how holidays can build your hair business

Holiday Hair: How Holidays Can Build your Hair Business

Holiday Cheer

It is that time of year again!

The time where pumpkin pie and eggnog fumes the air, cold breezes, and oversized sweatshirts allow you to cuddle with your loved ones, and wood-burning fireplaces to decorate. Outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have holidays year-round that can help expand your hair business.

We will discuss some marketing techniques that will help you incorporate the holidays into potential sales. If you have learned nothing else from social media, you had to have determined that you should be talking about what’s trending and include it in your business.

Holidays are always trending no matter what holiday it is.


New Year, New Hair

Suitably, I believe we should start from the top of the year to the end of the year so that the first holiday would be New Years'.

New Years is the time of year where people like to put their past behind them and think towards the future of bettering themselves as an individual. Often time you hear about New Year’s resolutions, people focus in on things they would like to change in the upcoming year.

These things can include but are not limited to their weight, their independence, their mentality, spirituality, or physical appearance. Embracing a better you come with confidence. What better way to feel confident that with a new hairdo. Take this opportunity to allow clients and consumers to gravitate to you.

Promote a sale on your hair, host a game, and announce a winner. New Year’s a call for a new do.

Extension Lover

Sliding into February, we all know love is in the air, and on Valentine’s day, we chose to celebrate it.

Valentine’s day has often been limited to couples and significant others. My parents taught me another aspect of Valentine’s day. It is a day where love is celebrated no matter if you are single or not. Share the gift of hair to a daughter or a soulmate.

Use the season of love to grow your brand and business by hosting a sale. Do you remember middle and high school, where you were able to pay and send valentines to your friend in separate classes? Let’s use the same technique with hair. Allow your customers to purchase custom valentines along to be shipped with the hair.

Expand your mind and use this holiday to your full advantage.

March Madness

March is the season time where seasons change, and spring arrives, and you know when we start feeling the heat, the colors have awoken.

Speaking of colors, in March we celebrate the Irish who are known to carry strong genes of red hair. Although not every Irish descendant has red hair, this is still a chance to expand and reach an audience you may not always cater too.

Develop direct sales on red hair that you may offer. Have clients and consumers use a St. Patrick’s Day discount code. There are many more ways to promote the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, and I’m just giving you another route of thinking.


May, Mothers, Memories

May is the time of year when we celebrate our mothers with cards and gifts in efforts to show our gratefulness for the gift of life.

What better gift than to have your momma looking good with real bundles of joy. You can apply a Mother’s Day discount code, host a sale, or even play a game with followers via social media and give away free bundles at your leisure.

Memorial Day is another holiday celebrated in May, and this is honestly holiday I see getting a lot of love from hair business owners each year. I’m always seeing a promotional code on bundles for Memorial Day.

Take this opportunity to decide how exactly you would like to market your brand using Memorial Day hashtags and ideas that stand out from the rest.

Set Fireworks with Fire Hair

The summer is heating up and the time for hair discounts is now. Who doesn’t love a good 4th of July sale?

July 4th is an American patriotic holiday celebrated by the United States with a representation of our flag colors red, white, and blue. 4th of July is another holiday you can use to host a sale or try something new.

Color hair has seemed to be the modern-day “it” thing to do. So why not have discounts on your red, white and blue hair or discounts on custom colors. I know you are probably asking yourself “white” hair? When I say white, I’m referring to light gray hair that has become very popular in the recent last year.

Either way, the 4th of July is the time of year for cookouts, barbeques, and fireworks, so women want to be fly when they attend. Promote your sale via social media.


Get Cool for Back to School

In August and right after Labor Day is officially back to school season.

Although this time of year is not considered a holiday, it’s a big way that businesses make their money. I would suggest you do the same. Back to school discounts and promo codes for hair or even be a blessing to some college students and provide them with free hair if they follow instructions in-depth and repost.

Back to school, everybody is getting cute and cool, so this particular time you should run into good business for your hair company.

Labor Day Hair Craze

This day when I grew up was always the day before school. We started school the day after Labor Day.

I am not sure about other people, but at my house, we have never actually celebrated Labor Day. It is just a relaxing day that allows people who work hard a break. That doesn’t stop society from using the holiday as a gimmick to throw a sale on selective merchandise.

