ready set go how to host your own hair show

Ready. Set. Go! How to Host Your Own Hair Show

Hair Culture

The hair culture is undoubtedly growing every day.

Whether you are a stylist, you work for a hair company or a customer and client, women and men benefit from this culture day in and day out even as an educational tool. If you are heavily involved in the hair industry or just getting started, attending a popular hair show will always be in your best interest.

Not only to expand clientele, but create a broad dynamic for your personal brand. While all these things help you in the long run, have you ever honestly considered hosting your hair show?

If planning events aren’t your go-to thing, I’ve created a step by step plan on how you can organize your very own hair show. It may not be easy, but sometimes it isn’t as hard as you may think either. Your first step is always to plan and strategize.

You are going to have to create a list of things that need to get done to put on an awesome hair show!



The very first thing you are going to need to know how to do is set a budget for your event.

Budgeting is an essential tactic as you do not want to overspend or underspend on any event you host. Budgeting allows you to figure out if you have all the money you need to host the event or if you may need to get more.

The key to budgeting is finding out the set prices for everything you plan on having. If you pay for services up front, whatever money you get from having the event will be all yours. Oh yes, you didn’t know! You can make money off of your hair show in many different ways, but we will discuss that in just a moment.

Continuing our budget conversation, write a list of the things you plan on paying for at your hair show. Finding a venue, a photographer, a videographer, vendors, DJ, event planner, and makeup artists can all feel stressful.

I’ll help you by telling you to hire an event planner!


Event Planning

Whether you chose to hire an event planner or not, it is up to you, but they will help as far as speeding up the process.

Event planners who are experienced have venues already contracted to them as well as DJs, make-up artists, photographers and so forth. They can very well be your option to cut everything short and make it easier on yourself.

But if you are anything like myself, I honestly don’t like to put all my eggs in one basket so whenever I hire an event planner for my events, I usually expect them to find the venue and decorate because I have my favs in the industry which I enjoy using for events!

For a location for a hair show, you want to make sure you find a pretty larger venue with a stage!



Vendors are a powerful asset to your hair show being a total bust or a reason to discuss.

Take this opportunity to grow acquainted with the hair stylist and salons in your area. Extend an offer for them to pay to be a vendor at your show. Vendors usually spend around $50-$100 to enter their chance to be able to share their hair products to your audience.

So basically, it’s like setting up a concession stand. You can mail out invitations personally as well as post these ads via social media. You want as many vendors in the building as possible. That the purpose of the show honestly, to network.

If the vendors sell very well at the hair show, they can make almost five times or more than what they paid you to be able to sell merchandise from the event and style hair for a profit.

Runway Show

Taking the heat up a notch, I want you to find a location with a stage if you’re interested in having a little friendly competition.

Allow salons to team up and have an actual battle of the bundles! If you want to make the runway show interesting, you need to find a phenomenal host and select some grand prize.

Grand prizes build suspense, and if you chose to have your event again the following year, your audience would expand. When selecting your event planner, give them a theme for your hair show. The runway show is included in the theme giving hairstylist the opportunity to put their spin on things and become creative in the theme you have chosen.

Overall, I believe runway shows help build the character of a hair show. If people see a show they won’t forget, they will remember it and continue to be in attendance each year following.

Have your runway contestants chose their music to give to the DJ, which bring me to my next topic.

hair-show 1

Finding a Dope DJ

Finding a DJ for your event may not seem like a huge deal, but actually, they set the tone for the Hair show.

For example, have you ever had a ruined night because of a DJ? You go out with your friends, and you all go to a lounge or a club and the only thing ruining the whole night is the DJ because of the music they are playing. I know it has happened to me plenty of times! Don’t let that happen at your event.

Make sure you chose a DJ that will play age appropriate music because an event like a hair show caters to all different age groups and people.


An A1 photographer for your hair show is mandatory.

You want to hire someone that not just captures images but rather feelings of individuals who will be there. My suggestion to you is ordering an extended backdrop will your brand logo on it as well as the hair show information and have people take their pictures in front of it.

You can set it up like a photo booth or have your guests take pictures in front of it when they arrive. Hiring more than one photographer can be pricey, but if you can afford it, I would suggest it, especially if it’s a big venue and the photographer has a lot of ground to cover.

If you know how long your event will last, discuss an hourly rate with the photographer or photographers you may choose.



A videographer is necessary for an event recap.

Often people only think they need to hire a photographer for their event and that’s not always the case. A videographer is a person who works in film production and recording moving images and sound on videotape.

How will you get people to come to your next hair show if they didn’t see how the first one turned out. Just like the photographer, you can discuss event prices and hourly pay with your videographer.

Capturing the best moments of your event and putting them together to promote via social media which brings me to my last point.

Social Media Marketing

Once you have all of your ducks in a row, you can now move forward with your last step and honestly the most important of them all, your social media marketing.

You want your hair show to be one for the record books and if that’s the case you need your social media strategy to be on point. We live in a modern-day society now where all of our target audiences are geared toward social media in one way, shape or form.

Find someone who can make flyers for your event and include your logo. 9 times out of 10, the photographer or videographer you hired are good with graphic designs as well and have the software to produce a flyer for you.

The social media marketing for the event needs to be done almost a month ahead of time and gives people a month to purchase tickets for the hair show. Also, create an Eventbrite page and allow people to buy tickets online. If they don’t get their tickets online, you can up the price on tickets at the door.

Your overall goal is to get more money from the event that you put into it. So, as I previously stated, budget accordingly!


A Hair Show to Remember

A hair show is not the easiest event in the world to plan but don’t ever feel like it isn’t a goal you can’t accomplish.

Sometimes you have to think of the bigger picture. It’s a great networking event to help expand your business and brand. The show will help you profit some money to put back into your company.

The pros of having this type of event outweigh the cons if there even is a con. The hair industry will never stop growing and if you believe in yourself neither will you.

I’m hoping after reading this blog, you all will have a better understanding of how to put together a hair show to remember!

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you use your vendors/sponsors to pay for the things u need


I’m just starting I’m putting a show together but I need to know how to get the money is loan a option

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