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Holiday Hair Sales Calendar: There are More Than Just Black Friday!

The Holidays are here! And it is such a great time to grow your business and sales.

Although Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are right around the corner did you know that these holidays can be of advantage to your business? Matter of fact every single holiday during the year be of advantage to your business!

It is very important that you take advantage of the seasons and holidays so that you can market your business accordingly to increase sales. Here are some tips on how you can make the holiday season beneficial to your business.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • All companies should have an area on their website where consumers can enter their email and sign up for sale notifications and the company's hair updates.
  • With this email option, companies can have consumers include their birthday, during which they will receive a “gift,” in the form of a coupon. These programs will entice buyers and enable them to feel that they are shopping with a company that cares.
  • Customers should get rewards for being loyal. For instance, some companies give points that translate into dollars. Customers are being rewarded with points each time they buy and therefore, will receive dollars off their next purchase.
  • Points program or referral programs give customers perks for being loyal and spreading good reviews.
  • All promotions should be advertised on the website and all social media forums.
  • Only holidays that usually boost sales or are relevant to the hair industry have been included.



    December is considered the holiday season. Therefore for the entire month of December companies can have a holiday sale.

    December 25th Christmas

    For example, if Christmas is the targeted holiday, corporations can have a ‘stocking stuffer,' with buy three bundles and get closure-free. Or buy three and get a fifty percent off your next purchase total.

    December 31st (New Year's Eve) - January 1st - New Year's Day

    New Year is a time when people want a new look. People are looking to spend their holiday money and look different for the upcoming year.

    The December sale options can boost express shipping for buyers.


    February 14th Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day, significant others and spouses are looking for a gift to give, and there are sales everywhere. Companies could have a ‘Sweethearts Bundle Deal,' and have bundle deals on hair, for instance, 12/14/16 inch bundles for $185 or 20/20/20 for $250. The key is to offer a bargain that draws in customers and is affordable.

    February 19th Presidents Day and Washington's Birthday

    Presidents Day many companies have sales with buy one get one free. President’s Day sales may be low because although it is patriotic, many will not splurge so close to Valentine's Day. However, they may wait until President’s Day to see if there will be a more significant sale since many sales are around that time.

    Prom Season


    Most schools announce prom dates at the beginning of the year. However, proms are between May and June, close to Graduation. Students and their families start prepping for prom as early as May.

    The sale can run from May-June, sales are typically high during this time as students getting ready for prom will purchase hair, as well as others who come across the deal.

    Prom is also a great time for hair giveaways. Many companies will use this as an incentive to build their following. You can do so by requiring those who enter your contest to follow you on social media and repost a flyer on their page advertising the giveaway. This is a great way to bring publicity to your business while attracting a younger audience.

    Furthermore, people will be buying extensions for Spring Break and Summer Vacation; these consumers included during this time.


    Spring Is Here!

    April 1st Easter

    During Easter people are getting dolled up, there are parades, parties, and of course, Easter photos. Due to much celebration, there are sales specifically for this holiday.

    Easter dresses are a common tradition that many purchase. Many get Easter dresses to celebrate and look good on this holiday.

    Who wouldn't want a bob hairstyle to match?

    May 13th Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day sales could be advertised as a “gift for all mothers, mom, aunts, sisters” and have a free ‘gift’ such as pins, or the hair company's branded scarf. Additionally, for shopping on Mother’s Day or other holidays, customers could receive double points or bonus points within the rewards program.

    May 28th Memorial Day

    With Memorial Day comes cookouts, and weekend trips. Sales typically take a spike around this time. There can even be an extra percentage off for those of families who were in the service with proof of ID. For this, 15% off would be a good discount.


    November Is The Month For Sales

    November 22nd Thanksgiving Day

    Thanksgiving Sales are merely preparing for Black Friday Sales. These may only boast free shipping.

    November 23rd Black Friday

    Out of all the holidays mentioned Black Friday is notoriously a shopping holiday. People go crazy on this day when it comes to shopping.

    A Black Friday Hair Sale rounds out the Holiday season. Almost every single company is offering sales around this time.

    To really make your sale stand out check competitors Black Friday Sales from last year and your sales trends from previous years to decide what would be the best route to go.

    Letting your customers know ahead of time that you are having a sale will help build their anticipation. Also since so many people are planning to shop on Black Friday you want to advertise ahead so that customers can have you in mind when planning where to buy.

    The Monday After Thanksgiving Is Cyber Monday!

    Cyber Monday is an excellent time to have an online sale. This a unique opportunity to get rid of overstocked or unwanted inventory. For instance, if your blonde 613 hair is usually your lowest seller because it is expensive, this would be a good time to have a two for one sale or offer up a 30% coupon.

    According to “Many online retailers saw an unexpected jump in sales, likely as a result of these free marketing efforts. By coupling the catchy phrase with sales and promotions, Cyber Monday has since served to push sales up and boost increased online shopping throughout the holiday season.”

    Millions of people will be online explicitly looking for deals and blowout sales.


    Summer & Back To School

    July 4th Independence Day

    Fourth of July sales are always front and center. Grab consumer's attention with a buy three bundles get the fourth half off! Include your whole inventory or feel free to create your stipulations, for example, only curly hair on sale. Or with the free bundle being the shortest length.

    September 3rd Labor Day

    The Labor Day sale should start at least two to three weeks before Labor Day.

    August & September Back To School

    It is back to school season from August through September. Families will be looking to buy extensions for back to school. There could be bundle deals or a 20% off coupon for students with proof of ID.


    There has been reported success during the holiday seasons. During February and March, after Valentine’s Day and at the start of Prom Season, sales have been heightened. Additionally, towards the end of the year, sales peaked again between November and December while running specials.

    To keep track of your companies sales use Paypal to checkout, it will keep track of sale trends, revenue and the number of orders received each month. Instagram Business Tool, is also a great way to monitor how many people have seen your posts or have reacted to your sales. They have even added a new option in which other users can vote; this would be a great tool to vote on which sale consumers would prefer to see.

    Overall, do what will be most beneficial to your clients and your business.

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