Have the same concept for your hair business as a prop to bring in more business.

Columbus Day

Columbus Day is yet another day that Americans use as a holiday senselessly in my opinion because I think we all can agree that Columbus did not discover America.

Aside from that, that doesn’t stop us from canceling work and school on this day and hosting a Columbus Day sale at your local department stores. I shopped online recently and saw so many Columbus Day sales it was heaven on earth.

Use your American holiday and press the issue of the best deal on hair your consumer and clients can find!

Hype Halloween Hair

With all of the gulls, goblins, and ghosts people take their costumes more than dangerous.

I guess it’s about feeling liberated one night and becoming someone different. I love the thought of being able to disguise yourself. People forget that every costume comes accessories like shoes, nails, jewelry, and hair.

Hair is where you come in. You can host a sale or become open-minded with this aspect of Halloween and promote custom wigs dedicated to famous Halloween characters. These are just ideas but who knows, someone might want a wig to match their costume.


Black Veteran’s Giving

November, what a beautiful month with autumn in full effect.

There are three holidays celebrated this month with one of them not being on the actual calendar. First, let’s start with Veteran’s day, giving our condolences and our thanks to all who have served in the military on behalf of the United States.

Outside of just having a sale on hair maybe you can provide veterans with military identification an even greater discount, just food for thought. Next, we have arguably one of the best holidays on the planet aside from Christmas which is Thanksgiving. Naturally, as this being an American holiday, America will continue to use the holiday to make their coins, and I don’t blame them.

Instead of using a Thanksgiving sale, they came out with Black Friday. Black Friday is a hidden holiday that we don’t list on the calendar. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving where any and everything is on sale and a great time for early Christmas shopping.

Black Friday should be your best sale of the year as your competition will be very thick to win people over on why they should buy your hair over other brands.

Naughty or Nice Extensions

Thanksgiving is good, but the holidays get even better with America’s favorite, Christmas.

From Christmas trees, decorations, eggnog, and stockings, this is ultimately everybody’s big favorite holiday. Christmas sales last 3-4 weeks before Christmas and even a few days after. People buy things at Christmas that sometimes don't fit or maybe broken and faulty.

So, big companies keep the sales running shortly after Christmas It is always important to update your website with new pictures, but I genuinely suggest a Christmas photoshoot with your models wearing the different types of hair you offer. Trust me you will be very successful around this time because I’m sure many women wrote down hair extensions on their Christmas list they wrote for Santa.

Once Christmas has passed, then we are right back to New Years'.


Holidays in the Hair Business

What I’m hoping you have learned from this article is that holidays hold a tremendous weight on what you can accomplish regarding growing your hair brand.

I want to discuss in depth some of the things I mentioned earlier. A sale is when you mark specific inventory for a reduced price than usual. Promotional codes are codes you can put in place on the website at check-out that will remove a certain percentage of the original price.

Hosting social media games that requires a winner or multiple winners is a great way to promote growth within your brand as well. Tell your clients and customers to report the flyer created for the game, tag three new clients, and comment “Your brand name” underneath the brochure. This game concept is done on Facebook or Instagram. You can certainly change up some of the techniques used but ultimately the person that does this the most will be the winner.

Another way to promote your brand is by hosting photoshoots according to the holidays with models. People love content and something that attracts their vision there is no way you can lose.

Just look at it this way, even if they don’t purchase from you, they are still clicking the link.


Holidays Hold Weight

You can grow and build off of every holiday. And use it to your full advantage.

Staying consistent and producing content is very important via social media. The grind never really stops running an online business. Try your best by staying ahead of the game. Plan for the holidays in order but before one another.

So, when others are things about Halloween, your Halloween photo shoot is done, and your working on your Christmas photoshoot. Stay ahead of the game by any means necessary. If you have ever wanted good business, you can count on the holidays to be there for you giving you that extra push and realizing there are people out there who will buy your hair.

I know we get discouraged when there are magnitudes of people selling the same things as us. Remember none of that matters in this business; people are going to buy the hair brand that has a better sale and quality hair.

Holidays are the primary reason for deals and discounts to take place. That being said, never forget, holidays hold weight!

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