreliable, lazy or dishonest? Afterward, think about your past or current stylists who you consider great at doing their jobs. These are the qualities that make your business work so model your future employees after these attributes.

Hire Skilled and Competent Salon Candidates

You want to select employees whose skill matches your brand's expertise. Stylists should be able to slay and lay some hair. Even if the stylists lack some skills if you feel they are the right fit make sure they are willing to learn and expand their knowledge.

Seek Salon Staff Members with Similar Core Values

The key to low turnover is to ensure that you hire employees who share your businesses values and who personally abide by the same mission and vision of your brand. Every business has a culture or a way that people interact with each other. Workers who don’t blend in with the company’s culture tend to be disruptive and difficult. Remember that even their actions outside of the workplace can influence people’s impressions of your salon. Hiring the wrong person can result in many issues down the line.

Recruit Stylists with the Right Personality and Attributes for Your Brand

Although the right skillset may seem like the most crucial factor in determining if a candidate is a good fit like I stated previously, skills can be acquired, but personalities cannot. Consider how a candidate's personality traits align with the daily job tasks. For example, an attribute such as being attentive and patient would likely be some of the qualities of a good salon employee. Select candidates who are committed to your business. You should select a candidate that is serious about working for the long term. You do not want to spend the time and money training someone only for them to leave in a short amount of time. A history of past jobs and time spent at each provides a clear insight into the matter. Even if a potential employee can provide proof of their ability to fill your open position, you still need to check out their willingness to get the job done and their manageability once on the job. Commitment and hard work are essential!

Hire employees who strive to be Team Player

As the saying goes, there is no “I” in the word "team." The right candidate must understand this concept for them to be a team player. Any successful shop owner has a staff that meshes and enjoys stepping up to the plate for the good of the business. Select a stylist who is willing to pitch in beyond their job description if need be. Another idea to point out is the concept of respect. A team player respects their superiors, colleagues, and clients. It’s simple: teamwork makes the dream work!

Places to Find the Best Candidates

Of course, I cannot leave you without a few tips to find the right fit for your salon. Here are a couple of suggestions:
  • Create a job description post to your salon’s website under a page titled, “Careers,” “Join Our Team” or “We’re Hiring.”
  • Post a link to the description on your salon’s social media pages such as Facebook and IG and ask your followers to spread the word to any licensed hair stylists they know.
  • Reach out to local cosmetology schools to let them know you are hiring. Ask if they will post your job description on their websites, blogs, and social media pages and in their email marketing newsletters.
  • Sign up as an employer on salon industry job search sites. Non-industry job search sites such as Indeed, LinkedIn and Craigslist also allow posts for hairstyling positions.

Improve the structure of your interviews

Last but surely not least, make sure your interview questions are probing but not too personal. Create a segment of items that genuinely identifies attributes that matter.You should allow prospective employees to interview you as well. Allowing candidates to ask questions will give you a chance to see what is important to them. It also provides the potential employee an opportunity to decide if they want to pursue a job at your salon or to determine that it's not the right fit for them.


Applying these tips to your hiring process will guarantee the employee that will align with your salon and brand.
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