Homeless Women And Hair Care: What To Do!

Homeless And Hair

When we think about hair, we often think of our next look, and how we can slay it. Haircare is usually discussed in reference to beauty. We’re given all kinds of information on how to care for our hair in the best way. We’re told to buy all sorts of products, and go to all types of salons, and use different types of techniques to get our hair looking its best. But what happened when one of us is homeless? Is it the same advice? What we’re not told is what to do when we’re no longer in a stable place to take care of our hair. Have you ever thought about how homeless women take care of themselves, especially their hair? It’s not easy. Because haircare is expensive, it becomes difficult to upkeep and maintain healthy, and nourished hair. Hair is linked to confidence, and a lot of homeless women have low self-esteem because they’re not able to take care of themselves or prioritize their beauty. Whether you are homeless yourself or know someone that is homeless, here are some tips and tricks you can use to maintain hair without breaking the bank. Also, we’ll let you know the best way to be helping a homeless woman should you feel compelled!

Donate, Donate, Donate

Have you ever stopped to think about how many hair care products you have that you’ve never used before? One time, I looked underneath my cabinet and saw so many available products, and I thought to myself that other people could use them. Hair products are expensive. Even when you buy cheaper products, the price ads up. When relating the price of haircare to homelessness, you can see how someone might not be in the position to take care of themselves. The most important thing you should do when dissection the issue of haircare and homelessness is donate. Whatever you don’t use, give to a local shelter, or to a homeless person that you may know. By doing this, you’re providing for someone that doesn’t have the time, funds, or access to care for themselves. Not only will this broaden your perspective, but it will also help others! Before you start donating, make sure you do the proper research. You don’t want to put your products into the wrong hands. Make sure you know who will be receiving your products, and how. Also, be sure to research the location you’re donating too.

Helpful Tools!

Whether you’re a homeless person, or someone looking to help a homeless person, here are some tools that you can pick up! These tools are cheap and easy to manage. They are also easy to move around with.

Travel Size Containers

Travel size containers are fabulous. When thinking of travel size containers, think of things like travel size spray bottles, and shampoo and conditioner containers. The benefit of a spray bottle is that whoever uses it will be able to carry it around with them. They can fill the spray bottle with whatever liquid they need, and spritz it on their hair as they move through the day. However, filling the spray bottle with water is a great way to keep your hair moisturized. Just spritz some on and go! The travel size containers can be filled with shampoos and conditioners. With the travel size, hair care products, the travel size spray bottle, you’ll be able to keep your hair fresh as the day goes on. Most travel size containers cost about $2-5 per container. At some places, they even sell them for about $1! Again, if you’re not homeless, you can purchase these products and donate them! Donating makes life easier for those that may be having trouble!

Dry Shampoo/Conditioners!

Dry shampoo and conditioners are excellent and efficient because they provide a quick fix for those that don’t have regular access to water. Of course, many of us know that dry shampoos, or dry conditioners can’t replace proper hair washing material. However, without access to water, dry shampoo and conditioner are incredibly convenient. Dry shampoo is excellent for quickly mimicking the cleanliness of regular shampoo. It's is made of powder material that helps with pulling dirt from the hair. Dry conditioners are less conventional, but they are amazing for those that need moisture. Shampooing without conditioning is detrimental to the health of your hair. Adding a dry conditioner will help complete your quick, yet efficient routine. Keep in mind that no matter who you are, dry hair care materials aren’t always the best. However, for someone that is homeless, they can be vital materials for maintaining clean and fresh hair. The travel size materials are the best bet as you move along but don’t be afraid to use whatever you have access to first.

Be Creative, But Don’t Stress It!

Being homeless is a dangerous situation that requires a lot of attention and effort to move away from. Here, at PLE, we completely understand when something isn’t feasible, or within financial means. The goal should be to be creative despite your situation. Your hair isn’t the biggest priority, but it helps with overall confidence. When you’re able to keep your hair clean and maintain it how you want, you’ll feel more confident. If you’re in this situation or know anyone that is, try using our tools, and tips. Be creative, and try to keep the task of your hair light. Don’t stress about it too much, and allow yourself to be okay if you can’t fulfill a hair goal.

Keep This In Mind

Life is a whirlwind. Things can turn in any direction and unexpectedly. No matter the situation you’re in, you deserve to have clean, and healthy hair. If you’re not homeless, you should consider donating. Donating assists the many people that don’t have funds, access or time to purchase products. If you’re experiencing homelessness at the moment, try out these tips, and tools, if you can. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need it. Here, at PLE, we want to support you in your hair journey!
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I am seeking a beautician who has use of braiding and crochet hair for the homeless or for women in a shelter.

If it would be beneficial to you and women in need, Please contact me,

Lois Summerville

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